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28 Child Abuse News Articles
from 3rd Quarter of 2016
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9-24-16 Italy court orders man to buy feminist books for underage victim
Italy court orders man to buy feminist books for underage victim
An Italian judge has ordered a man convicted of using an underage prostitute to buy her 30 feminist books and two feminist films. The 35-year-old man was also jailed for two years for his offence, following an investigation into a paedophile ring. Judge Paola Di Nicola reportedly hoped the books would help his 15-year-old victim understand the damage done to her dignity as a woman. However, one author whose book was among those on the list told Corriere della Sera newspaper that it would have been better if the judge had read the works to the convicted man instead. "Adolescence is not the time for reflection. What he did was much worse: an adult who, knowingly, paid for sex with a minor," said Adriana Cavarero, a philosophy professor at Verona university and author of Notwithstanding Plato.

9-23-16 Myanmar 'child slavery' outrage sparks investigation
Myanmar 'child slavery' outrage sparks investigation
The Burmese president has ordered an investigation into the case of two girls who say they were kept prisoner and tortured for five years in a tailor shop. The teenagers were freed last week after a journalist helped them, but their families say that the police had on numerous occasions refused their pleas to get involved. This Wednesday, with the case now generating headlines, the police finally arrested the tailor and two family members. The two girls were aged just 11 and 12 when they were sent by their parents to the commercial capital Yangon. For poor Burmese families it's a painful but depressingly common decision. The United Nations estimates that at least a million Burmese children are forced to give up on education and go to work.

9-23-16 Lack of sexual motivation
Lack of sexual motivation
The Arizona Supreme Court has upheld a state law that could result in criminal charges against parents or other caregivers who change diapers or bathe children. The law forbids anyone touching “any part of the genitals, anus, or female breasts” of children under age 15, and does not require that the contact be sexual in nature. The court said anyone wrongly charged could raise “lack of sexual motivation” as an “affirmative defense.”

9-7-16 Jacob Wetterling: US man admits decades-old child killing
Jacob Wetterling: US man admits decades-old child killing
A US man has admitted abducting and killing 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling nearly 27 years ago, a case that led to changes in national sex offender laws. Danny Heinrich made the confession as he pleaded guilty to child pornography charges in a Minneapolis court. Days ago he led investigators to Wetterling's remains. He had been named a person of interest in October 2015. After her son vanished, Patty Wetterling became an advocate for missing children. She and husband Jerry set up the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center, which aims to prevent the exploitation of children. In 1994, congress passed laws bearing Jacob Wetterling's name that require states to establish sex offender registries. Jacob Wetterling was abducted by a masked gunman in 1989 cycling home from a video store with his brother and a friend in the city of St Joseph. A plea deal for Heinrich calls for no charges in the boy's death. He faces 20 years on the child pornography count.

8-23-16 Tired parents don’t always follow sleep guidelines for babies
Tired parents don’t always follow sleep guidelines for babies
For safest sleep, babies should be put on their back in an empty crib. When someone uses the phrase “sleeping like a baby,” it’s obvious that they don’t really know how babies sleep. Many babies, especially newborns, are lousy sleepers, waking up every few hours to rustle around, cry and eat. For creatures who sleep up to 18 hours per 24-hour period, newborns are exhausting. That means that bone-tired parents are often desperate to get their babies to sleep so they can rest too. A study published in the September Pediatrics captured this nightly struggle in the homes of 162 Pennsylvanian families. And the results revealed something disturbing: Despite knowing that they were being videotaped, many parents didn’t put their babies into a safe sleeping spot. The risk of sleep-related infant deaths, including those caused by strangulation or sudden infant death syndrome, goes up when babies are put in unsafe sleeping positions or near suffocation hazards. Babies should be on their back on a firm mattress free of any objects. But that wasn’t the case for the majority of babies in the study, says Ian Paul, a pediatrician at Penn State.

8-23-16 Why bullying is such a successful evolutionary strategy
Why bullying is such a successful evolutionary strategy
It is not just people that bully the vulnerable. Many animals do it too, and in evolutionary terms it may even work. Frodo ruled with an iron fist. He incited fear among his fellow group members. His "demonic streak", as it was later called, started early. From three years old he was throwing rocks at those around him. Frodo, a large-bodied chimpanzee with a recognisable grey streak, would later become the alpha male of his group in Tanzania's Gombe Stream National Park. The primatologist Jane Goodall called him a "real bully". She had even predicted his rise back in 1979, writing: "In about twenty years one of these two brothers probably will become the alpha." All the other chimps feared Frodo, which helped his rise to the top. He even pushed himself on his own mother, and fathered a sickly infant with her, who would not survive for long. "He was aggressive towards all of the other chimps," says anthropologist Michael Wilson of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, who first met Frodo in 2001. "A lot of the other males had a bare patch of fur on their lower back side from where Frodo would bite them." Many other primates show similar behaviour to Frodo's. His actions hint at something rather dark about our shared ancestry with chimpanzees. They suggest that bullying your way to the top has a long history, and may even be innate. (Webmaster's comment: There is no excuse for humans bullying even if it is built-in. We have this very large conscious brain and we are fully able to make a conscious decision not to bully. We do not have to be brutes!)

8-23-16 Orphan village helps Russia rethink fostering
Orphan village helps Russia rethink fostering
Russia has long struggled with overcrowded children's homes and a large number of orphans in need of housing, due in part to continued changes in government during the past many years. These challenges were further brought to the country's attention when in 2012, after years of international adoptions, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law a ban on Americans adopting Russian orphans. But for more than a decade, a small orphan village south of Moscow has been experimenting with what the founders think may be a novel solution to support both foster children and the families who take them in. And now the Russian government is also pitching in financially to help support this experimental community.

8-21-16 How pediatricians can help fight bigotry and violence
How pediatricians can help fight bigotry and violence
Doctors have a responsibility to help children recover from violence, racism, and abuse. America's pediatricians are tired of watching their patients traumatized by gun violence and racism. Now, they're launching an effort to do something about it. The American Academy of Pediatrics on recently issued recommendations that children under the age of 6 be shielded from on-screen violence, that video games stop awarding points for shooting living targets, and that the media avoid downplaying the proven link between virtual and real violence. But the organization is also organizing a bolder and far more ambitious campaign — involving education, advocacy, and changes in clinical practice — to address the larger issues of violence and intolerance. It may include coaching pediatricians to determine whether their patients have been exposed to violence or danger. Or helping doctors understand how they might intervene to protect a child. The group also wants to help pediatricians understand the experiences of children who are growing up in very different circumstances than their own. (Only about 4 percent of doctors are African-American.) This broad effort, which is just in the earliest stage, was inspired in part by the images cascading out of the violence of recent months.

8-19-16 Student, teacher relationship went on for months, affidavit says
Student, teacher relationship went on for months, affidavit says
A West Central High School teacher accused of raping a student allegedly admitted that the relationship went on for several months. Kari Boll, 29, was arrested Thursday and charged with three counts of fourth-degree rape. The Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office said Boll's relationship with a 15-year-old boy at the school began in May and continued until recently. The age of consent in South Dakota is 16. Judge Crystal Johnson set Boll's bond at $25,000 cash/surety on the condition that she have no contact with the victim or anyone under 18 years old.

8-18-16 Sandusky’s son: More abuse reporting should be mandated
Sandusky’s son: More abuse reporting should be mandated
One of the adopted sons of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky says more people should be mandated to report to authorities any suspected cases of child sexual abuse. Matthew Sandusky on Thursday spoke at an annual conference in Sioux Falls that explores issues of justice, well-being and safety. He told attendees he would like to increase the number of professionals who are required by law to contact authorities if they suspect a child is being sexually abused. Sandusky started a foundation to raise awareness about child sexual abuse in local communities after disclosing that his adopted father subjected him to a range of sexual abuse. Jerry Sandusky was convicted in 2012 of sexually abusing 10 boys, but he is appealing. He has not been charged with abusing Matthew Sandusky.

8-5-16 Georgia hot car deaths: Father charged after leaving children
Georgia hot car deaths: Father charged after leaving children
A father has been arrested after his twin 15-month-old girls died when he left them in a hot car in the US state of Georgia on Thursday. Asa North, 24, of Carrollton, west of Atlanta, was charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of reckless conduct, jail records show. The girls had been found unresponsive in the back seat of a vehicle parked outside a block of flats, police said. Residents had tried to revive the infants with ice packs in a baby pool.

8-2-16 Arizona couple 'left toddler at home for 90 minutes alone' to play Pokemon Go
Arizona couple 'left toddler at home for 90 minutes alone' to play Pokemon Go
A couple in America are being accused of leaving their two-year-old son alone at home to play Pokemon Go. Brent Daley, 27, and 25-year-old Brianna Daley were arrested after a neighbour found the boy crying outside the couple's home in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. The local sheriff's office said the case was "beyond comprehension".

8-2-16 Paid family leave, explained
Paid family leave, explained
Do all Americans get paid family leave? No. Federal law only mandates unpaid leave, and not for everyone. The country's baseline law, the Family and Medical Leave Act, guarantees new parents, those with gravely ill family members, and people who are dealing with serious illnesses themselves the right to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a 12-month period without losing their jobs. It was drafted in 1984 by the Women's Legal Defense Fund (now the National Partnership for Women and Families) and faced an uphill battle in Congress for nearly a decade. The legislation finally passed in 1991, only to have President George H.W. Bush veto it when it crossed his desk. Ditto in 1992. In February 1993, President Bill Clinton made the FMLA the first bill that he signed, a little more than two weeks into his administration. (Webmaster's comment: The laws in Europe on the average required 22 weeks PAID leave, and even over 52 weeks PAID leave in 6 countries. And for both women and men. America is indeed a society which does not care about its children.)

8-2-16 Could sex robots and virtual reality treat paedophilia?
Could sex robots and virtual reality treat paedophilia?
VR and sex robots might treat an intractable problem – or they could make it worse. Either way, it’s time to stop putting discomfort ahead of science. Early into the Forbidden Research event, Ethan Zuckerman issued a warning. “If we make it through today without you feeling uncomfortable, then we’ve done something wrong,” he said. Zuckerman was addressing a packed room at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, assembled for a day devoted to “restricted scientific and cultural topics”. Forbidden Research promised academic danger zones, often considered too hot or too risky to touch: covert government surveillance, genetically engineered human beings, Islam and women’s rights to name a few. For my money, the most excruciating topic on the bill came in a panel just after lunch: “Sexual Deviance: Can Technology Protect Our Children?” Over the next hour, two researchers would discuss a hypothetical near future where technology like robotics or virtual reality collided with child pornography. This isn’t as far from the truth as you might think. A Japanese company named Trottla already ships child-sized sex dolls globally. Earlier this year, a Canadian man went on trial after he was arrested in 2013 for ordering such a doll. Under Canadian law, they are considered child pornography and he could go to jail for seven years. (Webmaster's comment: Raping virtual children! What could be sicker than that other than the real thing!)

7-30-16 Hundreds rally in Australia over juvenile 'torture' footage
Hundreds rally in Australia over juvenile 'torture' footage
Hundreds of people have rallied in cities across Australia following allegations of abuse against boys in juvenile detention. Demonstrators gathered in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to express shock at footage showing indigenous boys being tear-gassed. The video also shows a boy wearing a "spit hood" while cuffed to a chair. Australia's Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has called for an investigation. However, he rejected calls for a broader national inquiry. "These images give a shocking insight into the treatment of teenagers jailed in one of the wealthiest countries in the world"

7-29-16 Government sues abused Australian boys
Government sues abused Australian boys
The government of Australia's Northern Territory (NT) is counter-suing two boys who were subdued with tear gas at a detention centre, reports say. Footage of six boys being gassed at the Don Dale detention centre in 2014 has led to widespread condemnation of conditions for youth detainees. All six are seeking damages for mistreatment, the Australian Broadcast Corp (ABC) reports. But the NT government says the boys caused serious damage to the centre. According to the ABC report, authorities say the damage, costing A$89,000 ($67,000;£51,000) ,was caused when the boys escaped from the centre in 2015. One day later, they allegedly stole a car and rammed it into a garage door at the centre, causing another A$74,000 worth of damage.

Child Abuse in Australian

7-28-16 Cardinal George Pell denies child abuse claims
Cardinal George Pell denies child abuse claims
Australia's most senior Roman Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, has called claims that he sexually abused children "a scandalous smear campaign". Details of alleged incidents have been broadcast by the country's public broadcaster, ABC television. Police in Victoria state have confirmed they are investigating several allegations against the cardinal. Cardinal Pell's office says he "unequivocally rejects any allegations of sexual abuse against him".

7-26-16 Malawian 'hyena man' arrested for having sex with children
Malawian 'hyena man' arrested for having sex with children
An HIV-positive Malawian man, who says he is paid to have sex with children as part of initiation rites, has been arrested on the president's orders. Eric Aniva, a sex worker known in Malawi as a "hyena", was the subject of a BBC feature last week. He told the BBC that he did not mention his HIV status to those who hire him. President Peter Mutharika said the police should investigate and charge him over the cases of defilement he had seemingly confessed to. The BBC's Ed Butler, who covered the story about Malawi's sexual "cleansing practices", says in some remote southern regions of the country it is traditional for girls to be made to have sex with a man after their first menstruation. Some of the girls are as young as 12 years old, he reported. What is known as a "hyena" in Malawi culture is usually a man who has sex with widows or married women who cannot fall pregnant.

7-25-16 Bangladesh factory boy's killing: Police arrest official
Bangladesh factory boy's killing: Police arrest official
An official working at a spinning mill in Bangladesh where a boy was allegedly killed on Sunday has been arrested, police say. The 10-year-old boy died in hospital after workers inserted a high-pressure nozzle into his rectum and activated it, local media report. Police are questioning workers and factory staff after Sagar Barman's parents filed a police complaint, an officer in Narayanganj told BBC Bangla. It remains unclear why he was attacked. Last year, a 13-year-old boy was killed in the same way in a vehicle workshop in another part of the country. Two men were sentenced to death over the case, which sparked large protests.

7-22-16 Internet porn’s no laughing matter
Internet porn’s no laughing matter
Our sons and daughters are being exposed to “some very creepy ideas about how they’re supposed to look and act.” Today, when seventh-graders are supposedly doing their homework on computers or texting friends, they may be “actually watching a free gang-bang video.” Some of the fetish material online depicts rape, incest, women wearing diapers, and men having sex with corpses. And the average age of first exposure to online porn is now 11.

7-21-16 Australian rugby player Michael Quinn admits US child sex charge
Australian rugby player Michael Quinn admits US child sex charge
Australian amateur rugby union player and scientist Michael Quinn has pleaded guilty to travelling to the US to have sexual conduct with a child. Quinn, 33 and a player with the Melbourne Chargers, arrived in the US on 19 May and believed he had made contact with child traffickers in LA. Instead he was arrested on 21 May after giving $250 ($A335; £190) to undercover agents he believed would give him access to a six-year-old boy. He faces up to 13 years in prison. Quinn had told the agents he was unknowingly speaking to online that he was interested in boys aged between five and 10.

7-21-16 The man hired to have sex with children
The man hired to have sex with children
In some remote southern regions of Malawi, it's traditional for girls to be made to have sex with a paid sex worker known as a "hyena" once they reach puberty. The act is not seen by village elders as rape, but as a form of ritual "cleansing". However, as Ed Butler reports, it has the potential to be the opposite of cleansing - a way of spreading disease. Aniva is by all accounts the pre-eminent "hyena" in this village. It's a traditional title given to a man hired by communities in several remote parts of southern Malawi to provide what's called sexual "cleansing". If a man dies, for example, his wife is required by tradition to sleep with Aniva before she can bury him. If a woman has an abortion, again sexual cleansing is required. And most shockingly, here in Nsanje, teenage girls, after their first menstruation, are made to have sex over a three-day period, to mark their passage from childhood to womanhood. If the girls refuse, it's believed, disease or some fatal misfortune could befall their families or the village as a whole. "There was nothing else I could have done. I had to do it for the sake of my parents," one girl, Maria, tells me. "If I'd refused, my family members could be attacked with diseases - even death - so I was scared." They tell me that all their female friends were made to have sex with a hyena. (Webmaster's comment: Unbelievable, but true!)

7-18-16 Melbourne students' 'sexualised' Instagram posts spark anger
Melbourne students' 'sexualised' Instagram posts spark anger
A prestigious private school in Melbourne, Australia has shut down a student-run Instagram page which was accused of sexualising younger girls. Police are investigating after the mother of one girl featured complained. The account, by year 12 students at Brighton Grammar, used photos of girls as young as 11 and asked people to vote for their "slut of the year". The school said the "disgraceful" account did not reflect its values and that two boys had been suspended. "Disrespectful behaviour on any social media site is simply unacceptable and will not be tolerated," headmaster Ross Featherston said in a statement. The mother who complained to the school also published an open letter on Facebook at the weekend, quoted widely in Australian media, saying some images showed girls partially undressed or had captions referring to sex acts.

7-17-16 Pokemon Go: Sex offender caught playing game with child
Pokemon Go: Sex offender caught playing game with child
A registered child sex offender has been arrested after being caught playing Pokemon Go with a minor near a courthouse in the US state of Indiana. Randy Zuick was put on the sex offenders list in April after pleading guilty to molesting a child. The terms of his probation specify that he avoid contact with children. Zuick was spotted by a probation officer based at the courthouse in Greenfield, who alerted police. He will face a judge later today.

7-14-16 Snapchat frees sex abuse survivors to talk
Snapchat frees sex abuse survivors to talk
Snapchat filters are normally used for playful interactions between friends, but in India they have been employed for a far more serious purpose - to help survivors of sexual abuse tell their stories. Staring into the lens, the survivors have found themselves able to speak candidly, without fear of identification or repercussions. Yusuf Omar, the mobile editor at the Hindustan Times has been using the filters to disguise the faces of women he interviews, while still allowing facial expressions to be visible. (Webmaster's comment: If the 64 MILLION survivors of child sex abuse in the United States told their stories on Snapchat that's all we would read there forever. The 64 million surviors of child sex abuse are made up of 23.3% of the female population and 16.7% of the male population. You'd have to read one story every 40 seconds from the day you were born to read them all.)

7-8-16 Bullying and teen suicide
Bullying and teen suicide
Bullying and cyberbullying increase the risk that teenagers will kill themselves, the American Academy of Pediatrics reports. While the teen suicide rate has dropped 28 percent over the past two decades, suicide nevertheless ranks behind accidents as the second leading cause of death among adolescents—1,748 people between 15 and 19 took their own lives in 2013. Girls were nearly twice as likely to attempt suicide, but boys were more likely to be successful, the report found, while both bullies and their victims were more prone to suicidal thoughts and behavior. The researchers point out that cyberbullying is particularly harmful because it’s essentially inescapable. “It’s in black and white, you can see it, everyone else can see it, it doesn’t go away,” lead author Benjamin Shain tells “You’re not safe in your own house.” Though the internet can be a source of support, the report found that teens who spend more than five hours online each day run a greater suicide risk.

7-8-16 Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh bans child marriage
Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh bans child marriage
Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh has told lawmakers to introduce legislation to ban child marriage. Mr Jammeh said anyone marrying a girl aged below 18 would be jailed for up to 20 years. Speaking at the Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations at the end of Ramadan, he said parents and imams who perform the ceremonies would also face prison. Some 46% of girls in The Gambia get married before they are 18, according to the UN children's agency (Unicef).

7-7-16 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon face growing sex abuse threat
Syrian refugee children in Lebanon face growing sex abuse threat
Aid agencies in Lebanon say increasing numbers of Syrian refugee children are being sexually abused. Lebanon hosts more than a million Syrian refugees, over half of them children.

28 Child Abuse News Articles
from 3rd Quarter of 2016

Child Abuse News Articles from 2016 2nd Quarter