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24 Abuse of Women News Articles
for April of 2017
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4-28-17 O’Reilly: Why the king of cable news was dethroned
O’Reilly: Why the king of cable news was dethroned
Just a month ago, Bill O’Reilly was sitting pretty, said Alex Wagner in TheAtlantic?.com. His Fox News show, The O’Reilly Factor, “was a conservative juggernaut, raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year.” With 4 million viewers a night, O’Reilly was the undisputed king of cable news. But last week, the king was summarily “ousted from his throne.” Fox News announced it was dropping its biggest star in the wake of a bombshell New York Times story that revealed O’Reilly, 67, and his employers paid out $13 million to five women who claimed the TV host sexually harassed them or verbally abused them between 2002 and 2016. On screen, O’Reilly was “abrasive and arrogant,” said Lili Loofbourow in—a browbeating Irish Catholic who preached family values while launching sneering rants about liberal “snowflakes” and berating rape victims for wearing miniskirts. Offscreen, “the real man turned out to be quite a bit worse.” Female colleagues accused O’Reilly of subjecting them to “masturbatory phone calls” and high-pressure demands for sex. When Juliet Huddy, a frequent guest on his show, spurned his advances, O’Reilly set out to “professionally sabotage her,” and warned his former producer that if she complained, she’d “wish she’d never been born.” O’Reilly claimed he was the victim of a “smear campaign.” But when more than 80 companies pulled their ads from his show, Fox’s ruling Murdoch clan decided enough was enough. The “media giant” was out.

4-28-17 Ivanka booed
Ivanka booed
Attendees at a Berlin women’s summit booed and hissed at Ivanka Trump this week after she called her father a “tremendous champion of supporting families.” The event began with the German moderator asking Ivanka, an official adviser to President Trump, what her job was as first daughter: “Who are you representing, your father as president of the United States, the American people, or your business?” Ivanka, on a panel with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and IMF boss Christine Lagarde, said she was still learning the role. After praising President Trump’s support for paid maternity leave, eliciting boos from the crowd, Ivanka insisted that her father believed “in the potential of women—and their ability to do the job as well as any man.”

4-27-17 Biden: If she's drunk, it's rape
Biden: If she's drunk, it's rape
The former vice-president was speaking at a college campus event against sexual assault.

4-27-17 How Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale succumbed to the feminist curse
How Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale succumbed to the feminist curse
Why are we so afraid to call this a feminist story? Hulu's stunning adaptation of Margaret Atwood's novel The Handmaid's Tale into a series starring Elizabeth Moss, Samira Wiley, and Alexis Bledel has — as a peculiar side effect — sparked an anxious nationwide referendum on what the word "feminist" means in a post-Trump world. While cast members like Wiley and Ann Dowd have matter-of-factly acknowledged that The Handmaid's Tale is a feminist text, others are flinching from the label. No no, it's a human story, they say — protecting their work from the onerous and unfair suggestion that a story about sexual slavery might have a sexual politics. There is no talking about this series without talking politics. This is The Handmaid's Curse. That defensive crouch from some involved parties stems, perhaps, from a fear that the word "feminism" risks condemning the show to failure. It might: To the extent that "feminist" = "Hillary" in the public mind, feminism failed, and everyone in marketing is very nervous about aligning too closely with a loser (lest they lose those precious millions who voted for a TV host accused of, and caught on tape bragging, about sexual assault). Look: The millions of protesters at the Women's March and the merits of reproductive choice are all fine and good, but it's prudent to be on the side of the winner. If one must cater to leftish notions of political correctness, the series deemed it wiser to opt for a clumsy form of racial diversity — even if this dilutes the original text's engagement with eugenics and white supremacy — while handwaving away the distasteful and exclusionary femaleness of women's rights.

4-26-17 Meeting an organ trafficker who preys on Syrian refugees
Meeting an organ trafficker who preys on Syrian refugees
There's a glint of pride in Abu Jaafar's eyes as he explains what he does for a living. He used to work as a security guard in a pub but then he met a group which trades in organs. His job is to find people desperate enough to give up parts of their body for money, and the influx of refugees from Syria to Lebanon has created many opportunities. "I do exploit people," he says, though he points out that many could easily have died at home in Syria, and that giving up an organ is nothing by comparison to the horrors they have already experienced. "I'm exploiting them," he says, "and they're benefitting." His base is a small coffee shop in one of the crowded suburbs of southern Beirut, a dilapidated building covered by a plastic tarpaulin. At the back, a room behind a rusty partition is stuffed with old furniture and has budgerigars singing in cages in each corner. From here he has arranged the sale of organs from about 30 refugees in the last three years, he says. "They usually ask for kidneys, yet I can still find and facilitate other organs", he says. "They once asked for an eye, and I was able to acquire a client willing to sell his eye. "I took a picture of the eye and sent it to the guys by Whatsapp for confirmation. I then delivered the client."

4-25-17 Ivanka Trump forced to defend father at G20 women's summit
Ivanka Trump forced to defend father at G20 women's summit
Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka was met with groans as she defended her father's attitude towards women at the G20 women's summit in Berlin. The First Daughter was taking part in a panel discussion about female entrepreneurs alongside German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and IMF chief Christine Lagarde.But the audience bristled at her praise for the US president. The event is part of the G20 women's summit. An audible groan went up as she told the room her father was a "tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive". Mr Trump has been criticised over his attitude to women, especially after a tape of him making obscene remarks was released during the presidential campaign. (Webmaster's comment: It's tough when your Daddy is a Sexual Predator!)

4-24-17 Article 308: Jordan scraps marriage loophole for rapists
Article 308: Jordan scraps marriage loophole for rapists
A law which protected rapists from punishment if they married their victims has been scrapped in Jordan. The Jordanian cabinet revoked Article 308 on Sunday, after years of campaigning by women's activists, as well as Muslim and Christian scholars and others. The law had meant rapists could avoid a jail term in return for marrying their victim for at least three years. Its supporters said the law protected a victim's honour and reputation. But last year, it was amended so a rapist could only marry his victim if she was aged between 15 and 18 and the attack was believed to have been consensual. Then in February, a royal committee suggested the law should be scrapped in its entirety. At the time, the move was welcomed by activist Lailla Naffa as a "dream that has come true," according to the Jordan Times.

4-22-17 Lebanon rape law: Wedding dresses hang in Beirut sea front protest
Lebanon rape law: Wedding dresses hang in Beirut sea front protest
Activists campaigning to change Lebanon's law on rape have staged a macabre protest on Beirut's famous sea front. What appeared to be more than 30 white wedding dresses were hung from nooses, strung up between the palm trees. Lebanese law currently allows a rapist to be exonerated if he marries his victim. The activists are pressing to have the legislation abolished at an upcoming session of parliament. Minister for Women's Affairs Jean Oghassabian described the article as being "from the stone age". "There are 31 days in a month and every single day, a woman may be raped and forced to marry her rapist," said Alia Awada from the non-governmental organisation Abaad. A proposal to scrap Article 522 of the penal code, which deals with rape, assault, kidnapping and forced marriage, was introduced last year and approved by a parliamentary committee in February.

4-21-17 How Brexit could hurt women
How Brexit could hurt women
British women could lose many of their rights after the U.K. leaves the European Union, said Sophie Walker. Prime Minister Theresa May says the “mass rewriting of our country’s laws post-Brexit” is “too time-consuming to allow for input from opposition parties”—so she will just let her ministers do it, with no input from Parliament. Many of the legal protections British women enjoy today were imposed by the EU but opposed by lawmakers from May’s Conservative Party, and so could soon be swept aside. These include regulations governing maternity leave, as well as laws that safeguard the rights of part-time workers, who are predominantly women. A post-Brexit rollback of employment rights will disproportionately affect women, because they are more likely to take time off to care for young children or elderly parents. The Conservatives have a poor track record here. Since the party took power in 2010 under then–Prime Minister David Cameron, women have shouldered nearly all welfare cuts. And even though our prime minister is now a woman who “talks a lot about violence against women,” she nevertheless slashed the budget for survivors’ services. Brexit was supposed to be “about taking back control and protecting our own.” Shouldn’t that include women?

4-19-17 Utah judge under fire for calling convicted rapist a 'good man'
Utah judge under fire for calling convicted rapist a 'good man'
A judge in Utah who labelled a convicted rapist a "good man" has received a barrage of complaints. Judge Thomas Low made the remarks at the sentencing hearing of Keith Robert Vallejo after a jury convicted him of sexual abuse and object rape. "The court has no doubt that Mr Vallejo is an extraordinarily good man... but great men sometimes do bad things", Mr Low said. The victim and civil rights groups have said they will file formal complaints. Vallejo, a former Mormon bishop, was convicted of 10 counts of forcible sexual abuse and one of count of object rape, involving two victims. In the controversial sentencing hearing, Judge Low said: "I want to make it clear that the court agrees with the verdict. I think the jury got it right." In an emotional set of remarks punctuated by long pauses, Judge Low said that the letters written on behalf of Vallejo "were extraordinarily moving". He sentenced Vallejo to a minimum of 15 years, and up to life, with sentences to run concurrently.

4-14-17 O’Reilly: A defining moment for Fox News
O’Reilly: A defining moment for Fox News
Fox News has a Bill O’Reilly dilemma, said Brian Rosenwald in After The New York Times revealed the network and its marquee host had paid $13 million to five women who’d made sexual harassment claims against him, “a torrent of blue-chip advertisers” fled The O’Reilly Factor—some 50 so far. “It’s a defining moment” for Fox, said Sharon Waxman in TheWrap?.com. Axing O’Reilly “means slicing the heart out of the Fox News body politic.” A pugnacious right-winger with “the paternal air of authority, O’Reilly is the brand,” generating a whopping $446 million in revenue since 2014 alone. Yet keeping him—especially when the network vowed a culture change after CEO Roger Ailes’ ouster last year—would prove that “Fox will tolerate sexual harassment within its highest ranks.” (Webmaster's comment: O’Reilly is Trump's soul-mate!)

4-7-17 Bill O’Reilly and Fox News have shelled out more than $13 million
Bill O’Reilly and Fox News have shelled out more than $13 million
Bill O’Reilly and Fox News have shelled out more than $13 million to settle cases with five women who accused the star anchor of making sexual comments and advances, The New York Times reports. O’Reilly, 67, has denied the allegations, but personally paid out $10 million “to put to rest any controversies,” he said, and “to spare my children” embarrassing publicity. Over a 15-year span, the lawsuits claim, O’Reilly offered selected female staffers career counseling and advancement, then pursued them sexually; plaintiffs said they feared retribution if they refused him. Two of the five settlements were previously reported. Newly revealed payouts went to junior producer Rebecca Witlieb; former host Rebecca Gomez Diamond, who reportedly taped phone conversations with O’Reilly in 2011; and another ex-host, Laurie Dhue, who was awarded $1 million after claiming sexual harassment. At least 22 companies, including BMW, Lexus, Bayer, and Allstate, announced they were canceling ads on O’Reilly’s show in light of the harassment scandal.

4-7-17 The domestic violence victim who inspired ‘The Burning Bed’
The domestic violence victim who inspired ‘The Burning Bed’
On the night of March 9, 1977, Francine Hughes reached her breaking point. Earlier that day, her ex-husband James had beaten her, threatened her with a knife in front of their children, and ordered her to have sex with him—abusive behavior that had become routine over the past 13 years. But this time, she struck back. After James went to sleep, she poured gasoline on his bed and set it alight. “Only then,” she said, “did it hit me. ‘My God, what are you doing!’” She grabbed her children, drove to a county jail, and turned herself in. Hughes was charged with first-degree murder, but a jury found her not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. The high-profile case would inspire a best-selling book, The Burning Bed, and a 1984 TV movie of the same name starring Farrah Fawcett, bringing national attention to the issue of domestic violence. Born in Stockbridge, Mich., Hughes left high school at 16 to marry James, said The Washington Post. “The abuse began on their honeymoon, she recounted, when her husband accused her of dressing too revealingly and tore off her clothing.” The couple divorced in 1971, but James continued to live with her and their four children, and doled out regular beatings.

4-6-17 Would Fox News ever dump Bill O'Reilly?
Would Fox News ever dump Bill O'Reilly?
Bill O'Reilly, host of the eponymous The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News, has held the top spot in cable news for 15 consecutive years. Averaging 3.29 million viewers a night, O'Reilly easily scored first place in cable news show viewership last year, crushing 8 p.m. rivals Anderson Cooper (in 17th place with 1.14 million viewers on CNN) and Chris Hayes (in 19th with 1.07 million viewers on MSNBC). But is the king about to be cast from his throne? Over the weekend, The New York Times published a bombshell report: Since 2002, Fox News has paid a whopping $13 million to settle several claims that O'Reilly sexually harassed and threatened the careers of multiple women. As of Thursday morning, more than 40 companies had pulled their ads from O'Reilly's show, Axios reported. The exodus includes such big names as Mitsubishi, Lexus, BMW, Hyundai, Credit Karma, T. Rowe Price, Allstate, and Mercedes-Benz. In their public explanations, many of the companies cited the allegations against O'Reilly as inconsistent with their values. (Meanwhile, President Trump defended O'Reilly: "I don't think Bill did anything wrong.") In the past, O'Reilly has said the sexual harassment allegations against him have no merit, and that he and Fox News are being targeted because of his fame. But O'Reilly did not respond to the latest story on either his Monday or Tuesday night broadcasts, and his spokesman declined to comment to the Times. All this should be enough to make the brass at Fox News nervous: Advertising revenue is the economic lifeblood of most any cable show. Freakouts by advertisers ended the runs of radio host Don Imus at NBCUniversal and of Glenn Beck at Fox News. (Webmaster's comment: O'Reilly & Trump: The sexual predators are circling their wagons!)

4-6-17 Trump defends Fox host Bill O'Reilly amid sex claims
Trump defends Fox host Bill O'Reilly amid sex claims
President Donald Trump has defended embattled Fox News host Bill O'Reilly amid reports of settlements with five women who sued him for harassment. "I think he's a person I know well - he is a good person," Mr Trump told the New York Times on Wednesday from the White House, surrounded by his aides. "I think he shouldn't have settled; personally I think he shouldn't have settled," the president added. Dozens of advertisers have pulled commercials from The O'Reilly Factor. "I don't think Bill did anything wrong," Mr Trump told the New York Times, adding that "he should have taken it all the way" to court. (Webmaster's comment: One sexual predator supporting another!)

4-6-17 Facebook revenge porn to be blocked from reposts
Facebook revenge porn to be blocked from reposts
Facebook is taking fresh action to prevent so-called revenge porn from being spread across its platforms. The social network is making it impossible to repost or share intimate images of people thought to have been uploaded without their permission once they have been identified as such and removed. The measure is being rolled out across Facebook, Messenger and Instagram but not WhatsApp. Campaigners welcomed the development. "It's a huge step forward," said Laura Higgins, founder of the UK's Revenge Porn Helpline. "Quite often these images are posted on social media as part of a domestic situation in which someone is trying to get at their target and their nearest and dearest. "One of the greatest challenges is to stop people re-uploading the content." (Webmaster's comment: All those initiating or spreading Revenge Porn should be arrested and convicted and imprisoned for hate crimes! Let's be honest. These are all evil little shits!)

4-5-17 Facebook will use photo-matching tech to take down revenge porn
Facebook will use photo-matching tech to take down revenge porn
Sharing private sexual images without consent is illegal in many places. Facebook has announced new tools to stop so-called revenge porn images spreading. Facebook is to use photo-matching technology as part of new tools to prevent the spread of revenge porn on its platforms. Antigone Davis, Facebook’s head of global safety, said the social media site will use the technology to increase security for users across its different apps. “This is part of our ongoing effort to help build a safe community on and off Facebook,” she said. As part of the new tools, “specially trained representatives” from the site’s community operations team will review images that are reported to them and remove them, and will in most cases suspend the account that shared the image. “We then use photo-matching technologies to help thwart further attempts to share the image on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram,” said Davis. “If someone tries to share the image after it’s been reported and removed, we will alert them that it violates our policies and that we have stopped their attempt to share it.” Revenge porn is the sharing of private sexual images without the subject’s consent. It was made an offence in England and Wales in April 2015, and according to the most recent Violence Against Women and Girls report, 206 people were prosecuted for such offences in the law’s first year. Other countries have also introduced laws to deal with revenge porn.

4-4-17 Second teenager arrest for 'Facebook live assault'
Second teenager arrest for 'Facebook live assault'
A second teenager is in custody in Chicago for an alleged sexual assault that was streamed live on Facebook. The 15-year-old suspect's mother drove him to the police station on Monday afternoon, a police spokesman said. A 14-year-old boy has already been arrested over the alleged assault, in which a girl was attacked by up to six men with 40 people viewing it online. Each faces charges of criminal sexual assault and the manufacturing and disseminating of child pornography. Neither of the suspects nor the victim has been named due to their ages. The girl was allegedly assaulted by five or six males last month. She and her family have had to move home after facing a barrage of online and in-person harassment, police say, and the alleged victim has been unable to return to school. "The young men responsible should be ashamed of themselves," said police chief Eddie Johnson. "They've humiliated themselves, humiliated their families, and now they're going to be held accountable for what they did."

4-4-17 Mercedes, BMW, and Hyundai dump O'Reilly Factor amid lawsuits
Mercedes, BMW, and Hyundai dump O'Reilly Factor amid lawsuits
Three advertisers have pulled commercials from Fox News' most popular show because of sexual harassment claims against its host, Bill O'Reilly. Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, and BMW have each pulled advertising following the "disturbing" allegations. The New York Times reported on Saturday that settlements of $13m (£10.4m) were reached with five women who accused him of inappropriate behaviour. The network now faces lawsuits alleging both racial and sexual discrimination. A Fox News contributor sued on Monday, alleging sexual harassment by its ousted former chairman, Roger Ailes. Adding to the network's legal woes, a third African-American employee joined a racial discrimination lawsuit on Tuesday. Monica Douglas, a Fox News accounts manager, alleges former executive Judy Slater repeatedly made racist comments and expressed "an unwillingness to even be near black people". Ms Douglas said in her court filing that she first complained about Ms Slater in 2014, but "nothing was done".

4-4-17 Former Bush speechwriter slams Fox News, Bill O'Reilly as 'a quick dip in a sewage treatment pond'
Former Bush speechwriter slams Fox News, Bill O'Reilly as 'a quick dip in a sewage treatment pond'
Michael Gerson, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush and one of the conservative columnists at The Washington Post, wasn't a big fan of President Trump during the presidential campaign. But on Monday night, he published an op-ed in The Post that took aim at even riskier subjects for a conservative pundit: Fox News, its top star, and its anti-feminist culture. "Reading the accumulated sexual harassment accusations against Fox News host Bill O'Reilly and former network executive Roger Ailes is like a quick dip in a sewage treatment pond," he writes. "After even a brief exposure, the stench stays with you for days." The dozens of accusations against O'Reilly and Ailes "could be a grand, elaborate calumny," Gerson acknowledges, though "it is hard to dismiss the women, as the accused have done, as unbalanced, dishonest, or disgruntled." He had praise for some Fox News personalities — Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, and Dana Perino — and the network's history as "an alternative to leftward-slanting media, and a place where the worst sorts of political correctness have been exposed." But he also hit Fox News where it hurts.

4-2-17 Facebook Live 'sex assault': Boy, 14, arrested in Chicago
Facebook Live 'sex assault': Boy, 14, arrested in Chicago
A 14-year-old boy has been arrested in Chicago in connection with the alleged sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl that was streamed on Facebook Live. The boy faces charges of aggravated criminal assault and manufacturing and disseminating child pornography. He was not named because of his age. The girl was allegedly assaulted by five or six males last month. Around 40 people were said to have been watching the stream at one point but nobody reported the incident to police. A teenager had alerted a relative of the girl's, Reginald King, to the assault. "There were adults who saw this. None of them had the wherewithal to say, 'Hey, I gotta call someone'," Mr King said.The girl had been dropped off near her home after attending church with her family on 19 March. She then disappeared and was found on 21 March after the alleged assault was filmed. She was reunited with her mother but the family has had to be relocated as it suffered threats and taunts. Police expect to make further arrests.

4-2-17 The Afghan restaurant run by domestic abuse survivors
The Afghan restaurant run by domestic abuse survivors
Afghanistan has been labelled one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman. One study suggested 87% of women in the country experience some form of domestic violence. Sodaba Haidare visited one place in the capital Kabul that offers hope to women escaping abuse. Aryan's shift in the kitchen has come to an end. She removes her apron and hat. Glimpses of her personality are revealed - she's wearing a colourful tunic over her black jeans, and she he has a mole exactly between her eyebrows - as if someone planted it in the perfect position. She places a glass of fresh lemon juice on the table sits down across from me. Aryan is strikingly beautiful and moves with confidence. Yet it's hard to believe we are the same age. She is 24 but has the look of a much older woman. It's because of the years of abuse she endured at the hands of her violent husband. She was only 16 when her parents arranged her marriage to a man she'd never met. Soon after the wedding, her husband and mother-in-law started beating her. She stuck it out, hoping things would get better with time. But they got worse. By the time she realised she was in an abusive relationship, she already had three children.

4-2-17 Fox News' Bill O'Reilly in harassment allegations
Fox News' Bill O'Reilly in harassment allegations
The host of Fox News' most popular show has said his position makes him "vulnerable to lawsuits" after it emerged at least five women have accused him of harassment. Bill O'Reilly released the statement after the New York Times reported he and his employer had paid the women a total of $13m (£10.3m). In return, they paper says, they did not take their cases to court. 21st Century Fox says Mr O'Reilly, 67, denies wrongdoing. In a statement published on his website, The O'Reilly Factor host said he was "vulnerable to lawsuits from individuals who want me to pay them to avoid negative publicity". Mr O'Reilly added that "no-one has ever filed a complaint about me with the human resources department", and says he "put to rest any controversies to spare my children".

4-1-17 Bill O'Reilly and Fox News paid millions to settle harassment accusations
Bill O'Reilly and Fox News paid millions to settle harassment accusations
Fox News and Bill O’Reilly paid around $13 million to settle sexual harassment and verbal abuse accusations made by five women since 2002, The New York Times reported Saturday. Two of the five settlements were previously reported, but the other three had not come to light in the past. All five women either worked for or appeared as guests on O'Reilly's show.

24 Abuse of Women News Articles
for April of 2017

Abuse of Women News Articles for March of 2017