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Abuse of Women Books and Movies
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Feminists

Sioux Falls Feminists recommend the following books and movies about the Abuse of Women. Two are written by Alice Sebold. Lucky is a true story about Alice Sebold's experience as a rape victim. The rape is bad enough, but how the police and people treat her afterwards isn't much better. It seems somehow the woman is always at least partially at fault, and she's lucky it wasn't worse because of what she did or didn't do. So many men, and many women too, just don't seem to get it. Rape is just plain wrong, ALWAYS!

The Lovely Bones was a book before it became a movie. Sioux Falls Feminists never read the book we so can't necessarily endorse it but the movie was good, though a bit different than most.

The books and movies are all available from but you are free to obtain them from many other sources. Amazon offers them on their website along with many alternate sources, often less expensive. You are free to choose whatever source you please. The links on the following pages point to the book and movie locations at Amazon.

The Sioux Falls Feminists strongly recommend the 4 abuse of women books, 3 documentaries, and 2 movies that are on the following 9 pages:

Abuse of Women Book and Movie
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Feminists