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83 Abuse of Women News Articles
from 4th Quarter of 2016
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12-31-16 Chris Corley: 911 call records US politician 'beating wife'
Chris Corley: 911 call records US politician 'beating wife'
The children of a South Carolina politician accused of battering his wife can be heard screaming "just stop, Daddy" on a 911 call recording. Republican representative Chris Corley has been charged with first degree domestic violence and pointing a firearm at a person. The call was made on Monday evening, and released by police to local media. Mr Corley, 36, recently voted for legislation toughening punishments for domestic violence. "Just stop Daddy. Just stop...Daddy, why are you doing this?'' can be heard in a recording released to the Aiken Standard newspaper. In a second call, a woman identified by the Aiken County Sheriff's Office as Mr Corley's mother-in-law tells a dispatcher: "He beat his wife and he's threatening to kill himself.'' Mr Corley hit his wife "about the head and face with a closed fist" before pointing a handgun at her, the Aiken Standard reports, citing the arrest warrant. The violence was allegedly committed in front of an 8-year-old child.

12-27-16 Iraq gunmen kidnap campaigning female journalist
Iraq gunmen kidnap campaigning female journalist
Gunmen have kidnapped an Iraqi female journalist who has campaigned against widespread corruption in the country. Afrah Shawqi al-Qaisi was taken from her home in the Saidiya district of the capital, Baghdad, on Monday night by men claiming to be security personnel. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has ordered security forces to "exert the utmost effort" to save her. On Monday, Ms Qaisi wrote an article in which she expressed anger that armed groups could act with impunity. The article, published by the Aklaam website, criticised an interior ministry officer who she said had assaulted the principal of a school in the southern city of Nasiriya for refusing to punish a pupil who had quarrelled with his daughter. "There is nothing worse in a country than humiliating a teacher; nothing is worse than neglect by those who carry weapons," Ms Qaisi wrote. "If the state is anxious to preserve its prestige, it should hold accountable whoever uses weapons illicitly."

12-26-16 Mohammed Shami, India cricketer, defends wife against Twitter trolls
Mohammed Shami, India cricketer, defends wife against Twitter trolls
Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami has criticised social media users who have been trolling his wife because of her choice of clothes. The pacer posted a picture of his wife on Facebook and Twitter on Sunday, with the words "beautiful moments". But some users told him to "follow Islam" and "ensure that she wears the hijab and modest clothes". The cricketer on Monday tweeted that he "knows what to do and what not to do for his family".

12-16-16 California sex offender convicted of murdering four women
California sex offender convicted of murdering four women
A California sex offender was convicted of killing four women while wearing a tracking device for prior offences. Steven Dean Gordon, who confessed to the killings to authorities in an interview, was found guilty of four counts of murder. Police said Gordon, 47, and 30-year-old sex offender Franc Cano abducted and killed the women in 2013 and 2014. Prosecutors first charged Gordon with rape but later dropped the charges. He may now face the death penalty. Gordon and Cano, both registered sex offenders, were first convicted in separate cases of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14.

12-16-16 Minnesota football team boycotts games over sexual assault case
Minnesota football team boycotts games over sexual assault case
Minnesota's university football team have said they will be boycotting games after the suspension of 10 players over an alleged sexual assault case. All the team members say they will continue their protest until the school gets satisfactory answers on the issue. The university suspended the players this week after an internal inquiry without providing any reasons. Police earlier declined to arrest or charge any of the players over claims a woman was assaulted in September. The woman has told police she was drunk when she was assaulted by several men at an off-campus apartment. Some of the players have said that they had consensual sex with her.

12-15-16 Chinese activist Zheng Churan: 'Hey Trump, feminists are watching you"
Chinese activist Zheng Churan: 'Hey Trump, feminists are watching you"
One of China's most prominent women's rights activists has written a letter warning US President-elect Donald Trump against "sexist behaviour". Zheng Churan says "feminists around the world are watching" Mr Trump for signs of "straight man cancer". The Chinese term refers to sexual discrimination and male chauvinism. She was among five women dubbed the "Feminist Five", who were detained by Chinese authorities last year for their activism. Ms Zheng said she wanted to point out Mr Trump's "sexual discrimination" in her open letter as she found that in China "the general opinion from society is that they don't think it's a big deal".

12-12-16 Belgian porn photos prompt suspension of government worker
Belgian porn photos prompt suspension of government worker
A woman working for the Belgian interior ministry has been suspended because of pornographic pictures of her taken in the office and ministry lifts. The woman has worked for the ministry for six years, and insists the pictures are private and nothing to do with her job, Belgian reports say. But her boss is said to have disagreed, because photos posted on Twitter clearly featured the ministry itself. The woman complained to a top court but it found against her. Described as an administrative employee, the unidentified woman was apparently first spotted in a French TV report on men and women who offer sexual services, according to Belgian daily Het Laatste Nieuws. Photos then surfaced online of her posing naked inside the interior ministry office and lifts in the Boulevard de Waterloo in central Brussels. (Webmaster's comment: The wrong place to be taking pictures.)

12-10-16 Courier helps free captive who wrote 'call 911' on parcel
Courier helps free captive who wrote 'call 911' on parcel
A UPS driver who noticed "call 911" scrawled on a package helped free a woman held captive and sexually assaulted in her own home, police say. The Missouri woman spoke to the delivery man at the door while her alleged captor, her own husband, was standing behind her with a gun. She managed to write her plea for help on the mail item and the driver alerted police, according to court documents. A SWAT team was dispatched and arrested James Tyler Jordan, 33. The wife told police that shortly before the UPS driver showed up at the property near Robertsville on Tuesday, her husband was holding a gun to her head and had threatened he would kill her then turn the weapon on himself. Mr Jordan's wife told authorities her husband had forced her to strip and subjected her to sexual assaults while refusing to let her leave the house. During her ordeal, which began on Monday night, a three-year-old child was locked in a bedroom without food or water for 15 hours, according to court documents.

12-9-16 100 Women 2016: A weekend of street harassment, mapped
100 Women 2016: A weekend of street harassment, mapped
As part of its 100 Women season, the BBC launched an online campaign to map global street harassment over one weekend in December. Women from more than 43 cities in 29 countries reported their experiences of verbal and physical abuse via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and email. Whether in nightclubs, out shopping, in buses and taxis, or while running, walking or even swimming, many women found inappropriate male attention inescapable. The problem extends beyond one weekend, and sadly many will not have spoken out. But over just three days the BBC received reports of harassment from places as far afield as Irbil and Istanbul, Belfast and Barbados, giving a glimpse of the scale of harassment. The reports covered a range of experiences from taunts about physical appearance to physical assault.

12-9-16 Last Tango in Paris
Last Tango in Paris
The infamous rape scene between Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider in 1972’s Last Tango in Paris was nonconsensual, director Bernardo Bertolucci admitted in a newly released interview. Bertolucci, 76, said he and the iconic actor planned the simulated rape—in which Brando’s character uses a stick of butter as a lubricant to sodomize Schneider, 19—without her knowledge. “I wanted Maria to feel...the rage and humiliation,” he explained. Evidently, she did. “Even though what Marlon was doing wasn’t real, I was crying real tears,” Schneider said before dying of cancer in 2011. “I felt a little raped, both by Marlon and by Bertolucci.’’ After that experience, she suffered from serious depression and drug problems for years.

12-9-16 Self-Harm: Becci answers your questions
Self-Harm: Becci answers your questions
Becci, 22, self-harmed for six years. She is now learning to live with the scars which that period of her life left behind. She told her story in a film for the BBC. In response, people sent Becci their questions on living with self-harm. She answers them:

  • I have a 15-year-old daughter who has just started self harming. In your view, what is the best thing I can do to help her?
  • How do you cope when people make negative comments? How do you stop it lowering your self-esteem?
  • Was there a defining moment/incident that stopped you from self-harming?
  • That was a very brave film for you to make. Can you tell me about any positive feelings you may have about your scars?
  • How do you handle dating and the anxiety from the possible reactions of your date seeing your scars and you having to explain it?
  • How do you cope with the judgement that flicks across people's faces the moment they realise that you have self-harmed? I struggle with it.

12-6-16 Egypt arrests 'organ trafficking ring'
Egypt arrests 'organ trafficking ring'
Egyptian authorities have arrested doctors, nurses and professors suspected of being involved in an international organ trafficking ring. The arrests of at least 25 people on Tuesday also included organ buyers and middlemen, the country's Administrative Control Authority said. Authorities also found "millions of dollars and gold bullion". It is illegal to purchase organs in Egypt, but poverty drives some to sell their body parts. The Administrative Control Authority, a powerful anti-corruption body, claimed the network targeted on Tuesday was "made up of Egyptians and Arabs taking advantage of some of the citizens' difficult economic conditions so that they buy their human organs and sell [them] for large sums of money". The statement on the government website added that the group was "the largest international network for trading human organs".

12-6-16 Lady Gaga says she has PTSD after being raped at 19
Lady Gaga says she has PTSD after being raped at 19
US pop star Lady Gaga says she has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since being raped at the age of 19. She revealed her mental illness during a visit to a homeless shelter for young LGBT people last month. In a TV interview about the visit, she said: "I suffer from a mental illness - I suffer from PTSD. I've never told anyone that before." Lady Gaga, now 30, first spoke publicly about the rape two years ago. She has since admitted she blamed herself and did not tell anyone about it for seven years.

12-4-16 100 Women 2016: I am a 'surrendered wife’
100 Women 2016: I am a 'surrendered wife’
Californian Kathy Murray says she saved her marriage by giving up trying to control her husband. Despite considering herself a feminist, she follows - and now teaches others - the approach of a controversial book called The Surrendered Wife, which tells women to stop nagging their partners and start treating them with more respect. The first time I married I was divorced by 26. I married for the second time at 32 but soon found myself sleeping in the guest room. My husband and I fought all the time. Much of our fighting stemmed from the fact I thought my husband was clueless when it came to raising the children (we had four children between us aged from four to nine years old). We also quarrelled about how to manage our finances, and how often we made love. I was working full-time as chief finance officer for a private school and also volunteered at my kids' school and in my community. My husband was a sales rep for a construction company but I was the breadwinner and acted like I was in charge. I didn't tell anyone I was in constant conflict with my husband. I was embarrassed, angry and resentful. (Webmaster's comment: I can't stand the wording 'Surrendered Wife', but nagging a man to death doesnt' work! It's just as bad as the 'Controlling Husband'.)

The six principles of being a 'Surrendered Wife'

  • Relinquishes inappropriate control of her husband
  • Respects her husband's thinking
  • Receives his gifts graciously and expresses gratitude for him
  • Expresses what she wants without trying to control him
  • Relies on him to handle household finances
  • Focuses on her own self-care and fulfilment

12-2-16 The toll of toxic sexism
The toll of toxic sexism
Men who feel a need to dominate women and consider themselves “playboys” are more likely to suffer from depression and other psychological problems, according to new research. An analysis of nearly 80 different studies involving 20,000 men found those who adhere to traditional masculine norms—including a need to win, aggression, emotional isolation, and pursuit of sexual conquests—are more likely to suffer from depression, stress, body image issues, and substance abuse, reports The Washington Post. Because they believe manliness requires self-reliance, these men are also less likely to seek out help for their problems, leaving them isolated and deprived of meaningful relationships. The study’s lead author, Y. Joel Wong, argues that sexist ideas about “manly” behavior are toxic to society as a whole, but that it’s possible for men to reinvent their interpretation of masculinity. “Just because you’ve always behaved in a particular way,” Wong says, “doesn’t mean you’ve got no choice.”

12-2-16 Covering for abusers
Covering for abusers
A Moroccan state TV channel has been forced to apologize after running a segment on how women can use makeup to cover up bruises and other signs of domestic abuse. “After the beating, this part is still sensitive, so don’t press,” host Lilia Mouline told viewers of the popular lifestyle show Sabahiyat, as she applied makeup to a woman with what appeared to be a black eye and bruised cheeks. “Use foundation with yellow in it. If you use the white one, your red punch marks will always show.” After a public outcry and petition, channel 2M issued online and on-air apologies, calling the makeup tutorial “completely inappropriate.” More than half of Moroccan women report being beaten by their husbands.

12-2-16 Help us map street harassment around the world
Help us map street harassment around the world
As part of the BBC's 100 Women season we would like you to join in and help us build up a picture of street harassment around the world. We would like you or any of your female friends or family who experience harassment between Friday 2 December and Sunday 4 December to share your story with us. We only need a brief description of the incident and the city where it happened. Tweet it using the hashtag #mappingharassment or if you prefer, email Do not put yourself at risk or try to take any pictures of the incident. Also do not give us further elements that could lead to your full identification, like your name, or address. Only post a brief description, the city and the hashtag. With this information the 100 Women team will aim to build a snapshot of what street harassment can look like during a particular period of time, although it cannot be considered a 100% accurate or scientific assessment of this issue.

11-30-16 100 Women 2016: 'Every person is redeemable' - my job treating rapists
100 Women 2016: 'Every person is redeemable' - my job treating rapists
Psychologist Erin Sweeny has spent more than 20 years treating sex offenders. She says it is important to separate the behaviour from the person and to try and understand what has led them to offend. My work has opened my eyes to human behaviour. In many ways sex offenders are all different, but what they have in common is always an unhappy childhood - usually due to abusive, neglectful, absent or simply unengaged parenting. Because their earliest attachment was usually with the mother this contributes to how they first began to experience and see the world, especially women. Many offenders have an entitled way of thinking about sex and women. Many struggle with intimacy - they want it but struggle. Many struggle with emotions - the only one they can reliably access is anger. Many are motivated by revenge. But they come from all walks of life in terms of education, employment, religion and money. (Webmaster's comment: My first concern is always the victims. All our efforts should be on helping them first. Rapists are often not redeemable. They CHOOSE to hurt and even kill and they enjoy it. Saving the rapist is a travesty to all their victims. They leave your theapy office laughing at having gotten away with it again. Paraphrasing Lisbeth Salander "Don't turn him into a victim. He was a killer and a rapist and he enjoyed it. He had the same chances as everyone else. You choose who you want to be. He wasn't a victim. He was an evil man who hated women.")

11-30-16 100 Women 2016: Is feminism just for white women?
100 Women 2016: Is feminism just for white women?
Is everyone included in the movement for gender equality? Has feminism been able to engage women of all races, religions, sexualities and classes? Does feminism include you? These questions were discussed at the BBC's London headquarters as part of 2016's 100 Women season and the debate will be broadcast on the BBC World Service on 1 December at 0900 GMT.

11-29-16 Sexism solution: Teaching schoolgirls self defence
Sexism solution: Teaching schoolgirls self defence
Sexism solution: Teaching schoolgirls self defence. Should young girls in Arab countries - and around the world - be trained how to defend themselves against unwanted physical attention? This personal view comes from Joumana Haddad, Lebanese author of Superman is an Arab. She argues this simple change will fundamentally shift how men and women think.

11-29-16 Westworld's Evan Rachel Wood says she's been raped twice in an open letter on Twitter
Westworld's Evan Rachel Wood says she's been raped twice in an open letter on Twitter
US actress Evan Rachel Wood says she's been raped twice. In an open letter on Twitter, the 29-year-old said she'd been attacked by a "significant other" and a bar owner. She wrote the post after an interview in Rolling Stone magazine, in which she talked about being subjected to "physical, psychological, sexual" abuse and attempting suicide in her early 20s. The star said the attacks happened "many, many years ago". She also claimed that the rapes were "one of the many factors" that contributed to her attempt to take her own life. "I don't believe we live in a time where people can stay silent any longer," she wrote. "I certainly can't. Not given the state our world is in with its blatant bigotry and sexism. "It should be talked about because it's swept under the rug as nothing and I will not accept this as 'normal'. It's a serious problem. "I am still standing. I am alive. I am happy. I am strong. But I am still not ok. "Yes, I have been raped. By a significant other while we were together. And on a separate occasion, by the owner of a bar."

11-29-16 100 Women 2016: Living with scars and life after self-harm
100 Women 2016: Living with scars and life after self-harm
Sarah and Becci are two young women in the UK who have stopped cutting themselves but are learning to live with the scars from when they self-harmed.

11-28-16 Morocco broadcaster apologises after advising women to hide bruises
Morocco broadcaster apologises after advising women to hide bruises
A Moroccan TV channel has apologised after broadcasting a show advising women how to hide signs of domestic violence using makeup. Channel 2M, which featured the clip last week, has admitted that the footage was "completely inappropriate". In the broadcast, a woman is seen resting in a chair while makeup is applied to conceal fake bruises around her eyes. The video was later removed from the channel's website. In the clip, featured on the show Sabahiyat, the host of the show offers tips on how to make the appearance of bruising "disappear" using foundation and toners. "We hope these beauty tips will help you carry on with your daily life," the host suggests after demonstrating how to mask the signs of violence. The controversial video was shared on Twitter and Facebook, receiving widespread condemnation.

11-28-16 Australia domestic violence: Aboriginal dancers highlight problem
Australia domestic violence: Aboriginal dancers highlight problem
Aboriginal dancers travelled across Australia to highlight the "horrifying" levels of domestic violence in Outback indigenous communities. Dancers from the Rirratjingu clan, carrying clap sticks and spears, their faces painted white, performed outside parliament in Canberra. The group urged action against a problem that disproportionately affects indigenous women. Aborigine women are 34 times more likely to be victims than other women. "We are seeing horrifying rates of family violence in indigenous communities and it is incumbent on all people - community leaders, political leaders and businesses - to act to drive it down," Rirratjingu elder Bakamumu Marika said.

11-28-16 100 Women 2016: Female Arab cartoonists challenge authority
100 Women 2016: Female Arab cartoonists challenge authority
In some Arab countries women still have to ask permission from a male relative to get a passport, marry or leave the country. Although the practice of "male guardianship" is not always enshrined in law, it persists in everyday life within many families. As part of the 100 Women season, the BBC asked three female cartoonists from North Africa to take up their pens and illustrate how the custom continues to affect women's lives in their countries.

  • Egypt: As a hard-hitting political cartoonist tackling taboo issues like FGM and sexual harassment, el-Adl frequently courts controversy and has even been accused of blasphemy.
  • Tunisia: Her chosen theme for this cartoon - which also features Willis - is the continuing pressure on rape victims to marry their attackers in order to avoid bringing shame on their families.
  • Morocco: The theme she has chosen for her cartoon is foreign travel, and the numbers of Moroccan men who are using the law to stop their wives travelling abroad.

11-28-16 100 Women 2016: Bringing up my son as a feminist
100 Women 2016: Bringing up my son as a feminist
Photographer Pedrinho Fonseca is determined to bring up his young son Joao as a feminist, in contrast to the intense chauvinism he himself witnessed as a child in his home region in Brazil. He tells BBC's 100 Women about what influences made him change course, and how he tries to help Joao move away from perceptions fostered by an entrenched culture. I come from a very sexist place. I was born in the north-east of Brazil - a poor region that absorbed what was worst during the time of Portuguese colonial rule: the concept of domination. We were populated by white and wealthy men who enslaved Africans and left us a legacy that relationships should be ruled by this logic. Men from this area have grown up with the notion that they are owners; they have possessions, which can be land or other human beings, especially women. Thus they are responsible for bringing home the money, but no affection. And women are expected to serve them. Centuries later, we are still growing up getting this same information that we can do anything - and that women exist to please us only. This twisted scenery has built generations of complete sexism.

11-25-16 Women in science pledge to combat hate
Women in science pledge to combat hate
Almost 10,000 women working in science have signed an open letter pledging to combat discrimination and "anti-science sentiment" following the US election. A group of scientists drafted the letter with the initial aim of building a network of 500 women. In the six days since its publication, 8,800 researchers have signed the pledge, which rejects the "hateful rhetoric that was given a voice". Dr Kelly Ramirez from Colorado State University was one of its authors. She and her colleagues took aim at discrimination targeting "minority groups, women, LGBTQIA, immigrants, and people with disabilities". Their letter states: "Many of us feel personally threatened by this divisive and destructive rhetoric and have turned to each other for understanding, strength and a path forward".

11-25-16 Paglia’s dangerous world
Paglia’s dangerous world
Camille Paglia is a different sort of feminist, says Emily Hill in The Spectator (U.K.). The New York–born essayist and iconoclast calls herself “a street-smart Amazon feminist,” and scoffs at safe spaces, trigger warnings, and gender quotas. “I’m from an immigrant family,” she says. “The way I was brought up was: The world is a dangerous place; you must learn to defend yourself. You can’t be a fool.” Modern parenting and campus politics, she says, raise women in precisely the opposite mold: cosseted, protected from anything difficult or dangerous, taught to fixate on their own victimhood. “We are rocketing backwards here to the Victorian period, with this belief that women are not capable of making decisions on their own. This is not feminism. There will never be equality of the sexes if we think that women are so handicapped they can’t look after themselves.” Paglia also has provocative views on male-female relations and date rape. “Now you have this shibboleth, ‘No means no.’ Well, no. Sometimes ‘No’ means ‘Not yet.’ Sometimes ‘No’ means ‘Too soon.’ Sometimes ‘No’ means ‘Keep trying and maybe yes.’” For challenging modern feminism, Paglia says, she has been “defamed, attacked, and viciously maligned.”

11-25-16 Using dirty knickers to tackle South Africa's rape crisis
Using dirty knickers to tackle South Africa's rape crisis
A public exhibition of dirty underwear is trying to raise awareness of the huge, but often under-reported, problem of rape and sexual violence in South Africa.

11-22-16 France's Francois Fillon under fire over women's rights
France's Francois Fillon under fire over women's rights
The leading contender for France's centre-right presidential nomination, Francois Fillon, is facing tough questions over his stance on abortion and sex discrimination. His rival, fellow Republican Alain Juppe, has urged him to "clarify his position" on abortion. Meanwhile, a party colleague restated claims he denied her a ministerial post because she was pregnant. Supporters will choose between Mr Fillon and Mr Juppe on Sunday. It is the first time the centre right in France has used a US-style primary contest to select a candidate, ahead of the presidential election in April and May.

11-16-16 It's time to light the next feminist fire
It's time to light the next feminist fire
Their faces were tired and tear-streaked. They sat alongside men, to be sure, but to many of those watching on television, the young women in the bleachers and in the crowd at the Javits Convention Center on Manhattan's West Side commanded center stage as the camera panned over them, their tears flowing, their faces contorting to reveal the blows struck to their hearts. The woman who was supposed to become the champion of women everywhere, of every woman who has ever been made to feel intimidated or lesser than or unworthy simply because she is a woman, was defeated in the race for the presidency. That fact alone is the knife in the backs of millions of American women. But it's who she lost to that, for many, is the twist. I'm a woman in her early 20s. I thought Nov. 8 would be a day I would remember with pride for the rest of my life. Instead, we all woke up Wednesday morning to a new reality in which alleged hate crimes against minority men and women are running rampant, in no small part because we just elected as president a man who marginalized and ridiculed these groups.

11-15-16 Michelle Obama 'ape in heels' post causes outrage
Michelle Obama 'ape in heels' post causes outrage
A racist Facebook post about Michelle Obama has caused a major controversy involving a town mayor in the US state of West Virginia. Pamela Ramsey Taylor, who runs a local non-profit group in Clay County, referred to the first lady as an "ape". "It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified first lady in the White House. I'm tired of seeing a Ape in heels," she said. Local mayor Beverly Whaling responded with "just made my day Pam". Ms Whaling is mayor of the town of Clay, which has a population of just 491. It has no African American residents, according to the 2010 census. In Clay County as a whole, more than 98% of its 9,000 residents are white. strong>(Webmaster's comment: Welcome to the new America. Repressed Hatred Now Released.)

11-15-16 Columbia University suspends wrestling team over 'lewd texts'
Columbia University suspends wrestling team over 'lewd texts'
Columbia University has suspended the men's wrestling team after lewd text messages allegedly sent by several of its members surfaced. The messages labelled "racist, misogynistic and homophobic" were posted in a chat app and revealed on Bwog, a student-run blog. A statement from the university described the messages as "appalling". The university has been at the centre of a debate on how colleges handle sexually aggressive behaviour. The revelation comes weeks after Harvard University suspended its men's soccer team following a report in the student newspaper that players made sexual comments about members of the women's team. It said students were rating the attractiveness of female players as well as using sexually explicit comments.

11-14-16 Teenage magazine sparks anger over 'victim-blaming' rape advice
Teenage magazine sparks anger over 'victim-blaming' rape advice
An advice columnist's response to a letter about rape has sparked an angry backlash in Singapore and accusations of victim-blaming. In the letter to Teenage magazine's agony aunt, the writer, apparently a teenage girl, said she was raped by a friend and had "no-one to turn to". The Dear Kelly columnist said in reply that she had "acted like a girl who had been around" and should be "grateful he wore a condom". It also added that she was too "naive". Responding to the victim, the column implied that she had been raped because she lied to her mother

11-14-16 Trump: The women fearful of the President-elect
Trump: The women fearful of the President-elect
Women's groups and feminist associations are organising a mass protest in Washington DC for 21 January, the day after President-elect Donald Trump will be sworn into office. Many take issue with the president-elect's previous comments about women, and are concerned that he has been accused of sexual assault. Trump denies the allegations and says "no one respects women more than I do." The BBC spoke to four women about why they are fearful of what a Trump presidency will mean.

11-11-16 Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly
Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly
Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly says in her new memoir that former Fox CEO Roger Ailes suggested he might advance her career “in exchange for sexual favors.” In Settle for More, Kelly, 45, claims that Ailes began sexually harassing her after Fox hired her in 2005. He repeatedly summoned her to his office and shut the door, she writes, “and over the next hour or two, he would engage in a kind of cat-and-mouse game with me—veering between obviously inappropriate, sexually charged comments (e.g., about the ‘very sexy bras’ I must have and how he’d like to see me in them) and legitimate professional advice.” Kelly says Ailes, 76, “crossed a new line” in January 2006 by grabbing her and repeatedly attempting to kiss her. After she pushed him away, Kelly alleges, he ominously asked her, “When is your contract up?” Ailes, who resigned in September in the wake of a sexual harassment suit by former Fox anchor Gretchen Carlson, denies the allegations.

11-11-16 Harry defends girlfriend
Harry defends girlfriend
Prince Harry has denounced Britain’s tabloid press for racism and harassment in its coverage of his biracial girlfriend, American actress Meghan Markle. The prince said in a statement that “a line has been crossed” in the reporting on the relationship, citing “the smear on the front page of a national newspaper; the racial undertones of comment pieces; and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls.” The “smear” refers to an article by The Sun saying Markle had appeared on the porn site Pornhub; in fact, the site put up clips of her in the network TV show Suits. Markle, 35, lives in Toronto, where British reporters have tried to break into her home. Her mother has been followed and harassed, and her ex-boyfriend was offered cash to dish dirt on her.

11-11-16 Lewd ‘scouting report’
Lewd ‘scouting report’
Harvard University suspended its men’s soccer team for the rest of the season after it emerged that players created sexually explicit “scouting reports” each year that rated members of the women’s soccer team based on their sexual appeal. The Harvard Crimson first reported that a spreadsheet from 2012 ranked female recruits with a score from 1 to 10, assigned them hypothetical sexual positions, and theorized in graphic terms about each player’s sexual behavior. One player “looks like the kind of girl who both likes to dominate and likes to be dominated,” the document read. About another: “I decided missionary would be her preferred position.” A university investigation later revealed that the reports had continued through the 2016 season. The team was in first place in the Ivy League when the documents emerged, and will forfeit its two remaining games.

11-11-16 India's 'desperate housewives' scramble to change secret savings
India's 'desperate housewives' scramble to change secret savings
Many anxious Indians have been flocking to banks to change money that is no longer legal. Among them are worried housewives who had saved up cash "secretly" for years. The BBC's Vikas Pandey meets some of them. People formed long queues at banks on Thursday waiting to exchange 500 and 1,000 rupee notes after they were withdrawn on Tuesday night as part of anti-corruption measures. Most Indian housewives are in the habit of saving small amounts of money, often taken from their husbands' earnings. In many cases significant amounts of cash have suddenly been declared worthless.

11-10-16 Polish army to teach women self-defence for free
Polish army to teach women self-defence for free
The Polish defence ministry is launching free nationwide classes for women to learn unarmed combat. The classes will start at 30 military facilities, running from 19 November until 3 June. Polish army instructors will provide the training. The techniques will include defensive postures, how to break holds, and guards against kicks, strangulation and assaults with a weapon. Some Poles see the initiative more as a way for the army to promote its image. The ministry says it is the first time the military has offered such a nationwide programme. It is open to all Polish women aged 18 or above who are in good health.

11-10-16 The women in El Salvador starting businesses to escape domestic abuse
The women in El Salvador starting businesses to escape domestic abuse
Claudia Aguillon and a dozen other women in aprons are learning how to make an aubergine and brown sugar pastry at a cookery class in Santa Ana, the second-largest city in El Salvador. Being business owners in the small Central American country comes against a difficult backdrop - engulfed by gang violence it is the world's most dangerous nation outside of a warzone, with 6,657 murders in 2015 - but Claudia says that the enterprise enables her and Iliana to earn a stable income. Our business is our own," say Claudia. "No-one gives us a paycheque, but no-one exploits us either." The cookery class Claudia recently attended was organised by Woman's City (Ciudad Mujer), a government initiative to help women who have been victims of domestic violence. The scheme was set up in 2011 because if El Salvador's overall crime rates weren't enough for Salvadorean women to endure, the country also has one of the world's highest rates of domestic violence.

11-10-16 Here's how to deal with psychopaths and toxic people
Here's how to deal with psychopaths and toxic people
now what some people are thinking: I'm never going to deal with psychopaths. This is just more sensational clickbait junk. Wrong. The experts are betting you probably encounter a psychopath every day. In fact, a lot of what you think you know about psychopaths is very wrong. Yes, psychopaths are more likely to be in jail than most people — but the majority of them aren't. There's a whole class of people who don't have a conscience or feel empathy, and in all likelihood you deal with at least one all the time. And they probably make your life miserable. They're "subclinical psychopaths." With biology, you either have tuberculosis or you don't. Black and white. There's no "kinda." In psychology there's a lot of "kinda." People with subclinical psychological disorders are like this. Not bad enough to go to prison, but plenty bad enough to make your life awful. The Machiavellian manipulators at work who do all kinds of nasty — but without leaving fingerprints. The bad boyfriends and girlfriends who drive you crazy — sometimes quite deliberately.

11-6-16 How Trump v Clinton has been a trigger for rape victims
How Trump v Clinton has been a trigger for rape victims
Sexual assault has become an unlikely theme of the US presidential race. The BBC's Rajini Vaidyanathan met Chloe Allred (no relation to celebrity lawyer Gloria), a survivor of sexual assault who said this election has been a "trigger" and a difficult time.

11-4-16 Republican women: Betrayed by their party?
Republican women: Betrayed by their party?
I’ve had enough, said Amanda Carpenter in The Washington Post. As a lifelong Republican and former communications aide to Sen. Ted Cruz, I spent years fending off accusations that my party held “anti-woman beliefs.” My reward? Not only have Republican voters nominated Donald Trump, a “brazen and unapologetic misogynist,” but the men who lead the party have refused to disavow him. Republican women are being told that Trump’s boasting of grabbing women’s genitals is “how men speak behind closed doors,” and that we should just “get over it”—even after a dozen women came forward to say Trump did in fact sexually assault them, just as he described. House Speaker Paul Ryan and his fellow Trump enablers have clearly calculated it is “too politically risky” to offend the nominee’s core supporters. After the GOP’s shameful embrace of a sexist pig who’s taken the party back “to the Dark Ages,” said S.E. Cupp in The New York Times, women would “have to be lobotomized to believe anything the Republican Party tells them.” I think I may “die of schadenfreude,” said Gary Legum in Conservatives have long dismissed the accusation that their opposition to contraception and abortion amount to a “war on women,” denouncing it as a “cheap shot intended to smear all Republicans as sexists and misogynists.” Now the conservative women who helped push that line are realizing they belong to a party dominated by over-50 males who think that insulting and assaulting women is a forgivable flaw. “Needless to say, Trump’s share of the women’s vote, especially the college-educated women’s vote, is plummeting,” said Jennifer Rubin in In the battleground states, the Republican nominee is trailing Hillary Clinton among women by as much as 15 points. After this election, conservative women will have to decide whether they want to belong to a party dominated by “white, angry, abusive men.” The rebellion of Republican women has been “one of the more interesting subplots in this election,” said Michelle Goldberg in Will it lead to a broader “feminist awakening among women on the Right”? Until now, conservative women were so opposed to “identity politics” that they insisted that women should not be viewed as “a distinct class,” with interests different from those of men. Yet they finally seem to be acknowledging something feminists have said for decades: “Women can’t trust men to look out for them.”

11-4-16 Missing South Carolina woman found 'chained like a dog'
Missing South Carolina woman found 'chained like a dog'
Banging noises and screams from inside a metal shipping container alerted deputies searching for Kala Brown on a 100-acre South Carolina estate. They found her alive "chained like a dog" to the inside of the box, a local sheriff told US media. Ms Brown went missing in late August this year with her boyfriend, Charlie Calver, who is yet to be found. Registered sex offender Todd Kohlhepp, 45, was arrested on Thursday in connection with the incident.

11-4-16 Baylor scandal
Baylor scandal
Baylor University officials revealed this week that the school’s “horrifying” sexual assault scandal is much larger than previously disclosed. The officials told The Wall Street Journal that at least 17 women have reported domestic violence or sexual assaults involving 19 football players since 2011—including four incidents that involved alleged gang rapes. The string of sexual assault claims has rocked the Christian university, and led to the departure of both celebrated football coach Art Briles and school president Kenneth Starr this summer. Regents who oversee the university provided details about an investigation completed by Philadelphia law firm Pepper Hamilton and revealed that on at least one occasion Briles knew about a complaint but didn’t alert the proper authorities. Another alleged victim said she reported an assault to Baylor’s Office of Judicial Affairs, and was given a lecture on drinking. Briles’ lawyer said his client was being scapegoated by the university.

11-4-16 Harvard soccer team suspended over sex comments
Harvard soccer team suspended over sex comments
Harvard University has suspended its men's soccer team after players made sexual comments about members of the women's team. A document uncovered by Harvard's student newspaper included ratings of the attractiveness of female players as well as sexually explicit comments. University President Drew Faust called the behaviour "appalling". The team, currently in first place in the Ivy League, will forfeit the rest of its games this season. In what reports indicate may be a yearly tradition, male soccer players at Harvard circulated documents with pictures of their female counterparts, rating their attractiveness from one to 10 and giving reasons for their decisions. They also noted which sexual position they thought the women in question would prefer.

11-4-16 Unsolicited sexual attention
Unsolicited sexual attention
Forty-three percent of female runners say they receive unsolicited sexual attention, comments about their bodies, honks, whistles, and other types of harassment “always,” “often,” or “sometimes.” Only 4 percent of male runners say they are harassed while getting in their miles.

11-2-16 US election 2016: Clinton accuses Trump of bullying women
US election 2016: Clinton accuses Trump of bullying women
Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has looked past a fresh inquiry about her emails to label Donald Trump a "bully" who insults women. She said the Republican had a 30-year history of "demeaning, degrading, insulting and assaulting" women. The prospect of a Trump presidency sent Asian shares tumbling - appearing to confirm some analysts' view that the financial markets believe a Clinton victory would bring more stability for the US economy.

10-31-16 Did a story about rape take down a Chinese TV show?
Did a story about rape take down a Chinese TV show?
A popular TV show in China has been cancelled after featuring the mother and grandmother of a vulnerable young woman who was allegedly repeatedly raped, but never reported it. The BBC's Grace Tsoi explains the outcry and why rape victims in China are so reluctant to come forward. Xin Lao Niang Jiu is a Chinese television programme similar to the Jerry Springer Show, and a huge hit among middle-aged and older audiences in Shanghai. In the show, hosts mediate in salacious family conflicts, for example, a husband who insists on sleeping in his mother's bed. But it is now off air following a massive public outcry over two episodes aired on 19 and 20 October. The episodes had on the couch the mother and grandmother of 22-year-old Qian Qian (not her real name) and they described how she was raped by three men at the age of 17. They went on tell how she was raped again two years later by a taxi driver. According to their testimony, he was able to rape her repeatedly and she bore him two children. "We dared not call the police. First, we didn't have money. Second, we didn't know anybody from the police station," the grandmother said when the host asked her why they didn't turn to the police for help.

10-29-16 Cameras in the bedroom – I was shamed by my own husband
Cameras in the bedroom – I was shamed by my own husband
Samah, a schoolteacher from Jordan, never imagined that her own husband would try to blackmail her. But just weeks after her wedding, she found out that there were cameras hidden all over the house. This story is part of the BBC's Shame series, which examines a disturbing new phenomenon - the use of private or sexually explicit images to blackmail and shame young people, mainly girls and women, in some of the world's most conservative societies.

10-29-16 The WhatsApp suicide
The WhatsApp suicide
A 40-year-old woman from northern India committed suicide in January after a video of her being raped was circulated on WhatsApp. The BBC's Divya Arya travelled to the village in Uttar Pradesh to hear the full story. Towards the end of 2015, a young man from a nearby village started following Geeta. He had first seen her when she helped his brother's wife to give birth. When Geeta refused to speak with him, he began to threaten her. According to Geeta's friend and colleague, Khushboo, the man snatched her phone in the street and told her, "If I find you alone, I won't let you go." Geeta must have heard stories about sexual assault in the villages where she worked. Eighteen months earlier, in 2014, her home state of Uttar Pradesh made international headlines when two teenage girls were raped and murdered in the village of Badaun. She must have known, too, that in the patriarchal and honour-bound culture of the village, she could be blamed for "inviting" the sexual advances of a man - even if those advances were unwelcome, intimidating, or violent.

10-28-16 Wisconsin student charged with sexual assault of five women
Wisconsin student charged with sexual assault of five women
A University of Wisconsin-Madison student accused of sexually assaulting a woman has been charged with sexually assaulting four others. Alec Cook, 20, was first charged with sexually assaulting a woman in his apartment earlier this month. Dozens of women have since come forward to accuse him of sexual assault after a photo of Mr Cook circulated online. Police found a black book in Mr Cook's apartment describing his sexual desires and the names of women he had met. He was charged last week with sexually assaulting a woman in his apartment on the night of 12 October after the two had studied together. She said Mr Cook maintained "a death grip" on her body during a two-hour attack. Prosecutors filed a complaint against him on Thursday alleging he assaulted another woman multiple times during a ballroom dancing class last spring.

10-28-16 Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift testified that she was left “stunned” and “feeling violated” after her alleged sexual assault by a Denver disc jockey, according to a court deposition made public last week. Swift, 26, claims that while she was posing for photos before a concert in 2013, KYGO radio DJ David Mueller lifted her skirt and groped her. “He took his hand and put it up my dress and grabbed onto my a-- cheek, and no matter how much I scooted over it was still there,” the singer recalled in a transcript obtained by Billboard. “It was completely intentional. I remember being frantic, distressed, feeling violated in a way I had never experienced before.” Mueller, who was fired after the alleged incident, sued the superstar for causing his job loss, claiming that it was one of his superiors who actually groped her. Swift then filed a counterclaim, naming the DJ as her attacker. Her attorneys say Swift is suing Mueller to encourage other women to take action against men who assault them.

10-28-16 Celebgate hack: Collins sentenced over nude photos theft
Celebgate hack: Collins sentenced over nude photos theft
A Pennsylvania court has sentenced a man to 18 months in jail for hacking into the accounts of celebrities and stealing nude photos and videos. Ryan Collins, 36, pleaded guilty to the charges in May. He had stolen the usernames and passwords of more than 600 people. Collins tricked his victims - including actresses Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Scarlett Johansson, and Kirsten Dunst - by sending emails appearing be from Google or Apple. Collins was charged with accessing the photos between 2012 and 2014, in a case known as "celebgate". But was not charged with releasing them.

10-27-16 Hamburg gang rape teenagers' suspended sentences spark anger
Hamburg gang rape teenagers' suspended sentences spark anger
Tens of thousands of Germans have signed a petition demanding a group of teenagers are jailed for a brutal rape. The teenagers were given suspended jail terms last week after the judge decided they had shown "remorse". The boys, aged 14, 16 and 17, sexually assaulted a girl, 14, in Hamburg in February while another girl filmed the attack. They then left the victim for dead in the freezing cold. Prosecutors have already launched an appeal against the sentences. The girl was hypothermic when she was found and had to be rushed to intensive care to save her life. But while the judge said the gang had "thrown her away like garbage", only a 21-year-old was given an immediate sentence of four years in prison. (Webmaster's comment: United State is not the only nation where the judges protect rapists. "Protect the men, blame the women" seems to to a universal law.)

10-26-16 US election: Newt Gingrich accuses Megyn Kelly of being 'fascinated by sex'
US election: Newt Gingrich accuses Megyn Kelly of being 'fascinated by sex'
Newt Gingrich has accused TV anchor Megyn Kelly of being "fascinated" with sex and not caring about public policy in a bizarre live interview. The Republican claimed she showed "bias" for mentioning the groping allegations against Donald Trump. Ms Kelly retorted she was not fascinated by sex but by who was going to be in the White House. The Fox News journalist has previously angered Mr Trump for questioning his attitude towards women. Mr Trump publicly criticised Ms Kelly on a number of occasions after she asked about derogatory remarks he had made - including calling women "fat pigs" - during the Republican primaries in 2015. But it was the mention of the leaked "sex boasts" tapes - in which the presidential nominee is heard to say he grabbed women by the genitals - which angered Mr Gingrich on the Kelly File on Tuesday. (Webmaster's comment: Check out Newt's picture during this interview. Many men's sexual attitudes and brutal sexual behavior against women are being fully exposed in this election. Women are beginning to speak out and expose these bastards. Join them.)

10-21-16 Trump accusations: Karena Virginia recounts 1998 incident
Trump accusations: Karena Virginia recounts 1998 incident
A tenth woman has come forward to accuse US presidential candidate Donald Trump of sexual assault. Karena Virginia said Mr Trump approached her when she was waiting for a car outside the US Open tennis tournament in New York in 1998. She accused the current Republican nominee of grabbing her breast and making objectifying statements about her to other men in his group. Mr Trump's campaign dismissed the claim as a "fictional story".

10-21-16 Trump: A flood of sexual assault allegations
Trump: A flood of sexual assault allegations
Actually, only 40 percent of sexual assault victims ever report their attacks, said Liz Plank in, and “Trump is giving us a master class in why.” The GOP nominee launched a vicious attack last week on “the looks, credibility, and integrity of the women who dared to come forward”—smearing them as “horrible, horrible liars” who made up their stories for attention. Incredibly, he even suggested they weren’t attractive enough to merit his attention. “She wouldn’t be my first choice,” he said of Leeds, and “Look at her,’’ he said of Stoynoff. Obviously, Trump is “signaling to others who may come forward” that they, too, will be publicly attacked. Trump’s behavior is disgraceful, said Mona Charen in, yet millions of Republicans still support him. I’ve spent years defending Republican men from hysterical liberal accusations that they are waging a “war on women.” Now many of those men are supporting a nominee who “lives down to every crude stereotype that the Left has ever conjured about the Right.”

10-19-16 Argentine women strike after fatal rape of teenager
Argentine women strike after fatal rape of teenager
Lucia Perez was 16 years old and a high school student when she suffered the rape that killed her. Women in Argentina and further afield have walked out of work in protest at the horrific rape and killing of a teenager. Lucia Perez, 16, died earlier this month in the city of Mar del Plata. Two men who left her at a hospital on 8 October, freshly washed and dressed, said she had overdosed on drugs. But doctors found evidence she had been subjected to extreme sexual violence. A march is planned for 17:00 local time (20:00 GMT) in Buenos Aires. Activist groups called on women to wear black when walking out of their places of work for an hour at midday on Wednesday (14:00 GMT). They are calling the actions Miercoles Negro - Spanish for Black Wednesday.

10-18-16 Arkansas judge who 'traded sexual favours' in return for lighter sentences indicted
Arkansas judge who 'traded sexual favours' in return for lighter sentences indicted
A retired Arkansas judge has been charged with fraud and bribery for allegedly giving lighter sentences to male defendants in exchange for nude photos and sexual acts. Joseph Boeckmann resigned in May after dozens of men claimed he paid them to allow him to spank them with a paddle and to take photos of the red skin. He pleaded not guilty during a court appearance in Little Rock on Monday. Mr Boeckmann, 70, was later remanded in custody. He faces 21 counts on federal charges that include wire fraud, witness tampering, and bribery.

10-18-16 France TV breast kiss puts sex harassment under spotlight
France TV breast kiss puts sex harassment under spotlight
While Donald Trump has bragged in private about making unwanted sexual advances on women, a French commentator has gone a step further by kissing a woman on the breast on live TV. Jean-Michel Maire found his requests for a kiss rebuffed by a young woman during a re-enactment of the Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris, so he went for her chest instead. It is the latest in a series of scandals in France that together are prompting a backlash against "seduction a la francaise" - a traditional tolerance for male sexual opportunism, particularly by those in positions of power.

10-17-16 One in Three U.S. Women Worry About Being Sexually Assaulted
One in Three U.S. Women Worry About Being Sexually Assaulted
Thirty-four percent of U.S. women say they worry "frequently" or "occasionally" about being sexually assaulted. That percentage essentially matches the 33% average in Gallup's 17-year trend but is up slightly from an average 30% who worried from 2013 through 2015. Relatively few men (5%) worry about being sexually assaulted. Younger women report a greater level of concern than older women about being sexually assaulted -- 42% of women under the age of 50 say they worry at least occasionally about it, compared with 25% of women aged 50 and older. That age gap has been the norm in Gallup's polling on the matter, with an average 38% of younger women and 26% of older women concerned since 2000.

  • 34% of women worried, up from an average 30% in 2013-2015
  • Younger women worry more than older women
  • Increase was apparent before Trump tapes were released

10-16-16 Rose McGowan accuses Hollywood boss of rape on Twitter
Rose McGowan accuses Hollywood boss of rape on Twitter
Actress Rose McGowan has accused a Hollywood studio head of rape on Twitter. The Charmed and Planet Terror star made the claims online using the hashtag #whywomendontreport. It had been trending after a number of accusations against Donald Trump emerged this week. Rose did not name the man but says that the attack is an "open secret" in Hollywood. During a number of tweets, Rose says she has sought legal advice over the assault but was told she could not win her case. She says a female lawyer told her that having performed sex scenes in her movies would count against her in court. Earlier this week an anti-Trump video, starring Rose, was premiered online. Lady Gaga also spoke in support of the hashtag, having previously revealed how she was raped by a music producer when she was a teenager. She says that reading tweets from rape surivors was like "re-living it all over again." "You are strong enough to make it through. I believe in you." - Rose McGowan (Webmaster's comment: I know it would be hard and difficult and scary for you but if all sexually abused women would find the courage to rise up in a mass movement and out their abusers we would see a revolution in the treatment of women in American like has never been seen before. It would make getting the vote pale in comparison. You all deserve to be treated like human beings and to get justice. Join Rose McGowan and tell it like it really is.)

10-15-16 One man stabbed and another shot at Miranda Kerr's Malibu mansion
One man stabbed and another shot at Miranda Kerr's Malibu mansion
A man has reportedly been shot and another stabbed at the Malibu home of model Miranda Kerr. US sources claim the incident took place outside her mansion but that she was not home at the time of the attack. Reports state an intruder stabbed a security guard in the eye and the guard is said to have then fired several shots at the intruder. The two men were taken to hospital and website TMZ says both are expected to make a full recovery. Neighbours and workmen who saw the incident climbed the large security fence at the property to help the injured security guard. One man, who claims to have seen what happened says the intruder was still trying to attack the security guard, despite suffering bullet wounds. Miranda is best known as a model for Victoria's Secret underwear.

10-14-16 'Cut her mic' moment left me flabbergasted
'Cut her mic' moment left me flabbergasted
"Cut her mic." No-one's ever said my microphone should be cut before, so when Dr Ben Carson suggested I should be shut up after I asked him if he thought the women accusing Donald Trump of sexual abuse were lying, I was a bit flabbergasted. It sounded almost Soviet. Let's be clear about what happened. I asked Dr Carson, a surrogate for Mr Trump, a simple yes/no question. He refused to answer. When I pushed him he asked not once but twice that the programme shut off my mic. All I wanted was an answer - what I got was a ridiculous demand for censorship. Replaying the tape I see it also looks rather bullying. In a conversation about sexual harassment a man asks a woman to be silenced for asking a question he doesn't want to answer. He may not have meant to, but Dr Carson gave a perfect, real-time example of exactly the kind of overbearing, condescending attitude a lot of women experience all too often and that the whole Donald Trump scandal has raised as a conversation here. But I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that this pattern is very familiar to women everywhere. In less crass and explicit ways, this happens in the workplace all the time, men who talk over women at meetings, who take credit for a woman's idea or dismiss their female colleagues as somehow too emotional. Amid the stunned reaction to Dr Carson's "cut her mic" demand another important thing he said has been slightly overlooked. Later in the our interview he said it didn't matter whether the women accusing Mr Trump were lying or not. I don't really know what he meant by that but it's clearly nonsense. If the women are all lying they deserve criticism, if they're not, they don't. How could it not matter? (Webmaster's comment: Protect the man, censor the woman, Only In American!)

10-14-16 The dark secret of sexual assault
The dark secret of sexual assault
I really hoped I wouldn't have to write another article about sexual abuse during this presidential campaign. But the latest allegations against Donald Trump have prompted an important national conversation about the wider abuse of women. It's a conversation that is long past due, about something too many women have experienced in painful silence, and men for the most part are unaware. Every woman who has been the victim of unwanted sexual advances - and I don't know very many women who haven't - has strong emotions about this and a lot of unanswered questions. The political fallout of the New York Times and People Magazine accounts is pretty clear. Trump has vehemently denied the allegations, but women are deserting Donald Trump. His chances of winning the White House are diminishing. His campaign is in disarray, he himself is sounding increasingly apocalyptic. So let's try instead to examine some of those more awkward abuse questions, because they reveal something rotten in our society.

  • Why do we have to put up with sexual harassment?
  • What happens to women who complain of abuse?
  • A silver lining in #TrumpTapes story
  • Why this Trump row is different
  • Hillary's campaign and Bill's women
  • Why do women carry the shame?

10-14-16 Celebrities do get away with sexual assault
Celebrities do get away with sexual assault
Donald Trump is right: “Famous men can do whatever they want to women,” said Lovia Gyarkye. When Trump boasted in the now infamous video that he could “do anything” to women and get away with it because he’s “a star,” he was just revealing a sad reality. Roman Polanski drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl, escaped prosecution, and later won “an Academy Award to a standing ovation.” Kobe Bryant’s reputation took only a brief hit after he paid off a civil suit from a 19-year-old hotel employee who said he’d raped her. For decades, Bill Cosby got away with numerous sexual assaults, dismissing his accusers as unstable women who were after his money. “The list goes on and on.” Right now, New York Knicks guard Derrick Rose is embroiled in a civil suit for allegedly gang-raping an unconscious ex-girlfriend with two buddies. His defense: She wanted it. The main concern of the team and its fans “appears to be how this will affect Rose’s play.” In our culture, allegations of sexual assault against a male celebrity are viewed as an “inconvenient obstacle” to be overcome, “rather than the gravest of accusations.” Trump’s boast about how famous, powerful men can treat women “is a reflection of who we are.” (Webmaster's comment: A male Trump supported said "He just likes women. What's wrong with that?")

10-14-16 How America's threadbare welfare state enables sexual predators
How America's threadbare welfare state enables sexual predators
Donald Trump is an absolute brute. In a now sadly familiar ritual, the revelation that Trump had boasted about sexual assault opened the floodgates for many other women to share their story. On Wednesday, The New York Times got two more women on the record as having been groped by Trump; Jessica Leeds on a flight where she happened to be seated next to him, and Rachel Cooks when she was a receptionist for a business in Trump Tower. Natasha Stoynoff, a writer for People, accused Trump of groping her in 2005 when she was covering him for the magazine. (Trump furiously denies the accusations and has threatened to sue the Times.) But one of the stories of Trump's victims illustrates an important fact: How the threadbare American welfare state enables misogynist abuse and harms American women. This testimonial came via Nicholas Kristof, who dedicated a New York Times column to sharing the story of Jill Harth (whose story was originally published by Lucia Graves in The Guardian several months ago). She said that Trump had groped her when she and her husband at the time were doing business with him. But later, after her relationship dissolved and Harth fell into depression, Trump began courting her. In what was surely confusing to many readers, she actually dated Trump for awhile. Why?

10-14-16 Locking up the Dutch Trump
Locking up the Dutch Trump
It’s not just Americans who fear being ruled by a populist demagogue, said Bert Schriever. In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party—which pledges to halt immigration from Muslim countries, close mosques and Islamic schools, and ban the Quran—is ahead in the polls and could become the country’s largest party after national elections next March. But unlike Donald Trump, Wilders hasn’t been allowed to get away with his inflammatory rhetoric. He is due to appear in court later this month on charges of hate speech, stemming from a televised 2014 rally where he called Moroccans “scum.” If found guilty, he could face a year in prison. Wilders is now “wallowing” in the attention, presenting himself as a martyr to the cause of free expression and claiming to be the victim of a political frame-up. Five years ago he faced similar charges, and then as now he warned that the Dutch would lose faith in the judiciary were he to be convicted. Nonsense. Most of us are sickened by his insults and don’t feel that free speech is an excuse for being “offensive and hurtful.” Last time he was acquitted; let’s hope that the charges stick this time. He has gotten away with his “deviant” behavior for far too long. (Webmaster's comment: Freedom and Liberty should not include hate speech and hate groups! Unfortunately we'd have to lock up 1/3 of adult Americans.)

10-14-16 Australian students to be taught about 'male privilege'
Australian students to be taught about 'male privilege'
A state in Australia has launched an education programme designed to smash gender stereotypes and tackle the root causes of domestic violence. The "respectful relationship" curriculum will be mandatory in all schools in Victoria from next year. Students will explore issues around social inequality, gender-based violence and male privilege. However, a report on a 2015 pilot trial accused it of presenting all men as "bad" and all women as "victims". Pay inequality, anger management, sexual orientation and the dangers of pornography will be among the topics explored by students in the programme, costing A$21.8m (£13.5m; $16.5m). Primary school students will be exposed to images of both boys and girls doing household chores, playing sport and working as firefighters and receptionists. The material includes statements including "girls can play football, can be doctors and can be strong" and "boys can cry when they are hurt, can be gentle, can be nurses and can mind babies".

10-13-16 US Election 2016: Trump 'groped woman like an octopus'
US Election 2016: Trump 'groped woman like an octopus'
Donald Trump is facing a series of allegations of inappropriate sexual contact, after US media reported claims from several women. Two women told the New York Times that the Republican presidential candidate groped or kissed them. A People magazine reporter also said she was forcibly kissed, while another woman said Mr Trump grabbed her bottom. Mr Trump fired back on Twitter, calling the claims a "total fabrication" and denying the People reporter's account. The allegations come less than a week after a video shot in 2005 emerged which showed Mr Trump making obscene remarks about groping women. He apologised for the comments - which were widely condemned - but described them as "locker-room talk". Asked during last Sunday's debate whether he had kissed or groped women without their consent, Mr Trump said: "No, I have not", and stressed that he respected women. Many of the women said Mr Trump's denial during the second presidential debate prompted them to come forward. Calling the NYT story disturbing, Hillary Clinton's campaign said it "sadly fits everything we know about the way Donald Trump has treated women". (Webmaster's comment: Since this story over 10 women have come forward accusing Trump of groping thier body against thier will.)

10-13-16 Jessica Leeds: Donald Trump 'was like an octopus'
Jessica Leeds: Donald Trump 'was like an octopus'
A woman has told the New York Times she was groped by Donald Trump on a plane. Jessica Leeds, 74, said she was sitting next to him on the flight, when he put his hand up her skirt three decades ago. Mr Trump's campaign has denied her accusation, and that of a second woman, Rachel Crooks, who claims he kissed her outside an elevator in 2005. (Webmaster's comment: This is just the tip of the iceberg!)

10-12-16 Hey, men: Stop saying you 'champion' and 'revere' women and just give us equal rights
Hey, men: Stop saying you 'champion' and 'revere' women and just give us equal rights
Last week, America received definitive proof that Donald Trump is exactly and precisely as awful as his political opponents have long said, thanks to a 2005 audio tape in which we collectively heard him boast of his capacity to physically assault women at will. It was, I'll admit, somewhat heartening to see the outraged backlash. Women have been the objects of gendered harassment, abuse, and assault throughout recorded history, and it's only been in recent decades that we've begun to convince society that that's a problem. For every person who insisted that the tape was a "boys will be boys/locker rooms will be locker rooms" moment, there were seemingly 20 others who were openly horrified. But not all outrage is created equal. There was a fair amount of pearl clutching about Trump's vocabulary (as if the word "pussy" were the affront), and some concern that in one of his boastful tales, Trump was married and making moves on a married woman (as if married people haven't been having sex with people to whom they're not married since the dawn of marriage.) And then there were Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. The Republican Party's Congressional leaders both registered strong disapproval of Trump's behavior within hours of Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold breaking the news — and on the face of things, were as righteous in their indignation as the next feminist. But let's go to the statements: (Webmaster's comment: I've always said women deserve equal rights simply because they are human beings. No other argument is necessary!)

10-11-16 Iran hanging: Fears for child bride Zeinab Sekaanvand
Iran hanging: Fears for child bride Zeinab Sekaanvand
Human rights activists say a 22-year-old woman whose execution was delayed while she was pregnant could be hanged within days in Iran. Zeinab Sekaanvand was convicted of killing her husband, whom she says beat her for months. Her execution was postponed after she remarried in prison and conceived a child. Last month she gave birth to a stillborn baby, putting her at risk of death by hanging as soon as 13 October. Doctors said the young woman's baby died in her womb two days before she gave birth as a result of the shock she suffered after her friend and cellmate was executed. Amnesty International says Ms Sekaanvand comes from a poor, conservative Iranian-Kurdish family, and ran away from home aged 15 to marry her first husband, Hossein Sarmadi. She said she saw marrying him as her only chance for a better life. But not long after their wedding, she said, he started beating her regularly and verbally abusing her. (Webmaster's comment: Even in America women who are beaten regulariy by their husbands have little recourse in the male dominated justice system. If they defend themselves they are consider the guilty party. The police often tell them to go home and "work it out." The beating just never stops and only gets worse with time. Male brutes rule!)

10-10-16 The Moroccan women fighting daily sexual harassment
The Moroccan women fighting daily sexual harassment
In Morocco, it's not easy for women to walk the streets unmolested. Morgan Meaker hears from some who want to put an end to endemic harassment. For Ghizlane Ahblain, the word "whore" is a constant refrain in the soundtrack of her home city, Marrakesh. A stomach-punch of a word, it's hurled from the pink-tinged doorways and from the rickety motorbikes whose engines gasp for breath on the city's choked main roads. "In Morocco, everything you do, you're a whore," says Ghizlane, who works at a hotel. "If you wear lipstick, you're a whore. If you wear a headscarf, you're a whore." Frustration spills out of the small but fierce 30-year-old Moroccan as she sits on a cafe terrace in central Marrakesh. Like many women in Morocco, Ghizlane experiences sexual harassment on a daily basis. But a few years ago, she started to fight back.

10-7-16 US election: Donald Trump sorry for obscene remarks on women
US election: Donald Trump sorry for obscene remarks on women
US election: Donald Trump sorry for obscene remarks on women. A video obtained by the Washington Post shows Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump making lewd remarks about women. US presidential candidate Donald Trump has apologised for obscene comments about women he made in a newly released videotape from 2005. Mr Trump said that "these words don't reflect who I am... I apologise". In the video, Mr Trump says "you can do anything" to women "when you're a star" and brags about trying to grope and kiss women. Top Republicans condemned the comments. His election rival Hillary Clinton called them "horrific". "We cannot allow this man to become president," she posted on Twitter. In the video, Mr Trump is heard saying: "Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything." The second TV debate between Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton will take place on Sunday evening in St Louis. (Webmaster's comment: It's not just what he said, IT'S WHAT HE DID that makes him a SEXUAL PREDATOR.)

10-7-16 US election 2016: Why this Trump row is different
US election 2016: Why this Trump row is different
Trump had just married Melania when the recording was made in 2005. A couple of weeks ago, after the row over Trump "fat-shaming" Alicia Machado, I suggested the Republican candidate lay off our weight. Now, and I can hardly believe I'm having to write this, I suggest he lay off our vaginas. The day after a video tape emerged in which he suggested he could have any woman he wants because he's a star and so could just grab them by the pussy, Mr Trump is in a whole ocean of hot political water. Enough, quite possibly, to sink any chance he had of winning the White House. Why this tape - and not the myriad other controversies that have dogged him in recent weeks? First, analyse what he actually says. There is something particularly sexist, I'd say abusive, about this recording. Read this excerpt: "When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything." "Whatever you want," the interviewer says. "Grab 'em by the pussy, you can do anything," Trump replies." It's the way Mr Trump reveals that he sees women as a piece of sexual meat, something he wants, grabs, discards that is so damning. (Webmaster's comment: It's just not what he said, IT'S WHAT HE ADMITS DOING that makes him a SEXUAL PREDATOR.)

10-7-16 Mounties reach multi-million sexual harassment settlement
Mounties reach multi-million sexual harassment settlement
The Canadian Mounties have reached a multi-million dollar settlement agreement with female members and civilian staff of the national police force after decades of workplace gender and sexual discrimination, bullying and harassment. The settlement agreement, expected to reach CA$100m ($76m/£59m) in compensation, still needs federal court approval. On Thursday, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Commissioner Bob Paulson apologised to the women affected by what he called "shameful conduct" and the force's failure in allowing a culture of harassment to fester within the RCMP. "Some of these women left the RCMP, heartbroken, disillusioned and angry. Others stayed and were forced to find ways to cope with this inexcusable condition since they did not see an organisation that was willing to change," a tearful Mr Paulson said.

10-5-16 Huge sex-trafficking ring busted
Huge sex-trafficking ring busted
MINNEAPOLIS – About a dozen people were arrested in cities across the U.S. on Tuesday for running what authorities called a sophisticated sex trafficking operation in which hundreds of women were brought from Thailand to America under fraudulent visas and forced to work as prostitutes to pay off tens of thousands of dollars in bondage debts. The women — including one who was forced to have sex with strangers for 12 hours a day, six or seven days a week — were “effectively modern day sex slaves,” according to a redacted indictment unsealed Tuesday. More details will be released Wednesday morning by U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger and law enforcement partners. The arrests, along with the recent arrest of the organization’s boss in Belgium, will seriously damage the operation, said Alex Khu, special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations in Minneapolis. “We feel pretty confident that based on the number of important-position folks we are taking down, we’ll really hurt this organization,” he said in an interview with the Associated Press in advance of an official announcement on Wednesday about the arrests. “It will take down this ring.” Tuesday’s indictment charges 17 people with various counts, including conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, conspiracy to commit forced labor, conspiracy to engage in money laundering and conspiracy to commit visa fraud. Those arrested were in the Minneapolis area, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

10-4-16 Bangladesh student stabbed 'for rejecting suitor'
Bangladesh student stabbed 'for rejecting suitor'
A female student in Bangladesh is in a critical condition after being stabbed by a student leader - who allegedly became violent after she rejected him. Khadiza Begum was attacked with a machete at a college campus in Sylhet district in the north on Monday. Hundreds of students held a protest on Tuesday, demanding better security at universities and colleges. It is the fourth case of a woman being attacked after reportedly refusing a male suitor in recent months. Ms Begum was attacked at Murari Chand University College as she left an exam hall.

10-3-16 Men are more violent when there are more women around
Men are more violent when there are more women around
Contrary to conventional wisdom, a surplus of men in a society doesn’t equal more violence – in fact, the more men, the better-behaved they become. More men inevitably means more testosterone-fuelled violence, right? Wrong, according to a comprehensive analysis exploring how a surplus of men or women affect crime rates across the US. In areas where men outnumber women, there were lower rates of murders and assaults as well as fewer sex-related crimes, such as rapes, sex offences and prostitution. Conversely, higher rates of these crimes occurred in areas where there were more women than men. Ryan Schacht of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and his colleagues analysed sex ratio data from all 3082 US counties, provided by the US Census Bureau in 2010. They compared this with crime data for the same year, issued by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. They only included information about women and men of reproductive age. For all five types of offence analysed, rising proportions of men in a county correlated with fewer crimes– even when accounting for other potential contributing factors such as poverty. The results suggest that current policies aimed at defusing violence and crime by reducing the amount of men in male-dominated areas may backfire.

10-3-16 Ex-Apprentice insiders blast Trump's 'sexist' remarks
Ex-Apprentice insiders blast Trump's 'sexist' remarks
To eliminate contestants from The Apprentice Mr Trump would shout "You're fired!" Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been accused by ex-contestants and staff on reality show The Apprentice of sexism, according to an Associated Press investigation. More than 20 people interviewed described Mr Trump's behaviour toward women as crass and inappropriate. Mr Trump's campaign dismissed the allegations. Spokeswoman Hope Hicks said they were "outlandish, unsubstantiated and totally false". Mr Trump has faced several allegations over the past week questioning his fitness to be president of the US. On Sunday, the New York Times published evidence which alleged that Mr Trump may not have paid federal income tax for 20 years.

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