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64 Abuse of Women News Articles
from 3rd Quarter of 2016
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9-30-16 Mexico: Covering up for rapist cops?
Mexico: Covering up for rapist cops?
A horrifying case of police torture has exposed the failings of Mexico’s corrupt justice system, said Álvaro Enrique in El Universal. Ten years ago, police in the town of San Salvador Atenco broke up a protest by flower sellers in the most violent way, rounding up dozens of women and then raping and beating them. No officer was ever punished. Now the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has referred the case to the Inter-American Court—an independent judiciary with legal authority over Mexico. The court could force Mexico to investigate the entire chain of command, right up to President Enrique Peña Nieto, who was governor of the State of México at the time. Peña Nieto surely didn’t order the police to rape the women, but the commission’s investigation “leaves no room for doubt that his administration failed to pursue” the officers responsible for this act of barbarism. Why are we talking about this now? Because The New York Times, “the most powerful newspaper in the world’s most powerful country,” last week devoted several pages to the victims’ stories—their photographs, their words, their pain. “I have not overcome it, not even a little,” said one of the women, Maria Patricia Romero Hernández. “It is something that haunts me.”

9-29-16 California ends statute of limitations for rape over Cosby case
California ends statute of limitations for rape over Cosby case
California Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation ending the US state's 10-year statute of limitations on rape. The move was prompted by decades-old allegations made by multiple women against actor Bill Cosby. The change means that from January 2017 there will be no time limit on the prosecution of rape cases. But it will not work retroactively, or help those who accuse Cosby of crimes committed more than 10 years ago. Dozens of women have accused the comedian of sexual assaults dating from the 1960s to the 1990s. Cosby, who starred in the long-running sitcom The Cosby Show, has denied the accusations, saying his sexual encounters were consensual. He is due to go on trial in June 2017 charged with sexually assaulting a woman in Philadelphia in 2004.

9-28-16 Serena Williams vows: 'I won't be silent' on police violence
Serena Williams vows: 'I won't be silent' on police violence
Serena Williams has voiced her fears about police violence, writing on Facebook: "I won't be silent." The US tennis star posted that she found herself feeling wary of law enforcement during a recent journey with her teenage nephew. Williams said that when they drove by a patrol car she remembered a woman whose boyfriend was fatally shot by police. She is the latest athlete to speak out about friction between law enforcement and the black community in the US.(Webmaster's comment: Just the sight of a police officer now strikes fear in the our black citizens. Cops are libel to do just about anything without apparent reason and get away with it. How did we get to this point in 2016? This escalation of fears has got to be deliberately caused.)

9-27-16 Sexism row grips German politics and shakes CDU
Sexism row grips German politics and shakes CDU
A young woman politician who attacked sexism in Germany's governing Christian Democrat (CDU) party has won praise from many fellow politicians but some have also questioned her motives. In an open letter Jenna Behrends, a newly elected CDU politician in Berlin, complained that sexism was rife in the party. She felt insulted when a senator called her a "sweet mouse". Minister for Families Manuela Schwesig said sexist jokes were "unacceptable". A Green MP also backed Ms Behrends. Gesine Agena, the Greens' spokesperson on women's issues, said she had also heard "daft language" from male politicians. Sexism "is experienced by many women politicians", she said - though the Greens,

9-26-16 South Asia's 'disposable women'
South Asia's 'disposable women'
A new report has called for the practice of some British Asian men mistreating women and leaving them soon after getting married in South Asia, to be treated as a form of domestic violence. Academics at the University of Lincoln have discovered that these men have been taking thousands of pounds from their new wife's family and using the women as domestic slaves for their in-laws. These "disposable women", as the report calls them, are also often physically abused and then abandoned either once they have moved to the UK, or - more commonly - while still in India. Some are brought temporarily to the UK but later taken on a pretend holiday back to India, where they have their passport taken away. Many women hide the fact that this has happened to them, so academics spent more than a year finding 57 women in India who had experienced the phenomenon and would share their stories.

9-26-16 Murders, rapes and assaults rise in US, says FBI report
Murders, rapes and assaults rise in US, says FBI report
Violent crime in the US increased last year, according to the FBI, with murders, rapes and assaults all edging up after falling for decades. There were 1,197,704 violent crimes in 2015, an increase of 3.9% compared to the previous year, said the US law enforcement agency's annual report. The 2015 violent crime rate was 372.6 incidents per 100,000 people, compared with 361.6 the year before. But crime levels are still far below their peak during the 1990s. In 2015, there were an estimated 15,696 murders in the US, compared with 14,164 the year before. Murder and non-negligent manslaughter had increased 10.8%, according to the report, with guns used in two-thirds of those cases. The increase in crime was most pronounced in the segregated and impoverished neighbourhoods of big cities, the FBI report found. Crime was highest in the southern US, the report found. The murder and manslaughter rate in the region - at 45.9 per 100,000 people - was more than twice as high as in the West, Midwest and Northeast, said the FBI. Rates of rape, assault and property crime were significantly higher as well.

9-26-16 India's raped comic 'super hero' returns to fight acid attacks
India's raped comic 'super hero' returns to fight acid attacks
Priya, the hugely popular female rape survivor-turned comic book "super hero", is back in a new role - this time she's fighting acid attacks. Priya's Shakti, the first book about the character, was launched two years ago. Inspired by Hindu mythological tales, it told the story of Priya, a young gang rape survivor, who fought against sexual violence in India. The new comic - Priya's Mirror - focuses attention on acid attacks in India and around the world. It features stories of acid attack survivors from New York City, Bogota, and Delhi, Indian-American filmmaker Ram Devineni, one of its creators, told the BBC. "The reason I chose this subject is because there's a clear co-relation between rape and acid attacks. The patriarchy, the social stigma and the attitude towards victims are the same in both. In fact, I think the lack of empathy for acid attack survivors is ten times more because their scars are visible," he says. Thousands of women in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Colombia and Africa are scarred for life in acid attacks every year and the perpetrators are almost always men, driven by an urge for revenge, mostly over unrequited love.

9-26-16 Saudi women file petition to end male guardianship system
Saudi women file petition to end male guardianship system
A petition signed by more than 14,000 Saudi women calling for an end to the country's male guardianship system has been handed to the government. Women must have the consent of a male guardian to travel abroad, and often need permission to work or study. Support for the first large-scale campaign on the issue grew online in response to a trending Twitter hashtag. ctivist Aziza Al-Yousef, who delivered the petition, told the BBC she felt "very proud" but now needed a response. In the deeply conservative Islamic kingdom, a woman must have permission from her father, brother or other male relative - or in the case of a widow, sometimes her son - to obtain a passport, marry or leave the country. Many workplaces and universities also demand a guardian's consent for female employees and students, although it is not legally required. Renting a flat, undergoing hospital treatment or filing a legal claim often also require a male guardian's permission, and there is very little recourse for women whose guardians abuse them or severely limit their freedom.

9-22-16 Maria da Penha: The woman who changed Brazil's domestic violence laws
Maria da Penha: The woman who changed Brazil's domestic violence laws
In September 2006, Brazil introduced ground-breaking legislation on domestic violence. It was called the Maria da Penha Law after a women's rights activist who was left paraplegic by her violent husband. Here, she tells her remarkable story. When Maria da Penha was almost killed by her husband, there wasn't a single police station she could go to in Brazil specialising in violence against women. "At that time we weren't even aware of this expression - domestic violence," she says. "You just had a bad husband."

9-20-16 Cuba volleyball players jailed for rape in Finland
Cuba volleyball players jailed for rape in Finland
Five members of Cuba's national volleyball team have been convicted of raping a Finnish woman during a World League tournament in Tampere. Four of the men, including the captain, were given five-year jail sentences while a fifth is facing a prison term of three and a half years. They were detained in the southern Finnish city on 2 July after a woman said she had been raped at a hotel. (Webmaster's comment: In Finland they do not protect the man and blame the woman, unlike in the United States where the woman is often intimated during police interrogation and essentially blamed for the rape!)

9-20-16 India stabbing: Bystanders watch as Delhi woman killed
India stabbing: Bystanders watch as Delhi woman killed
CCTV footage showed a man on a motorcycle approach schoolteacher Karuna, 22, who died in the attack. He is seen stabbing her repeatedly as people walk by, before hitting her on the head with a stone and kicking her. Locals did eventually intervene when he tried to escape. Police say they have charged the suspect with murder. "She was attacked as she was walking with her cousin at around 9am. It seems that the assailant started liking her when they used to be neighbours earlier, but since he was married, she never paid attention," senior police official Esha Pandey told the BBC. Scrutiny of violence against women has increased since the 2012 gang rape of a student, but attacks continue. Campaigners against the violence want politicians, the police and courts to do more.

9-16-16 Six women targeted in NYC fire attacks
Six women targeted in NYC fire attacks
The investigation into a fire attack on a Scottish Muslim woman in New York City last week has now broadened to five other incidents. Police are looking for three males and three females in connection with the attacks on six women on 10 September. Authorities initially investigated the incident as a possible hate crime after a Scottish tourist's traditional Muslim clothing was set on fire. But of all six victims, only one was wearing Muslim attire. The 35-year-old tourist, from Glasgow, was returning from sightseeing when she realised the clothing on her arm had been set ablaze and she saw a man next to her with a cigarette lighter. She was able to pat out the fire. The NYPD's Hate Crime Task Force had been assisting in the investigation, but police said the incident was no longer deemed "bias-related". The other reported attacks included a woman who said a suspect tried to light her leg on fire; a teenage girl walking with her mother who said someone tried to set her shirt alight; and another woman whose skirt was set on fire by a suspect in a nearby group. Two women also reported a man holding a lit lighter close to their arms as they headed down into the Bryant Park subway the same night.

9-15-16 North Carolina footballer in sex assault case turns himself in
North Carolina footballer in sex assault case turns himself in
A University of North Carolina college footballer who is accused of raping a female student on Valentine's Day has turned himself in. Delaney Robinson, 19, has gone public to accuse Allen Artis, 21, of sexually assaulting her in February this year at a campus dorm room. He went to a magistrate's office to face a minor charge of misdemeanour sexual battery and assault. Prosecutors say they have yet to decide whether to bring felony charges. Ms Robinson, who said she did not know her alleged attacker, told reporters she was asked "demeaning and accusatory questions" by investigators from the university's department of public safety after reporting the incident. Ms Robinson said they asked: "Did I lead him on? Have I hooked up with him before? Do I often have one-night stands? "Did I even say no? What is my sexual history? How many men have I slept with? I was treated like a suspect." "Rather than accusing him of anything, the investigators spoke to him with a tone of camaraderie." She added: "They told him, 'don't sweat it, just keep on living your life and keep on playing football.'"(Webmaster's comment: How in the world does rape end up being a misdemeanour? It's a violent act of aggression which can cause both physical and mental damage to the victim! Look at the questions they were asked. It's the males getting together and "Protecting the man, Blaming the woman for rape.")

9-14-16 How PTSD recovery led me to look closer at genetic link
How PTSD recovery led me to look closer at genetic link
PTSD is often triggered by sexual violence. After it happened to her, Karestan Koenen set out to research the condition – and how it differs in men and women. After experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder after being raped, Karestan Koenen made it her career to study the condition. Now at Harvard University, Koenen is leading the largest ever genetic study of PTSD, by sifting through the genomes of tens of thousands of people (see Why women are more at risk of PTSD – and how to prevent it”). She tells New Scientist how her experiences shaped her career. I would have associated it with men who served in the military – the stereotype of a Vietnam veteran who has experienced really horrible combat, and comes back and has nightmares about it. Yes. People know that PTSD is related to trauma, and that people can have flashbacks and nightmares. But they tend to think it is associated with combat. A lot of popular images of PTSD come from war movies, and people tend to associate being a soldier with being a man. They are less aware that most PTSD is related to things that happen to civilians – things like rape, sexual assault and violence, which can affect women more than men. It’s a problem in the sense that women or men who have PTSD from non-combat experiences might not recognise what they have as PTSD, and because of that, may not end up getting help. And if you saw it in a loved one, you may not understand what was going on with them. When people come to understand that what they have is PTSD, it can take away a lot of shame and stigma surrounding their feelings. They’re not “going crazy” – it’s a consequence of a bad experience. (Webmaster's comment: In America we have an epidemic of rape, sexual assault and violence against women and children by violent men!)

9-12-16 India Muslim women 'raped' in fatal attack 'over beef'
India Muslim women 'raped' in fatal attack 'over beef'
An Indian woman has said that she and her 14-year-old cousin were gang raped and two relatives murdered, after being accused of being Muslims who ate beef. The woman, 20, told the BBC that four men carried out the attack in northern Haryana state two weeks ago. She denied consuming beef. She said the men beat her uncle and aunt to death in their home in Mewat. Many Hindus consider cows sacred and the slaughter of the animal is banned in several states, including Haryana. The suspects have been arrested and charged with rape and murder.

9-9-16 Doctor held for raping dengue patient in India
Doctor held for raping dengue patient in India
A doctor in the western Indian state of Gujarat has been arrested for allegedly raping a patient with dengue fever. The doctor attacked the 21-year-old woman in the secluded intensive care unit of the hospital in Ahmadabad on Sunday, police said. Another worker of the hospital has also been arrested for allegedly helping the doctor carry out the crime. Police said the doctor gave the patient strong drugs to make her unconscious, before sexually assaulting her.

9-9-16 Internet porn: When men can’t stop
Internet porn: When men can’t stop
If anyone doubts the dangers of pornography addiction, consider Anthony Weiner, said Pamela Anderson and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in The Wall Street Journal. The disgraced ex-congressman’s “repeated, self-sabotaging sexting” shattered his career and his marriage to Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, a sad lesson in “pornography’s corrosive effects on a man’s soul.” With the internet bringing sexual imagery and adulterous temptations into every home, “this is a public hazard of unprecedented seriousness.” The American Psychological Association reports pornography consumption rates between 50 and 99 percent among men, and many men report that constant online sexual behavior leads to a loss of interest in their wives and girlfriends. Children raised amid “wall-to-wall digitized sexual imagery,” meanwhile, are growing up as “the crack babies of porn”—incapable of real intimacy. We must teach kids that sex is beautiful when it’s an expression of love, and that “porn is for losers.”

9-9-16 The conservative activist who battled feminism
The conservative activist who battled feminism
In 1972, Phyllis Schlafly went to war against the Equal Rights Amendment. The 52-word constitutional measure, intended to prohibit gender discrimination, was coasting toward passage, but Schlafly, a conservative activist, saw it as a full-scale assault on the American family. She formed a grassroots organization called Stop ERA—later the Eagle Forum—and began mobilizing stay-at-home moms and religious conservatives to protest an amendment that she claimed would lead to same-sex marriage, the conscription of women into the military, and the displacement of men as breadwinners. “What I am defending is the real rights of women,” she said, “the right to be in the home as a wife and mother.” The ERA was defeated in 1982, falling three states short of the 38 it needed for ratification; the conservative, pro-family movement that Schlafly galvanized remains a dominant force in the Republican Party today.

9-9-16 Incest charges for Oklahoma mother and biological daughter
Incest charges for Oklahoma mother and biological daughter
A mother and daughter are facing incest charges in the state of Oklahoma after authorities learned they were legally married earlier this year. It is unclear what motivated Patricia Ann Spann, 43, and her daughter, Misty Velvet Dawn Spann, 25, to wed. Under state law, marriage to a close relative is considered incest, regardless of whether a sexual relationship exists. Investigators also found Patricia Spann married her son in 2008.

9-8-16 Outcry as Trump defends sex assault tweet
Outcry as Trump defends sex assault tweet
Donald Trump defended a comment he made in 2013 that sexual assault in the US military happened because men and women serve alongside each other. During a national security forum, the Republican presidential nominee said the issue was a "massive problem." NBC Host Matt Lauer asked Mr Trump about a 2013 tweet in which he said sexual assault was to be expected when you put women in the military. He responded the tweet was "correct," sparking an immediate backlash. People lambasted the New York hotel developer for suggesting that the presence of women in the military was to blame for an increase in sexual assault cases. The Pentagon released data in 2013 that found a sharp rise in reports of sexual assault in the military. Mr Trump shared his thoughts at the time, arguing that having women in the military increased the likelihood of sexual assault.

9-8-16 Preeti Rathi murder: Death for India acid attack convict
Preeti Rathi murder: Death for India acid attack convict
A court in the Indian city of Mumbai has given the death penalty to a man for throwing acid at a woman at a busy railway station three years ago in what is being hailed as a landmark ruling. Preeti Rathi, who was 23 when she was attacked, had just arrived from Delhi to join the Indian navy as a nurse. Her neighbour, Ankur Panwar, said he attacked her because she had rejected his proposal to marry him. The verdict is significant as most attackers receive minor sentences. Panwar, 25, was convicted of murder and other offences on Tuesday. He is likely to appeal against the verdict in a higher court. On Thursday, the court said that the crime fell within the "rarest of rare" category which justified the death penalty. Ms Rathi, who suffered severe injuries to her lungs and eyes in the attack on 2 May 2013, died a month later.

9-7-16 Canadian judge faces inquiry over handling of sex assault trial
Canadian judge faces inquiry over handling of sex assault trial
A Canadian judge is facing a disciplinary hearing over controversial comments he made while presiding over a sexual assault case in 2014. Justice Robin Camp, a provincial judge in Calgary, asked an alleged sexual assault victim why she could not "just keep her knees together". Mr Camp acquitted the accused man, but the verdict was overturned on appeal. The Canadian Judicial Council will decide whether Mr Camp should be removed over his remarks. Disciplinary hearings for judges are not common in Canada, where there have only been 11 such inquiries since the national council of senior judges was created in 1971. Mr Camp sparked outrage during the 2014 case, when he asked a 19-year-old woman, "Why couldn't you just keep your knees together?" He also said, "pain and sex sometimes go together" and had referred to the complainant as "the accused," court records show. The woman told the court she was raped by Alexander Scott Wagar over a bathroom sink at a house party in Calgary. The Alberta Appeal Court overturned Mr Camp's decision and a new trial was ordered for Mr Wagar. Mr Camp had since been elevated to the Federal Court. (Webmaster's comment: The law the older judges in North America use is "Protect the man, blame the woman!")

9-7-16 Egypt: Outrage as MP opposes tougher FGM laws because of 'impotent men'
Egypt: Outrage as MP opposes tougher FGM laws because of 'impotent men'
An Egyptian MP has stirred controversy after rejecting tougher penalties for those who force women into genital mutilation (FGM), saying half of the country's men "are impotent". Parliament last week approved longer jail terms for those carrying out FGM, following the death of a teenage girl. MP Ilhami Agina responded by saying FGM was needed in order to reduce women's sexual appetite, to match Egypt's men. The procedure is still widespread in Egypt despite being illegal since 2008. It involves the partial or full removal of the external sex organs, ostensibly to control women's sexuality.

9-6-16 Fox News apologises to Gretchen Carlson
Fox News apologises to Gretchen Carlson
The Fox News channel in the US has settled a sexual harassment case against it by one of its former top news presenters, Gretchen Carlson. Her complaints saw its chief executive, Roger Ailes, leave the right-wing TV channel during the summer. Ms Carlson had complained that Mr Ailes had victimised her and ruined her career for rejecting his advances. The company apologised and has reportedly paid Ms Carlson $20m to drop her case. "We regret and apologize for the fact that Gretchen was not treated with the respect and dignity that she and all of our colleagues deserve," said 21st Century Fox, the group that owns Fox News. Ms Carlson had claimed that Mr Ailes, one of the most prominent figures in the US news industry, first demoted her then sacked her after she spurned him. Mr Ailes denied the allegations but resigned after an investigation by 21st Century Fox brought forward similar complaints from other female employees.

9-6-16 Porn is bad!
Porn is bad!
Porn use is bad because it is fundamentally a form of abuse of yourself and others. I don't need to pull out my Bible to realize that. One of the greatest ethicists of the 18th centruy, Emmanuel Kant, had it right when he said the key to morality is to relate to other people as ends in themselves, not as means. As people, not objects. Porn use is definitionally the ultimate objectification of the self and of others. But there's a lot of evidence to suggest that there's not just a question of ethics but of public health. Fears about porn addiction are easy to dismiss because porn has been around forever. But scientific evidence suggests that today's porn — high-quality, streaming video at the push of a button — screws with our brains in unique ways. Especially for the young, who get porn before they can see for themselves the difference with the real thing.

9-5-16 Why lengthy prison sentences aren't the best punishment for rapists
Why lengthy prison sentences aren't the best punishment for rapists
We can reduce penalties for violent crime without reducing our concern for its victims. The United States imprisons a higher proportion of its population than any other developed country. The American incarceration rate is roughly 3.5 times as high as the median rate in Europe, according to a 2013 report from the European Council of Annual Penal Statistics. This is not because Americans commit more crimes — victimization rates in the United States are comparable to those in Western Europe. Nor is our outsize prison population solely the product of our drug war. As the Marshall Project notes, 54 percent of the 1.3 million Americans in state prisons are there for violent crimes. Even if we freed every nonviolent offender in an American prison, we would still jail a far higher percentage of our residents than do our European peers. When someone experiences sexual assault there are a number of protections that are needed for their healing that punishment does not fulfill. Victims of assault experience physical and psychological consequences that require adequate health care, financial support and paid leave time if they are employed. Maintaining employment and thereby economic security and access to health care is critical to helping someone recover from assault. About half of all sexual assault victims lose their jobs or are forced to quit their jobs after their victimization. Workplace flexibility, providing time off and medical care coverage are all essential ways to support sexual assault victims. We leave women "on their own" every day by not providing for everyone a safe workplace, housing, public transportation and employment with adequate pay and benefits. (Webmaster's comment: You may not agree with many of the opinions in this article, but they are worth reading.)

9-3-16 Samia Shahid: Uncle arrested in 'honour killing' case
Samia Shahid: Uncle arrested in 'honour killing' case
The uncle of a British woman who died in Pakistan in a suspected so-called "honour killing" has been arrested on suspicion of falsifying medical files. Samia Shahid, 28, from Bradford, died in July in northern Punjab. It is understood that Haq Nawaz was held by police in the Punjab city of Jhelum after an alleged attempt to prove she died of natural causes. In a second development, the policeman who initially headed the murder investigation has also been arrested. Aqeel Abbas is being held for allegedly trying to conceal evidence relating to Ms Shahid's death. Ms Shahid had been visiting family in the village of Pandori when she died, and her relatives initially claimed she had suffered a heart attack.

9-2-16 Stanford swimmer Brock Turner freed after jail term
Stanford swimmer Brock Turner freed after jail term
A student at a top US university whose six-month jail sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in 2015 was widely criticised for being lenient has been released from prison. Brock Turner, 21, who was a swimming champion, assaulted the woman outside a Stanford University fraternity house. He was freed from the Santa Clara County Main Jail in San Jose, California, after serving three months. Inmates in California typically serve 50% of their sentences before release. (Webmaster's comment: Three months for rape. Unbelievable!)

8-30-16 David Becker case: US judge rejects school sexual assault sentence review
David Becker case: US judge rejects school sexual assault sentence review
A sexual assault case that caused a national outcry because the sentence was thought to be too lenient will not be reviewed, a US judge has ruled. David Becker, a school sports star, was sentenced to probation after admitting indecently assaulting two 18-year-old girls at a party in Massachusetts. Prosecutors wanted a two-year sentence. But the chief justice of the Massachusetts district court said "procedures followed in this case were lawful", the Boston Globe reports. Judge Paul Dawley said the sentencing judge, Thomas Estes, "exercised his sentencing discretion in accordance with the governing law". After being sentenced last week, Becker was compared to Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner, who was jailed for six months for sexual assault, sparking outrage. (Webmaster's comment: Probation for rape is protecting the young males that sexually assault young women. Our justice system is run by males protecting "boys will be boys." Disgusting!)

8-30-16 California closes legal loophole after Stanford assault
California closes legal loophole after Stanford assault
Legislators in California have closed a loophole in sexual assault cases, whereby more lenient sentences could be issued if the victim did not resist. The change follows a high-profile sexual assault case in Stanford earlier this year. In June, Brock Turner, 20, was sentenced to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on a university campus. Brock Turner was seen by two witnesses sexually assaulting the unconscious woman. The sentence was widely criticised for being overly lenient. (Webmaster's comment: So what should a woman do? Resist and risk even more serious injury? If someone robs you at knife point must you resist or it's not a serious crime? Protect the man, blame the woman, is still in force in America!)

8-30-16 'Racist school hair rules' suspended at SA's Pretoria Girls High
'Racist school hair rules' suspended at SA's Pretoria Girls High
Rules over how female students wear their hair at a South African high school have been suspended after anti-racism protests from black pupils, a local minister says. Pupils at Pretoria Girls High say staff often tell them to straighten their hair and they are not allowed afros. School rules would be suspended while an independent investigation takes place into the allegations, Gauteng province's education minister said. The school has not commented. (Webmaster's comment: The "right" to tell women what they must or must not do prevades the world's cultures! In essense they are still treated as property by men.)

8-29-16 Pretoria Girls High racism protest backed by SA minister
Pretoria Girls High racism protest backed by SA minister
A South African minister has thrown his support behind protesting female students, who accuse their high school of operating a racist hair policy. Pupils at Pretoria Girls High say they have been repeatedly warned to straighten their hair. "Schools should not be used as a platform to discourage students from embracing their African identity," Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa tweeted in support.

8-26-16 Stanford sexual assault: Judge to stop hearing criminal cases
Stanford sexual assault: Judge to stop hearing criminal cases
The judge who gave a six-month jail term to a former Stanford University swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious young woman is to stop hearing criminal cases. Judge Aaron Persky asked to be moved to Santa Clara County court's civil division after imposing the sentence on Brock Turner, 20, an official said. Mr Persky's decision was widely criticised as too lenient. The case sparked outrage fuelled by the victim's powerful impact statement. Mr Persky received death threats, faced a recall effort and several online petitions seeking his removal in the wake of the case.

8-25-16 Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones is targeted in racist cyber-attack on her website
Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones is targeted in racist cyber-attack on her website
Hackers have targeted Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones after intimate photos of the actress were posted online. The star's Tumblr page has been taken offline after she became the victim of an apparent cyber-attack. Copies of her passport and driving licence were published as well as personal photos from her iCloud account. An image of the dead Cincinnati Zoo gorilla Harambe appeared in an apparent racist insult.

8-23-16 Woman guest editing @ireland Twitter account gets racist and sexist abuse
Woman guest editing @ireland Twitter account gets racist and sexist abuse
The woman editing Ireland's Twitter feed has been subjected to racist, sexist, homophobic abuse online. Each week a guest curator takes over @ireland on the social network, sharing messages and information about their personal interests and experiences. This week Michelle Marie, a black woman who describes herself as a mum and model, has been posting. Since taking over the feed, she has had "non-stop hate" aimed at her, leaving her "hurt, shocked and appalled".

8-23-16 Calcium dementia link is reminder of the dangers of supplements
Calcium dementia link is reminder of the dangers of supplements
An increased risk of dementia in some women taking calcium warns us that supplements marketed as a quick fix for health may not be benign, says Clare Wilson. Taking a daily vitamin or mineral supplement is widely seen as a common-sense way of looking after yourself – a kind of insurance, like wearing a seat belt. But evidence is growing that it might not be such a healthy habit after all. The latest finding is that calcium supplements, taken by many women after the menopause to strengthen their bones, are linked to dementia. Among women who have had a stroke, taking calcium was associated with a seven-fold rise in the number who went on to have dementia. Calcium was also linked with a smaller, non-statistically significant, rise in dementia in women who had not had a stroke. The finding emerged from a study that was not a randomised trial, so it is not the most robust type of medical evidence. The researchers merely counted dementia cases in people who had chosen whether to take calcium, and so the data could be biased. But the results are striking and come on the heels of a previous study that was a randomised trial, which found a link between calcium supplements and a modestly higher risk of heart attacks – suggesting that caution over calcium is indeed warranted. If future research confirms the association with dementia, women would face a horrible dilemma: should they continue to take calcium, staving off bone weakness that can lead to fatal hip fractures, while running an increased risk of one of the most dreaded illness of ageing?

8-19-16 Ex-NFL star Darren Sharper jailed in rape and drugging case
Ex-NFL star Darren Sharper jailed in rape and drugging case
A former American football star has been sentenced to 18 years in prison in a rape case involving as many as 16 women in several US states. Darren Sharper, who played for the New Orleans Saints, received double the sentence recommended by prosecutors. The 40-year-old was accused of drugging women in order to rape them. "I would like to apologise a thousand times,'' he said at the sentencing hearing. "I'm still trying to figure out why I made some of these choices." His voice quivered as he expressed his regret directly to his parents. But one of his victims, the only one who spoke at the hearing, attacked him. "For the list of people you've done this to - go to hell,'' she said.

8-19-16 Amber Heard gives Johnny Depp's $7m divorce settlement to two charities
Amber Heard gives Johnny Depp's $7m divorce settlement to two charities
Amber Heard is to donate her $7m (£5.3m) divorce settlement from Johnny Depp to two charities that work with abused women and ill children. Heard will give half to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to prevent violence against women, and half to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. The actress said she hoped to "help those less able to defend themselves". She earlier accused Depp of striking her and throwing a mobile phone during a fight. He denied the allegations.

8-18-16 Russia furore over FGM in mainly Muslim Dagestan
Russia furore over FGM in mainly Muslim Dagestan
A report on female genital mutilation (FGM) in the North Caucasus has sparked a fierce debate in Russia, with some clerics defending the practice. A civil society group found FGM to be common among Muslims in mountain villages in Dagestan. Girls' genitals were cut in primitive homes. Regional Muslim leader Ismail Berdiyev suggested all women should undergo FGM but later withdrew the remark. But a senior Orthodox Christian priest, Vsevolod Chaplin, had backed him. He said FGM was not necessary for Orthodox Christian women "because they're not promiscuous anyway". But he approved of the mufti's statement that God had created "woman so that she could give birth and bring up children". "Feminism is a 20th-Century lie," he added. Mr Berdiyev, the mufti of the North Caucasus, had said earlier that FGM was practised in some villages in Dagestan and that it was necessary to curb women's sexuality. "It would be very good if this were applied to all women," the Islamic cleric said, adding, "It doesn't stop women giving birth and there would be less debauchery."(Webmaster's comment: Unbelievable Evil sponsored by Religious Leaders!)

8-18-16 Raped for speaking out against rape
Raped for speaking out against rape
A Colombian woman who denounced armed groups for sexually abusing women and girls was abducted by the militants and subjected to a terrible punishment. Her story illustrates just how much power lies in the hands of armed men in Colombia - despite a ceasefire by the left-wing Farc rebels - and how lawless some parts of the country remain. "At first I thought they were going to kill me," she says. "Then one of them told me they were going to punish me for talking too much. They started showing me their genitals and I realised what they were going to do. I started screaming: 'OK do whatever you have to do to me but please don't touch my kid. Don't touch my daughter!'" Maria was raped repeatedly by five men over five days. At one point she fainted - and when she woke up she was in a Quibdo hospital. She had been found on the side of the road after her eldest daughter raised the alarm and search parties went out looking for her. Camila, Maria's youngest daughter had been returned to the family home, deeply traumatised but physically unhurt. "They'd told her that if she breathed a word of what had happened, they'd come back and kill me," says Maria. "So she stopped speaking altogether. For a very long time she only said 'yes' or 'no' and almost every day she cried."

8-16-16 South Africa rape: 'Shocking' levels of violence in mining area
South Africa rape: 'Shocking' levels of violence in mining area
One in four women living in a key platinum mining area in South Africa has been raped in her lifetime, a survey by medical charity MSF has said. About half of women in Rustenburg had been subject to sexual violence or intimate partner violence, it said. The charity said the findings of its survey were "shocking but not uncommon" in South Africa. South Africa has one of the highest incidences of rape in the world and a low prosecution rate. (Webmaster's comment: In America it's at least one in six over their lifetime. We are so much better!)

8-16-16 This Dear Abby advice is insanely sexist
This Dear Abby advice is insanely sexist
Dear Abby (the longtime pen name of the late Pauline Phillips) is known the world over for delivering readers an abundance of advice on life and love. Most people don't know much about her beyond that. But if you actually read her advice from decades past... Oh my. It's a mix of black comedy and pure tragedy. And it's almost always a variation of "Buck up, Sunshine. Bellyaching gets you nowhere." Here is what Dear Abby, surrogate psychiatrist to millions, advised her suffering readers readers in the middle of the 20th century. All of these excerpts are taken from Dear Abby (1958) and Dear Abby on Marriage (1962). If he cheats: You've really dropped the ball on this one, sister! "A protracted extramarital affair means one of two things: Either he's searching for something that is lacking in his marriage, or he is escaping from something that there's been too much of." [Dear Abby] (Webmaster's comment: And your mothers were brought up on this sexist nonsense!)

8-15-16 Rio 2016: Was Chinese proposal romantic or just a form of male control?
Rio 2016: Was Chinese proposal romantic or just a form of male control?
The crowd loved it - but did He Zi? The Chinese diver had tears in her eyes when fellow athlete Qin Kai proposed during her silver medal ceremony. A smile, however, took a lot longer to appear. She eventually said yes to her boyfriend of six years, but his very public stunt has since divided opinion around the world.

8-5-16 'I just wanted that part of me gone'
'I just wanted that part of me gone'
For sexual trafficking survivors, the greatest challenge is often finding a way to regain some sense of normality. However, as a growing number of traffickers have begun branding their victims with tattoos, women are faced with a permanent reminder of their past. Olivia Lace-Evans went to Fresno, California, to meet the people helping women move on.

8-5-16 Rio 2016: Moroccan boxer held over alleged sex assault
Rio 2016: Moroccan boxer held over alleged sex assault
A Moroccan boxer has been arrested by Brazilian police over allegations of sexually assaulting two female cleaners in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic village. Hassan Saada, 22, was held on suspicion of committing the assaults on Wednesday, a police statement said. The boxer, who fights in the light-heavyweight category, was due to take part in his first bout on Saturday. A Brazilian judge has ordered he be detained for 15 days, pending an investigation, media reports said. His detention could mean Saada is unable to take part in the Games.

8-3-16 Ottawa launches inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women
Ottawa launches inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women
Canada has launched an investigation into missing and murdered indigenous women that will cost nearly C$14m (£8m) more than expected. Five independent commissioners will provide recommendations to deal with violence against the country's indigenous women. Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett announced the inquiry at an emotional ceremony in Gatineau, Quebec. The inquiry will last at least two years and cost up to $53.8m (£30.8m). Though the federal government has launched the commission, each province has agreed to allow the commissioners to look at all jurisdictions, including whether local law enforcement or governments played a part. The commission will also have the authority to summon witnesses to testify. The investigation is expected to focus on the systemic causes of violence against indigenous women as well as recommendations on prevention. A 2015 United Nations report revealed that young indigenous women in Canada were five times more likely to die under violent circumstances than non-Aboriginal women. Families of victims have argued that police do not investigate missing indigenous women with the same scrutiny for cases involving white women.

7-29-16 A Georgia appeals court ruled that a man who took pictures up a woman’s skirt did not break any law.
A Georgia appeals court ruled that a man who took pictures up a woman’s skirt did not break any law.
A Georgia appeals court ruled that a man who took pictures up a woman’s skirt did not break any law. Brandon Lee Gary admitted to “upskirting” at a store, but the court ruled that a law that prohibits photographing people “in any private place” means a physical location, not a part of the body. A dissenting judge argued that a woman should be able to expect privacy “in the area under her skirt.”

7-28-16 Afghan man mutilated pregnant wife
Afghan man mutilated pregnant wife
A woman is critically ill in northern Afghanistan after her husband nearly beat her to death, and cut part of her genitals, family members say. The incident happened in the Ashkamish district of Takhar province. The victim, who is in her 20s, told the BBC that she did not know the reason for the attack. Although such mutilation is rare in Afghanistan, reports of violence against women are increasing.

7-25-16 Koffi Olomide case: Zambia gig cancelled after 'assault'
Koffi Olomide case: Zambia gig cancelled after 'assault'
Organisers in Zambia have cancelled a planned concert by one of Africa's biggest musicians, Koffi Olomide, in a row over an alleged assault in Kenya. Kenyan authorities deported the Congolese rumba star on Saturday after video footage of him appearing to kick one of his female dancers went viral. The Agriculture and Commercial society of Zambia said the "disappointing" incident was behind its decision. Olomide has denied assault, though he has since apologised for his behaviour.

7-24-16 A new federal ban on revenge porn could change the lives of survivors
A new federal ban on revenge porn could change the lives of survivors
Private images of our bodies and intimate acts have not been taken as seriously — until now. When Anisha Vora discovered that her ex-boyfriend was posting their private nude photos to porn sites in 2012, she was horrified. She was also a rarity: Unlike many victims of revenge porn, police took Vora's situation seriously and arrested her ex. "Even after an arrest, he continued to post. This time it was more spiteful," said Vora in a Facebook Live video shared on Rep. Jackie Speier's (D-Calif.) page. "It forced me to deactivate my Facebook, change my phone number, drop out of school, and leave the state." Guys started showing up at her parents' house, leaving naked pictures of her on the doorstep. She was recognized while shopping, while walking down the street. Strange men approached her and said they had read online that she had fantasies of being raped. Vora was terrified and traumatized. She was living her life in hiding — and yet her photos were living on roughly 3,000 websites. Eventually her ex was charged with invasion of privacy, served a short time in jail, and was charged $200. But Vora had spent thousands on attorneys who worked countless hours battling to get her photos taken off the internet. She also spent years running from her ex-boyfriend's harassment. If only there had been a law specifically against what her ex-boyfriend had done to her, maybe photos they'd shared during a private moment wouldn't have taken over her life. Now, after over two years of delicate negotiations, Congress is finally introducing such a law — the federal revenge porn bill — which, if passed, could help revenge porn victims like Vora prosecute their aggressors.

7-22-16 Another way to be a feminist
Another way to be a feminist
Pakistan’s biggest internet star has been murdered by her own brother, said Nirmalya Dutta. Qandeel Baloch, 26, was famous across Asia as Pakistan’s answer to Kim Kardashian. She shot to fame by posting risqué selfies on social media. She didn’t go nude like Kardashian, but the photos were daring by the conservative standards of her Muslim homeland. Baloch, an intelligent woman from a working-class family, was married off to an uneducated, abusive man at 17 and left him a year later, taking her son with her. She became so popular online that her earnings supported her parents. But dark forces opposed her. Last week, her brother drugged and strangled her, proudly confessing to the crime and saying she had dishonored the family. Most of the commenters on her Facebook page agreed, calling her “a disgrace to Pakistan.” I would call her, instead, a Pakistani women’s activist as great as Malala Yousefzai. The young Nobel laureate speaks out for girls’ education, while Baloch spoke out for women’s right to control their own bodies—to wear what they please and marry whom they wish. Malala was shot for opposing the Taliban; Baloch was murdered “for refusing to play by patriarchy’s rules.” We should honor her as a feminist pioneer.

7-21-16 India gang rape victim: 'I want justice'
India gang rape victim: 'I want justice'
There has been international outrage after a woman in India was allegedly gang-raped twice within three years by the same group of men. The woman is from a poor low-caste Dalit (formerly known as untouchable) family. There have been protests and three of the accused have appeared in court. The victim spoke to BBC Hindi reporter Salman Ravi and said she wanted justice.

7-21-16 Pakistan burned teacher's death was 'not suicide', investigation says
Pakistan burned teacher's death was 'not suicide', investigation says
A female Pakistani teacher who died of severe burns last month did not take her own life, as local police had claimed, a fact finding mission says. Maria Sadaqat's family say she was attacked and set on fire at her home in Murree after turning down a suitor. Local police arrested four men - but later said the case was a suicide and released the men on bail. The investigation was "flawed" and the death had been painted "as suicide rather than murder", the mission said. Ms Sadaqat, 19, suffered severe burns on 29 May, with local media reporting she had sustained 85% burns. Ms Sadaqat's family said the attackers had wanted revenge because she had rejected a marriage proposal from the school owner's son, because he was already married with a child. However, a police investigation concluded a month later that the victim had taken her own life, leading to the release of the suspects on bail.

7-19-16 The threats and abuse outspoken Pakistani women receive
The threats and abuse outspoken Pakistani women receive
The apparent "honour killing" of Pakistani social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch has led to renewed debate over women's rights in the country, including the freedom to speak out online. Ms Baloch, 26, was frequently abused in cyberspace and had received death threats for her outspoken and controversial posts. But Pakistani women, including journalists, often face vitriol and denigration for speaking their minds. Here, four BBC Urdu journalists describe their experiences.

7-18-16 India outrage after gang rape victim assaulted again 'by same men'
India outrage after gang rape victim assaulted again 'by same men'
There has been outrage in India after a student was allegedly gang-raped by five men who had also raped her three years ago. Police are yet to make any arrests although the 21-year-old was attacked last week in Rohtak town in the northern state of Haryana. She had been pursuing a case in court against the five men, when she was attacked on Wednesday. The woman said she was forced inside a car and the men tried to strangle her. She was seriously injured and left for dead in the bushes. A passerby saw her and took her to the hospital.

7-17-16 Qandeel Baloch case: Brother held for Pakistan celebrity's murder
Qandeel Baloch case: Brother held for Pakistan celebrity's murder
The brother of Pakistani social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch has been arrested for her murder. The brother, Waseem, 25, was arrested in Dera Ghazi Khan in central Pakistan on Saturday night. The Dawn newspaper said he had confessed to the murder, saying he drugged and strangled her "for dishonouring the Baloch name". Qandeel Baloch, 26, became a household name for posting sometimes raunchy photographs, comments and videos. She recently caused controversy by posting pictures of herself alongside a Muslim cleric. Dawn quoted her brother as saying: "She wasn't aware I was killing her. I gave her a tablet and then strangled her."

7-16-16 Qandeel Baloch: Pakistan social media celebrity 'killed by brother'
Qandeel Baloch: Pakistan social media celebrity 'killed by brother'
Pakistani social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch has been killed by her brother in an apparent 'honour killing' in the province of Punjab, police say. Qandeel Baloch had a reputation for being Pakistan's first social media celebrity. Ms Baloch, 26, recently caused controversy by posting controversial pictures of herself on social media, including one alongside a Muslim cleric. Police say she was strangled to death. Cases of women being killed for 'dishonouring' their family are commonplace in Pakistan.

7-15-16 Fox’s Ailes: Accused of sexual harassment
Fox’s Ailes: Accused of sexual harassment
The media and political worlds have been rocked by Gretchen Carlson’s “bombshell allegations of sexual misconduct” against Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, said Peter Sterne and Kelsey Sutton in Politico?.com. Carlson, a former anchor booted from the network when her contract expired in June, filed a lawsuit last week alleging Ailes subjected her to “severe and pervasive” sexual harassment. The Fox News chief often commented on her legs and posterior and asked her to turn around so he could get a good look, Carlson claims. When she complained about her treatment at the network, the lawsuit alleges, Ailes told her, “I think you and I should have had a sexual relationship a long time ago”—and recommended she start right away. Ailes, 76, calls the allegations false and “defamatory,” saying Carlson was fired for disappointing ratings. But the lawsuit poses a real threat to one of the most powerful players in American politics, and has people asking, “How would the network function without Roger Ailes? Can it?”

7-7-16 Germany rape law: 'No means No' law passed
Germany rape law: 'No means No' law passed
Germany's parliament has passed a new law defining rape, clarifying that "No means No", even if a victim did not fight back. Critics believe Germany has long lagged behind other developed nations when it comes to its rape laws. The issue was again brought to the fore after a number of sex attacks on women in Cologne on New Year's Eve. The vote was passed by an overwhelming majority on Thursday in the Bundestag in the capital, Berlin. The new law classifies groping as a sex crime and makes it easier to prosecute assaults committed by large group. It also makes it easier to deport migrants who commit sex offences. MPs stood and cheered when the law was passed. (Webmaster's comment: In American it seems that NO means MAYBE. When are American MALES going to start treating women as human beings and pass strict anti-rape laws!)

7-7-16 Ex-Fox News anchor sues boss Roger Ailes for sexual harassment
Ex-Fox News anchor sues boss Roger Ailes for sexual harassment
Former Fox News presenter Gretchen Carlson has sued network boss, Roger Ailes, for sexual harassment and wrongful termination. The lawsuit claims she was fired after refusing his sexual advances. Ms Carlson worked for the conservative-leaning US network for 11 years before her contract expired in June. Mr Ailes denies the allegations and alleges Ms Carlson filed the suit in retaliation for not having her contract renewed.

7-4-16 Cuba volleyball players held in rape probe in Finland
Cuba volleyball players held in rape probe in Finland
Police in Finland investigating an alleged rape are holding six members of the Cuban national volleyball team. They are suspected of raping a woman in a hotel in the Finnish city of Tampere on Friday, police say The Cuban team is in Finland taking part in the World League tournament. Police arrested a total of eight players over the weekend after a complaint was made by a woman.

7-2-16 The ugly sexism of school dress codes
The ugly sexism of school dress codes
From Guilford, Connecticut, to Lynchburg, Virginia, to Helena, Montana, junior high and high school dress codes are being criticized and even reevaluated as students and parents decry outdated policies as unrealistic, ambiguously enforced, and deeply sexist. Most disturbing is the reason given for the girls' rules: Their "provocative" clothing is "distracting" to other students in the learning environment. "At track, on a hot day, if a bunch of guys are running shirtless, it's acceptable," says Emily, 16, a junior in Santa Barbara, California. "But if a girl is wearing a bright-colored sports bra that's showing through her white shirt, she'll be asked to change because it's 'distracting.' Instead of teaching girls to cover up, we should be teaching everyone to stop sexualizing every aspect of a girl's body." With college rape culture being the horror it is, are we really still teaching kids that girls and their beguiling, omnipotent tank tops are responsible for the mental state of boys on their campuses? Can this possibly still be a world wherein "her thigh was visible" is a saleable excuse for ANY BEHAVIORAL FAILING AT ALL — academic or otherwise? (Webmaster's comment: It's all part of our blame the woman culture! If she gets raped or beaten or abused or murdered it's her fault somehow! It's never the guys fault! She made him do it, didn't she?)

7-1-16 Chad gang-rape: Men jailed
Chad gang-rape: Men jailed
Seven men have been sentenced to 10 years for the rape and kidnapping a schoolgirl in the Chadian capital, Ndjamena. Some of the men come from families with close links to the government. One has escaped from custody. The victim, Zouhoura, is the daughter of an opposition leader and was threatened with death if she spoke about the attack. A video of her rape sparked a wave of protests in Chad in February.

7-1-16 Indian official resigns over 'rape victim selfie'
Indian official resigns over 'rape victim selfie'
An Indian official has resigned after she and another women's rights advocate were pictured taking a smiling selfie with a rape victim. First emerging on the phone messaging service WhatsApp, the pictures were taken when members of the Rajasthan Commission for Women met the victim at a police station on Wednesday. The woman had reported that she had been raped by her husband and two other relatives who also allegedly tattooed profanities on her forehead and hand for failing to produce a dowry of Rs 51,000, about $755. Somya Gurjar, who has since quit her position with the National Council For Women, was seen smiling as she snapped the selfie.

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