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35 Child Abuse News Articles
from 2nd Quarter of 2016
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6-30-16 Syrian refugees missing school in Turkey
Syrian refugees missing school in Turkey
As many as half a million Syrian refugee children in Turkey are not attending school - leaving them open to exploitation in sweatshops and other forms of abuse, aid organisations and teachers in the country have warned. But the number in education is now rising steadily as the Turkish authorities and other agencies make efforts to save what has been called a "lost generation". Turkey hosts more refugees than any other country - nearly 3 million - and the vast majority of those are Syrian, including more than 700,000 school-age children. At least two-thirds of them receive no formal education. One who missed three years of school is a girl called Lima, originally from the Syrian capital, Damascus. She started work in a textile factory in Turkey's largest city, Istanbul, when she was only nine, working 14 hours a day packaging socks. She earned only 60 Turkish lira ($20, £14) a week.

6-24-16 Democratic Republic of Congo arrests group over child rape
Democratic Republic of Congo arrests group over child rape
The authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo have arrested 75 suspected militiamen for murder and rape in the province of South Kivu. They are accused of targeting very young girls, reportedly associating them with supernatural protection.

6-22-16 Gang networks in Europe 'forcing children to steal'
Gang networks in Europe 'forcing children to steal'
Dutch police say some 300 children are being exploited across Europe by gangs that force them to steal €1,000 (£770; $1,100) a day. Four networks were uncovered operating in the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Croatia and Bosnia, police said. Six missing children from the Netherlands were found in appalling conditions in Spain last week when a couple in their 40s were arrested. Prosecutors say the practice is a modern type of slavery.

6-19-16 Pennsylvania couple charged after 'gifting' daughter to older man
Pennsylvania couple charged after 'gifting' daughter to older man
Three people in the US have been charged after a 14-year-old Amish girl was "given" to a much older man who had helped her parents financially. Police on Thursday arrested Daniel Stoltzfus, 43, and his wife Savilla Stoltzfus, 42, who are the parents of the teenage girl. Another 11 girls, aged between six months and 18 years, were found at his house in Feasterville, Pennsylvania. All are thought to be Amish, although court records do not explain where they all came from. The teenager, who is now 18, became pregnant by Kaplan almost immediately at 14, court records state. She fell pregnant again at 17.

6-9-16 Kids’ anxieties, depression need attention
Kids’ anxieties, depression need attention
Actually, there is reason to worry about anxious children. Kids with anxiety disorders, depression or behavioral problems are especially likely to develop a range of difficulties as young adults, say researchers who conducted a long-term study published in 2015. The same goes for kids whose anxiety, mood or behavior issues cause daily problems but don’t qualify as psychiatric ailments. Problems that later dogged the study’s troubled youngsters, who grew up in rural North Carolina, included drug addiction, teenage parenthood, dropping out of high school and criminal arrests. (Webmaster's comment: But in the United States where 14.4 million children are sexually and physically abused they have much to be anxious about. Most of it goes untreated because we don't want to talk about it!)

6-9-16 'I can't accept my sexuality and want to die'
'I can't accept my sexuality and want to die'
A man who claims to be attracted to young men and adolescent boys in Belgium is trying to end his life through euthanasia. The 39-year-old has suffered from depression and other mental health problems since he was a child. (Webmaster's comment: If he has never committed a sexual assault society should certainly try to help him rather than just jailing him. Having sexual fantasies, not matter how ugly or "wrong" they are, is not a crime.)

6-8-16 UN whistleblower resigns over French peacekeeper 'child abuse'
UN whistleblower resigns over French peacekeeper 'child abuse'
A UN whistleblower who alleged child sex abuse by French peacekeepers in the Central African Republic has resigned, citing the "complete impunity" of those responsible for the crimes. Anders Kompass told officials that the UN was failing to properly investigate allegations that French troops abused children as young as eight. A UN investigation in May 2015 cleared him of sharing confidential documents. But Mr Kompass says senior officials have still not been held to account.

6-3-16 Former Glee star Mark Salling was indicted for child pornography
Former Glee star Mark Salling was indicted for child pornography
Former Glee star Mark Salling was indicted last week for receiving and possessing child pornography. The two-count federal indictment alleges that last Dec. 26 Salling, 33, electronically received an explicit photo and video depicting girls who were under age 12. Investigators say thousands of images were found on an Apple laptop, a hard drive, and a USB flash drive, all seized from Salling’s Los Angeles home at the end of last year. Arrested at the time, the actor was released on $20,000 bail, after which the case was referred to federal authorities. Joseph Macias, a special agent for Homeland Security Investigations, said the case illustrates that “the defendants in child pornography cases come in all ages and from all walks of life.”

6-1-16 One of Britain's worst paedophiles to be sentenced
One of Britain's worst paedophiles to be sentenced
A man is facing multiple life sentences for numerous sex crimes against Malaysian children. Richard Huckle, 30, from Ashford in Kent, admitted to a string of offences against children aged between six months and 12 years, from 2006 to 2014. One of Richard Huckle's victims told the BBC she wanted him in prison forever.

5-30-16 Japan missing boy search resumes in woods after 'punishment'
Japan missing boy search resumes in woods after 'punishment'
The search has resumed for a Japanese seven-year-old boy who was left by his parents in woods in a remote area of Hokkaido as a punishment. The boy has not been seen for two days, after his parents left him alone because he misbehaved. The couple initially told police he got lost as they foraged for vegetables. But on Sunday, they admitted they left him alone for a few minutes to discipline him, and when they returned he had gone.

5-29-16 Glee actor Mark Salling charged over child porn possession
Glee actor Mark Salling charged over child porn possession
Former Glee actor Mark Salling has been formally charged with two counts of receiving and possessing images of child sexual abuse. Authorities said the 33-year-old agreed to surrender himself on 3 June, when he is expected to appear in a federal court in Los Angeles. The actor was arrested in December after police seized computer equipment they say contained thousands of images. Police arrested Salling after investigators received a tip he was in possession of images of children being sexually abused.

5-29-16 Japan parents left missing boy in woods 'as punishment'
Japan parents left missing boy in woods 'as punishment'
The parents of a seven-year-old boy missing in the mountains of northern Japan have admitted that they left him alone in the woods as a punishment. The child has not been seen for two days, since his parents abandoned him in northern Hokkaido, a region home to wild bears. The couple first told police he got lost as they foraged for vegetables. But they later confessed they had left him alone for five minutes to punish him but when they returned he had gone.

5-27-16 Hollywood harbors pedophiles
Hollywood harbors pedophiles
Hollywood has a dark secret, said Oliver Thring. Serial child abusers lurk among the legions of directors, managers, and agents, sheltered by powerful friends and their own wealth. One agent who managed high-profile child stars was convicted of molesting a boy and trafficking in child pornography, and he spent eight years in jail. Others, though, are either never exposed or return to work in Hollywood after serving just a few months in prison—and their old pals hire them to work with children again. Those who speak out are shamed or silenced. Actor Corey Feldman, for example, went public with the abuse he and Corey Haim suffered for years. Both actors went on to abuse alcohol and drugs, and Haim died at age 38. But Feldman’s tell-all memoir was dismissed as unreliable because of his drug addiction. “The people who did this to me are still out there and still working—some of the richest, most powerful people in this business,” Feldman says. Oscar-nominated director Amy Berg has made a documentary about the prevalence of child sexual abuse in Hollywood, in which five former child actors describe their abuse and name names. But though An Open Secret was well received at Cannes, Berg can’t get a distributor. Hollywood bigwigs just don’t want this story told.

5-20-16 Is this picture disgusting or beautiful?
Is this picture disgusting or beautiful?
This photograph of a father holding his son in the shower has been shared tens of thousands of times on Facebook in the last fortnight. But over the same period it's also also been taken down by the social media platform more than once before ultimately being reinstated each time. Why? For many viewers the image is a touching portrait of parental care and affection. The reason that father and son were naked was because Fox had Salmonella poisoning for which he would soon after be hospitalised. "Thomas had spent hours in the shower with him, trying to keep his fever down and letting the vomit and diarrhea rinse off of them both as it came," Whitten wrote in her post accompanying the photo. (Webmaster's comment: This Was Not Child Abuse. Grow Up People. If taking care of your sick child is best done by him or her being naked in a shower with you then you do it.)

5-16-16 Children and guns in the US: Are shootings on the rise?
Children and guns in the US: Are shootings on the rise?
A four-year-old has killed herself using her grandmother's gun, the latest in a string of shootings that involve young children. Are these incidents on the rise? Of the 18,330 incidents recorded by Gun Violence Archive so far this year, 202 children under the age of 11 were injured or killed. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence estimates that every day, seven children and teens die from gun violence, with about 41 being shot but surviving. The group estimates that 2,677 children aged 0 to 19 die from gun violence each year, with another 14,822 surviving gun injuries. Of the deaths, 124 are unintentional. (Webmaster's comment: The cost of your freedom and liberty to have so many firearms is dead children. IS IT WORTH IT?)

5-15-16 The backlash to a controversial alternative to banning female genital cutting
The backlash to a controversial alternative to banning female genital cutting
In order to fight extreme forms of female genital cutting, a pair of American gynecologists are suggesting a controversial compromise: Rather than an outright ban, allow ritual surgical "nicks" on young girls' privates. Such procedures are banned in most Western countries, but the authors say that allowing them would not only be culturally respectful but also serve to prevent more extensive surgeries.Female genital cutting, also referred to as "female genital mutilation," is often done on young girls in an attempt to control sexual desire and has impacted an estimated 80 to 140 million women worldwide, most notably in Africa and the Middle East. It encompasses a wide range of procedures, from the removal of the clitoral hood to the excision of the labia and clitoris along with the stitching together of the vaginal opening. The most extreme forms can result in infection and death, as well as loss of sexual pleasure. In the case of the genital "nick" proposed by the authors, it would mean a small cut of the vulvar skin that doesn't remove any skin and has no effect on sexual pleasure. This isn't the first time the suggestion has been made that less severe forms of "female genital alteration," as the paper puts it, could reduce potential harm. In 2010, the American Academy of Pediatrics introduced a policy statement on the issue that read in part, "It might be more effective if federal and state laws enabled pediatricians to reach out to families by offering a ritual nick as a possible compromise to avoid greater harm." The thinking was similar: If girls living in the U.S. who come from cultures that practice female genital cutting are prohibited from any form of the ritual, their families might force them to travel abroad to undergo more extreme procedures. The outcry from activists and advocacy organizations was swift, and the AAP retracted the position.

5-6-16 Spanking backfires
Spanking backfires
A majority of American parents still believe spanking is an effective way to discipline children, but a new study has found physical discipline actually makes children more defiant and more likely to have later alcohol, drug, and mental health problems. After examining the findings of 75 studies involving more than 160,000 children, a team of researchers from the University of Texas and the University of Michigan found that children who are routinely disciplined with an open-handed smack on the bottom—a spanking—have behavior problems similar to those of children who are physically abused. In fact, the more kids are spanked, the more likely they are to develop low self-esteem and become aggressive, antisocial, and rebellious, the meta-analysis reveals. “Spanking does the opposite of what parents usually want it to do,” the study’s co-author, Andrew Grogan-Kaylor, tells The researchers suggest that parents use nonphysical forms of discipline, and rely on positive reinforcement of desirable behavior, which research shows is far more effective than punishment.

5-6-16 Teen birth rates
Teen birth rates
Teen birth rates have fallen to an all-time low, plunging 61 percent since 1991—partly because of access to reliable birth control, and partly because teenagers are having less sex. The percentage of teenage females who are sexually active declined from 51 percent in 1988 to 43 percent in the period 2006–2010.

5-6-16 U.S. suicide rate soaring
U.S. suicide rate soaring
But the sharpest rise in suicide rates was among young girls. The federal report reveals that 150 girls between 10 and 14 years old committed suicide in 2014 alone—a 200 percent surge in that age group since 1999. “I think it may be a reflection of access to social media, internet, and cyberbullying,” says adolescent psychiatrist Victor Fornari. Teens suffering from anxiety and depression can be powerfully influenced by websites and blogs dedicated to dark topics and self-destructive coping mechanisms, such as suicidal fantasies and self-harm.

4-29-16 Texas children tied up in San Antonio garden rescued
Texas children tied up in San Antonio garden rescued
Police in the US state in Texas have rescued eight children from "horrific abuse" including a two-year-old who was chained to the ground in a garden. Authorities were called to a home in San Antonio early on Friday morning after a neighbour reported hearing a child crying for a long time. A three-year-old girl was also found tied to an outside door by a dog lead. Police found six more children alone inside the home, ranging in age from 10 months to 13 years old. The three-year-old girl had a broken arm and was treated at a local hospital. A state agency is now caring for the children. (Webmaster's comment: Texas has the highest child maltreatment death rate in the United States and all the rest of the developed countries aren't even close.)

4-24-16 'This is what it's like to pee after female genital mutilation'
'This is what it's like to pee after female genital mutilation'
Some 200 million women and girls across 30 countries have been affected by female genital mutilation (FGM). But how do survivors live with the pain of peeing, periods and childbirth? "The first time you notice your physicality has changed is your pee," says Hibo Wardere. Hibo, now 46, was subjected to what is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as "type three" mutilation when she was six. This means all of her labia were cut off and she was then stitched together, leaving a tiny hole she compares to the size of a matchstick. Her clitoris was also removed. "An open wound rubbed with salt or hot chilli - it felt like that," she recalls. "And then you realise your wee isn't coming out the way it used to come. It's coming out as droplets, and every drop was worse than the one before. This takes four or five minutes - and in that four or five minutes you're experiencing horrific pain."

4-20-16 The devastating psychological scars of human trafficking
The devastating psychological scars of human trafficking
Even after the horror ends, many human trafficking victims face depression, anxiety, and PTSD. How can we best treat them? Nearly 21 million people around the world are currently victims of human trafficking, a vile crime that forces innocents into sex work, domestic servitude, and hard labor against their will. Now, a new study in the American Journal of Public Health reveals that even rich, developed countries such as the United Kingdom suffer from staggering rates of human trafficking — and that the trauma inflicted by human traffickers often causes lasting psychological damage to victims. Human trafficking is a deceptively tame word for what amounts to modern slavery — a $150 billion a year criminal industry that forces children into prostitution and immigrants into farm labor with threats of violence, debt bondage, and other manipulative tactics. Of the 21 million victims of human trafficking around the world, roughly 68 percent are trapped in forced labor and 26 percent are children. There are an estimated hundreds of thousands of human trafficking victims in the United States.

4-19-16 Turkey child abuse: Scandal shocks Karaman
Turkey child abuse: Scandal shocks Karaman
This town is still trying to recover from the shock of a child abuse scandal that was uncovered in early March. On Wednesday, the trial begins of a 54-year-old teacher accused of sexually abusing 10 children in what are alleged to be guesthouses run illegally by two Islamic foundations - one of which, the Ensar Foundation, has close links to the Turkish government. According to the indictment, the assaults started in 2012 and continued until last year. The children say they were aged between 10 and 12 years old when they were first abused.

4-15-16 France Creteil: Girls 'tortured 12-year-old' in bullying case
France Creteil: Girls 'tortured 12-year-old' in bullying case
French police are questioning three schoolgirls in a Paris suburb suspected of torturing a younger girl, in a bullying ordeal that lasted months. The victim's father told Europe 1 radio the attackers had stubbed out cigarettes on the 12-year-old's face and arms, dislocated her jaw, slashed her with a knife and urinated on her. The gang in Creteil extorted money from her and tortured her after she had gone to steal from a grocer's, it is alleged.

4-14-16 Norway's Barnevernet: They took our four children… then the baby
Norway's Barnevernet: They took our four children… then the baby
The case of a young couple in Norway whose five children were taken away by the state has fuelled mounting concern within the country and abroad over its child protection practices. Protesters around the world - and leading Norwegian professionals - say social workers are often too quick to separate children from their families, with too little justification, particularly when parents are immigrants.

4-14-16 Michelle Obama’s hashtag quest to rescue Nigerian girls
Michelle Obama’s hashtag quest to rescue Nigerian girls
Michelle Obama told Americans - and the world - about schoolgirls abducted by the extremist group Boko Haram in Nigeria. But the first lady's awareness campaign has failed - at least in part. The incident was shocking, even for those who were familiar with stories of extremist violence. Members of a militant organisation, Boko Haram, kidnapped 276 girls from a school in Chibok, Nigeria, on 14 April 2014.

4-12-16 Counting the cost of China’s left-behind children
Counting the cost of China’s left-behind children
It has been an industrial revolution on steroids. China has done in a few short decades what it took other countries the best part of a century to complete. Britain had a population of around 10 million when its industrial revolution began - China's today, is more than a hundred times that size. In the five years to 2013, China's construction industry poured as much cement and its banks lent as much money as the US did in the whole of the 20th Century. And nothing highlights the human cost quite like the issue of China's left behind children.

4-12-16 Boko Haram crisis: 'Huge rise' in child suicide bombers
Boko Haram crisis: 'Huge rise' in child suicide bombers
Boko Haram's use of child bombers has increased over the last year with one in five suicide attacks now done by children, the UN's child agency says. Girls, who are often drugged, were behind three-quarters of such attacks committed by the militant Islamist group in Cameroon, Nigeria and Chad. It is an 11-fold increase with four attacks in 2014 compared to 44 the next year, including January 2016.

4-9-16 Dennis Hastert 'paid hush money to cover up sex abuse'
Dennis Hastert 'paid hush money to cover up sex abuse'
Prosecutors are seeking a six-month jail sentence for disgraced former US House Speaker Dennis Hastert, who is alleged to have paid hush money to cover up sex abuse. Court documents say Hastert agreed to pay $3.5m (£2.5m) to a person he sexually abused when the victim was aged 14 and Hastert was working as a teacher and wrestling coach. Prosecutors allege he abused five boys. The 74-year-old has admitted lying and breaking financial laws.

4-8-16 Jessica Knoll: Blaming the victim.
Jessica Knoll: Blaming the victim.
Jessica Knoll is through telling white lies to veil a trauma from her past, said Alexandra Alter in The New York Times. Last week, the 32-year-old author of Luckiest Girl Alive revealed in an online essay that the gang rape central to the novel’s plot was based on her own experience of being sexually assaulted at 15 by three boys at a teen party. Like the protagonist of her runaway best-seller, Knoll had felt shamed by the experience and tried to bury the memory as she moved on to college and then a magazine career in New York City. But only after the book was published, and after readers began asking how she understood the experience so well, did Knoll start to think that withholding the truth was wrong. “I was so conditioned to not talk about it,” she says, “that it didn’t even occur to me to be forthcoming.” Knoll’s reasons for keeping silent will be familiar to readers of the novel too, said Maggie Mallon in She said at the time that she had been raped, but no adult followed up on her claim, and schoolmates taunted her. “No one was treating me like a victim,” she says. “They were treating me like a perpetrator, like I was getting what I deserved.” Knoll credits her decision to speak out to the example set by other women who’ve been coming forward with similar stories. In her emotional essay, published by the women’s website, she confesses that for many years she made the mistake of thinking that living well was the best revenge. “Revenge does not beget healing,” she writes. “Healing will come when I snuff out the shame, when I rip the shroud off the truth.”

4-8-16 'How I was groomed and kidnapped age 13'
'How I was groomed and kidnapped age 13'
Alicia Kozakiewicz was 13 years old when she was kidnapped by a man she had met online. Now 27, Alicia has made it her mission to protect other children from predatory paedophiles. She told Victoria Derbyshire presenter Joanna Gosling her story.

4-8-16 San Antonio policeman on leave after 'body-slamming 12-year-old girl'
San Antonio policeman on leave after 'body-slamming 12-year-old girl'
Texas school officials are investigating a video apparently showing a police officer body-slamming a 12-year-old girl to the ground. Janissa Valdez's classmates are heard yelling and laughing in the footage as she is thrown by the policeman, who handcuffs her and leads her away. She told media in San Antonio that the other children were expecting a fight between her and another girl. (Webmaster's comment: Texas has the worst record for child maltreatment deaths in the United States. See Child Abuse Charts Maltreatment by the Texas police is also supported by Texas culture.)

4-7-16 Can you stop a paedophile before they've abused a child?
Can you stop a paedophile before they've abused a child?
Can you stop a paedophile before they've abused a child? That's the aim of a unique clinical trial in Sweden that aims to intervene in the lives of potential abusers. And it's a trial that raises ethical and legal questions about whether societies can come up with therapies for the most dangerous offenders before they have broken the law. The trial at the Karolinska Institute, one of the world's leading medical universities, will recruit up to 60 potential sex offenders before they have broken the law. The team, led by Dr Christoffer Rahm, will then investigate whether they can use a medicine to reduce the risk of the individual committing child abuse.

4-5-16 Central African Republic abuse: UN troops tried in DR Congo
Central African Republic abuse: UN troops tried in DR Congo
Three UN peacekeepers accused of sexual abuse in Central African Republic (CAR) have gone on trial in Democratic Republic of Congo. Two of the Congolese troops denied charges of raping minors, while a third denied a charge of attempted rape, the prosecutor said. More than 100 people have come forward with allegations of sexual abuse by UN and French forces in CAR.

4-4-16 Why babies all over the world are now sleeping in boxes
Why babies all over the world are now sleeping in boxes
Nearly three years ago, the Magazine reported on the Finnish baby box - a starter kit of clothes, sheets and toys the state gives to expectant mothers. The story went viral and was read by 10 million people in 18 months. Now the box idea itself is spreading around the world. It's a tradition that dates back to the 1930s. Every new mother, regardless of background or income, gets a baby box from the government. The box contains a stash of supplies - bibs, bodysuits, nappies, a sleeping bag, outdoor gear, bathing products - as well as a small mattress. Putting the mattress in the bottom of the box creates the baby's first bed. It has been credited with helping Finland achieve one of the world's lowest infant mortality rates. There are dozens of projects under way in US states, but the biggest will launch later this year in Fort Worth, Texas, when all four of the city's hospitals start handing out baby boxes in an attempt to bring down the high infant mortality rate of 7.1 per 1,000 births in 2013. This compared to 5.9 per 1,000 births in the US as a whole. (Webmaster's comment: And why doesn't the United States do this? Because the conservatives and Republicans are against anything that helps people that costs them money. As we result we have the highest infant mortality rate of all developed nations. See chart below.)

Infant mortality rate in 2015: Number of infants dying before reaching one year of age, per 1,000 births.

35 Child Abuse News Articles
from 2nd Quarter of 2016

Child Abuse News Articles from 2016 1st Quarter