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Sioux Falls Feminists Digital
Domestic Abuse Billboards for 2015

Digital Domestic Abuse/Domestic Violence/
Healthy Relationship Billboards on South Cliff Avenue

(These billboards went down on April 13th)

Child Abuse Billboard: Child Abuse Billboards on South Cliff Ave supporting National Child Abuse Prevention Month (April)

Domestic Abuse Billboard: You NEVER Deserve Domestic Abuse!

Domestic Abuse Billboard: Pushes for Quick Involvement, Jealous

Domestic Abuse Billboard: Controlling, Unrealistic Expectations

Domestic Abuse Billboard: Isolation, Blames Others for Problems or Mistakes

Domestic Abuse Billboard: Makes Others Responsible for His Feelings, Hypersensitivity

Domestic Abuse Billboard: Cruelty to Animals and Children, Playful Use of Force During Sex

Domestic Abuse Billboard: Verbal Abuse, Rigid Roles

Domestic Abuse Billboard: Sudden Mood Swings, Past Battering

Domestic Violence Billboard: Threats of Violence, Physical Violence

Domestic Violence Billboard: Sexual Violence, Intimitation

Domestic Violence Billboard: Emotional Abuse, Isolation

Domestic Violence Billboard: Minimizing, Denying and Blaming, Privilege and Control

Domestic Violence Billboard: Economic Abuse, Coercion and Threats

Healthy Relationship Billboard: Respect, Support and Affirmation

Healthy Relationship Billboard: Safety, Honesty

Healthy Relationship Billboard: Partnership and Committent, Intimacy and Open Communication

Healthy Relationship Billboard: Negotiation and Compromise, Accountability

Sioux Falls Feminists Digital
Domestic Abuse Billboards for 2015