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34 Child Abuse News Articles
from 3rd Quarter of 2017
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9-27-17 Airbnb guest 'assaulted Minnesota host's seven-year-old'
Airbnb guest 'assaulted Minnesota host's seven-year-old'
A 28-year-old Michigan man who rented a room through Airbnb has been charged with sexually assaulting the homeowner's seven-year-old daughter. Derrick Kinchen rented a spare bedroom of the family's home in Minnetonka, Minnesota, for a friend's wedding over the weekend, police say. After returning from the wedding early on Sunday morning, he was caught naked in the bedroom of the host's daughter. Mr Kinchen fled the house and was found by police after a manhunt. He has been charged with second-degree criminal sexual conduct of a victim younger than 13, the Hennepin County attorney's office said. According to the police report, Mr Kinchen was undressed and in bed with the girl when the homeowner entered the room shortly after midnight.

9-26-17 Anthony Weiner jailed for 21 months for sexting underage girl
Anthony Weiner jailed for 21 months for sexting underage girl
Ex-New York congressman Anthony Weiner burst into tears as he was sentenced to 21 months in jail for sending sexually explicit messages to an underage girl. He pleaded guilty in May to transferring obscene material to a minor and agreed not to appeal against a prison sentence of 27 months or less. Weiner, 53, quit Congress in 2011 over a sex scandal and was again exposed in his 2013 run for New York mayor. His lawyers had asked a US District Judge for probation instead of jail. But in sentencing Weiner, US District Judge Denise Cote said: "This is a serious crime that deserves serious punishment." She also said Weiner "has a disease. He has a compulsivity. Some say a sex addiction."

9-21-17 India girl 'raped by teachers' critical after abortion
India girl 'raped by teachers' critical after abortion
A teenager in India who was allegedly raped by two school staff over a three-month period is in critical condition after being forced to have an abortion. Doctors told BBC Hindi she has suffered brain damage. Police have arrested the director of her school and a teacher in the northern state of Rajasthan. Police said she lost consciousness after the accused forced her to undergo an abortion at a private hospital. Police are also investigating the role of the hospital in the incident. The 18-year-old girl was admitted to hospital after she complained of a stomach ache and staff there discovered she was pregnant. Her health rapidly deteriorated after the abortion was carried out but it is unclear what went wrong, police in Sikar district said. She is currently unconscious. The incident has prompted outrage within the local community, and protests were held outside the school grounds on Tuesday. The school, in Sikar, has officially been suspended by the authorities. Police believe the pretext of extra classes was used to call the student into school outside of regular hours so that the assaults could take place. They have not yet been able to record a statement from the victim. "This is a serious issue and stern action will be taken against the culprits," officer Kushal Singh said. (Webmaster's comment: And why aren't Americans protesting against it? Rape rates in America are THIRTEEN TIMES what they are in India!)

Zero Tolerance For Rape And Attempts To Justify It!! WE CONDEMN RAPE. Rise Up!! Against Sexual Violence!!

9-20-17 India rape: Second uncle held in 10-year-old pregnant child's case
India rape: Second uncle held in 10-year-old pregnant child's case
A second uncle of a 10-year-old Indian child who gave birth to a baby girl last month has been arrested for allegedly raping her. He is the younger brother of the uncle who was arrested earlier and charged with raping the girl, police said. Police began looking for a second suspect after forensic tests revealed that the baby's DNA samples did not match those of the first accused. Child welfare activists say the first suspect remains in custody. He is not absolved of charges against him and his trial is under way in a special court dealing with crimes against children. He is in prison and has made no statement so far. The latest arrest was made on Tuesday evening after the girl named the second uncle in her conversations with the police and counsellors. "The girl stated that her 38-year-old uncle had also abused her," a senior police official in Chandigarh city, Neelambari Vijay, told BBC Punjabi. She said police had sought permission to test his DNA samples. The BBC's Geeta Pandey in Delhi says the harrowing case of the 10-year-old has made headlines for weeks, both in India and globally. (Webmaster's comment: Just like in America over 50% of child rape is by immediate members of the child's family. They actually gather together to rape the child!)

9-19-17 Shaken baby syndrome is not definitive proof of child abuse
Shaken baby syndrome is not definitive proof of child abuse
While a debate over the medical diagnosis of shaken baby syndrome rages on, one thing is clear: it is no longer proof of child abuse, says Deborah Tuerkheimer. Controversy surrounding “shaken baby syndrome” (SBS) is taking centre stage again. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) meets today with a session underscoring the message that most paediatricians – child abuse specialists among them – say it remains a “valid” diagnosis. In other words, the paediatric community continues to believe that shaking can bring about one or more of the classic triad of neurological symptoms: bleeding beneath the outer layer of membranes surrounding the brain, bleeding in the retina, and brain swelling. This is likely to prompt vigorous opposition from those within the medical community who challenge the scientific underpinnings of SBS. It is also likely to resonate with the public, many of whom assume that this diagnosis alone amounts to proof beyond a reasonable doubt that a caregiver or parent injured or killed a baby by violent shaking. It does not. Yet for decades such prosecutions did rest on the testimony of medical experts regarding the triad. Doctors came to court and explained that vigorous shaking – not an accidental jostle or an effort to revive an unconscious child – was the only possible explanation for those symptoms. The triad was even used to identify a perpetrator – whoever was last with the lucid baby. SBS could, in essence, be a medical diagnosis of murder. Beginning in the 1990s, triad-only prosecutions became increasingly commonplace, sending many caregivers to prison.

9-15-17 Vatican recalls envoy from US amid child porn inquiry
Vatican recalls envoy from US amid child porn inquiry
The Vatican has recalled a diplomat from Washington DC amid controversy over a child pornography investigation. US officials told the Holy See in August a member of its diplomatic corps could have violated a law related to child pornography images. Vatican prosecutors said on Friday they opened an investigation into the case and the priest in question had returned to Rome, according to a statement. As a diplomat, the priest has immunity from prosecution in the US. The US government reportedly requested the priest's diplomatic immunity be lifted, but the request was denied, according to the AP news agency. The priest, who authorities declined to identify, was a senior member of the Vatican embassy staff, the news agency reported, citing an official familiar with the case. The Vatican said it was working with investigators internationally to collect evidence in the case. The Catholic Church has faced a damaging series of repeated allegations of sex abuse by priests, and claims that these cases were covered up. Pope Francis has vowed to crack down on rampant child sexual abuse claims, but has faced sharp criticism for his handling of the issue. (Webmaster's comment: Another religious leader sexually abusing and raping children! When will it end!)

9-15-17 Mayor resigns
Mayor resigns
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigned this week, hours after a fifth man—Murray’s younger cousin—came forward to accuse the Democratic politician of sexually abusing him as a child. Joseph Dyer, 54, told The Seattle Times that Murray forced him to have sex in the mid-1970s, when they shared a family bedroom. In May, Murray ended his re-election bid after another man publicly accused Murray of repeatedly raping him when he was 15 in exchange for money. Murray, who is the city’s first openly gay mayor, said he was being targeted for his sexuality, but he agreed to drop out of the race so that the scandal would not overtake the election. Another three men subsequently accused Murray of various forms of sexual abuse when they were teens. Murray denies the allegations, but said he would step down immediately so that his personal issues “do not affect the ability of our city government to conduct the public’s business.”

9-15-17 Iceland government collapses over paedophile furore
Iceland government collapses over paedophile furore
A furore over a paedophile's links to Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson has triggered the collapse of Iceland's ruling coalition. The Bright Future party announced it was withdrawing from the three-party coalition after nine months in office. It blamed a "serious breach of trust within the government". Earlier it emerged that the prime minister's father had written a letter recommending a convicted paedophile have his "honour restored". This old Icelandic system permits convicts to have certain civil rights restored - enabling them to run for public office, qualify for certain government jobs or serve as an attorney or solicitor, for example - if three letters of recommendation from persons of good character are provided. But Icelanders have been horrified by the secret backing for Hjalti Sigurjón Hauksson - convicted in 2004 of raping his stepdaughter almost every day for 12 years from when she was five. The Rekjavik Grapevine news site quotes the survivor of Hauksson's abuse as saying it was "surreal" that he should receive restored honour. The government has also been accused of an attempted cover-up after it refused to disclose who had written the letter of recommendation. It only emerged on Thursday that it was Benedikt Sveinsson, Prime Minister Benediktsson's father, but the prime minister is said to have been informed about his involvement in July. In a statement, Mr Sveinsson apologised for providing the recommendation for Hauksson, an old friend of his. Iceland's justice minister has said she is preparing a bill to reform the restored honour system in response to the furore.

9-13-17 India rape: Uncle did not father child's baby - DNA test
India rape: Uncle did not father child's baby - DNA test
Police in India have reopened the case of a 10-year-old girl after forensic tests revealed that her baby's DNA samples did not match those of her uncle who is charged with raping her. After the Supreme Court denied her permission to abort, she gave birth to a baby girl last month. The 10-year-old was not aware of her pregnancy. She was told her bulge was because she had a stone in her stomach. She alleges she was raped several times in the past seven months by the uncle. The accused, who is in his 40s, was arrested and is being tried in a special court dealing with crimes against children. He is in prison and has made no statement so far. The BBC's Geeta Pandey in Delhi says the result of the DNA test has now led to questions over whether the girl was abused by others. The girl's father had earlier told the BBC that the accused had not denied the charges against him. Police said the uncle had admitted to the allegations, our correspondent reports. "So far no-one had thought of any other possibility. The girl had testified to the court on video conferencing and in her statement, she had very clearly named the uncle and revealed facts about her abuse," an official involved with the investigation told the BBC on Wednesday. The girl's mother has reportedly told the investigators that they do not suspect anyone else, so the case has taken a very strange turn, the official added. On Tuesday, police and counsellors visited the family again to speak to the 10-year-old. A senior police official told BBC Punjabi that they would ask for a re-check of the forensic tests to ensure there had been no error in the DNA report. (Webmaster's comment: Just like in America this child was probably "groomed" by a family member (probably her uncle), and then sold for use by many others for sex. The limits of some male's depravity knows no limits.)

9-11-17 India 13-year-old rape victim's baby dies two days after birth
India 13-year-old rape victim's baby dies two days after birth
The baby of a 13-year-old Indian rape victim, allowed by the Supreme Court to terminate her pregnancy, has died two days after he was born. The baby had been in neonatal intensive care in Mumbai but died on Sunday. The girl, who was 32 weeks pregnant, gave birth to the boy by Caesarean section on Friday, the hospital said. Her father's colleague is under arrest for the rape. India normally allows terminations after 20 weeks only if the mother's life is in danger. The case made headlines after her pregnancy was discovered on 9 August by chance when her parents took her to a doctor to seek treatment for suspected obesity. A Delhi-based lawyer approached the Supreme Court on her behalf, seeking permission to abort the baby. In a landmark judgement, the court granted her permission on Wednesday to medically terminate her pregnancy. The doctors had suggested a wait for two weeks to allow the foetus to grow further, but the judges ordered an immediate termination to avoid further trauma to the girl.

9-7-17 Australian politician reveals husband's child porn conviction
Australian politician reveals husband's child porn conviction
An Australian politician has delivered a harrowing speech revealing that her estranged husband was jailed for possessing child pornography. Rachel Carling-Jenkins, a member of Victoria's state parliament, said she discovered the extensive collection in their family home last year. Her husband was convicted after Dr Carling-Jenkins and her son went to police. She said the discovery had turned her life upside down. "In this discovery, I personally viewed deeply distressing images which have caused me immediate and ongoing anguish," she said. "My marriage ended instantly and I left home the day I made that discovery and I have not returned to the family home since, except to pick up belongings." The conservative politician told a sitting of the Victorian upper house on Thursday that she had kept silent on the matter to prevent interfering with police and court proceedings. She had never had suspicions that her husband was addicted to child pornography. "I have no regrets as a mother or a wife in reporting and exposing this dreadful crime which occurred within the privacy of my home," she said. Dr Carling-Jenkins said her husband had since refused to sign divorce papers and also denied her a property settlement and access to assets. She said she had been financially and mentally abused by her husband, who had been sentenced to prison. She also spoke of the anguish she felt for the young victims. "The faces of many are etched into my memory for eternity and I pray that the police were able to identify and rescue as many of the poor, helpless, vulnerable victims as possible," she said. "These little girls would not be abused if people like my ex-husband did not provide a market."

9-6-17 India Supreme Court allows rape victim, 13, to terminate pregnancy
India Supreme Court allows rape victim, 13, to terminate pregnancy
India's Supreme Court has given permission to a 13-year-old rape victim from the city of Mumbai to terminate her pregnancy. The girl, who is 32 weeks pregnant, needed the court's assent since Indian law allows terminations after 20 weeks only if the mother's life is in danger. The abortion is set to take place on Friday, her lawyer told the BBC. The pregnancy was discovered after her parents took her to a doctor to seek treatment for obesity. The girl alleges she was raped by her father's colleague. He is under arrest. The decision to allow her to abort was taken by a three-judge bench, headed by Chief Justice Dipak Mishra, who looked at her medical report prepared by a panel of doctors from Mumbai's JJ Hospital. The report says the risk to the 13-year-old will be the same whether the termination is done now or later. The doctors had suggested a wait for two weeks to allow the foetus to grow further, but the judges ordered an immediate termination to avoid further trauma to the girl. Dr Nikhil Datar, who discovered the pregnancy on 9 August when the girl was taken to him to seek treatment for what her parents believed to be obesity, described Wednesday's order as "a path-breaking judgement". The 13-year-old's case came to light just days after a 10-year-old, also a rape victim, gave birth to a baby girl in the northern city of Chandigarh. She too was 32 weeks pregnant, but she was denied permission to abort after a doctors' panel said that termination of her pregnancy would be "too risky". In May, a similar case was reported from the northern state of Haryana where a 10-year-old, allegedly raped by her stepfather, was allowed to abort. None of the girls can be named for legal reasons. (Webmaster's comment: In America we simply send the impregnated child to distant relatives so as to not embarrass the family. Mustn't deny the family child rapist the fruit of his loins. Just be sure to not talk about it.)

9-4-17 Maëlys de Araujo: Man charged with kidnap of missing girl
Maëlys de Araujo: Man charged with kidnap of missing girl
A man has been placed under formal investigation on suspicion of kidnapping a nine-year-old girl during a wedding in the French Alps. DNA of the missing girl, Maëlys de Araujo, was found on the dashboard of the man's car, his lawyer said. He said the man admitted she was in his car on the night she disappeared but that did not prove his guilt. She was last seen on 27 August in a children's area at a hall in Pont-de-Beauvoisin, north of Grenoble. Police, search-and-rescue teams, divers and cavers have scoured the area but with no breakthrough. The suspect was one of two guests at the wedding who were detained last week because of inconsistencies in their statements to police but were later released. In a statement issued on Sunday, Grenoble's prosecutor said a 34-year-old man had been charged with "kidnapping, illegal confinement or arbitrary detention of a minor of less than 15 years". The man "persisted in his denials and explanations", the statement said, adding that "this did not convince the investigative judges, who decided to hold him". The suspect's lawyer, Bernard Méraud, told AFP his client had said "the girl had got into the car with a little boy on the back seat to see if (the man's) dog was in the boot". (Webmaster's comment: In France this makes its national news, in America such a crime is just another day at the office.)

9-1-17 Cheer camp controversy
Cheer camp controversy
A Denver high school cheerleading coach was fired last week after disturbing videos emerged showing him forcing teenage girls into leg splits, even as they cried out in pain. Coach Ozell Williams was terminated after a local TV station obtained the clips, shot on cellphones by team members at his cheerleading camp last June. In one video, 13-year-old Ally Wakefield repeatedly shrieks “Please stop!” as she is forced into a split and held down by both arms by other cheer team members. “[Williams] was pushing down on the back of my right leg,” she told Denver NBC affiliate KUSA. “He was pushing, like, with his other knee on my back to try to keep my posture straight.” A former contestant on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, Williams was fired from a previous coaching stint at another Colorado high school after a coach saw him use a similar method to force splits at a summer camp. Williams said the latest incidents had been taken out of context.

8-31-17 India girl kills herself over 'menstruation shaming'
India girl kills herself over 'menstruation shaming'
A 12-year-old schoolgirl from southern India has killed herself after a teacher allegedly humiliated her over a blood stain from menstruation. In a suicide note, she accused the teacher of "torturing" her. Although the girl did not mention period shaming in her letter, the mother says her daughter was asked to leave the class because of the stain. Menstruation is taboo in India. Women are traditionally believed to be impure or even cursed during their periods. Police say they have registered a case of suicide and are investigating. The incident took place early on Sunday in Tirunelveli district in the state of Tamil Nadu. "I do not know why my teacher is making complaints against me. I still can't understand why they are harassing and torturing me like this," the student said in her suicide note. It began: "Amma [mother], please forgive me." Her mother accused the teacher of having beaten her daughter in the past for not doing her homework. ''My daughter got her periods while she was in school last Saturday," her mother told BBC Tamil. "When she informed the teacher, she was given a duster cloth to use as a pad. "The teacher made my daughter stand outside the class. How can a 12-year-old withstand such humiliation?" she asked. The girl killed herself a day later.

8-31-17 Maëlys de Araujo: Man held after girl disappears at French wedding
Maëlys de Araujo: Man held after girl disappears at French wedding
A man has been detained by French police investigating the disappearance of a nine-year-old girl at a wedding party in the eastern region of Isère early on Sunday, reports say. The 34-year-old was a wedding guest, the Dauphiné Libéré newspaper quoted a prosecutor as saying. He had previously given an inconsistent account of his whereabouts. Maëlys de Araujo was last seen at 03:00 (01:00 GMT) in a children's area at a hall in Pont-de-Beauvoisin. The detained man had left the wedding "at a time that could correspond to Maëlys's disappearance", Bourgoin-Jallieu posecutor Dietlind Baudoin said in a statement quoted by the Dauphiné Libéré. The arrest was made following interviews with many of the other wedding guests, Ms Baudoin said. The man was known to police and his home was being searched, BFMTV reported.

8-29-17 France fears for girl Maelys missing since Isere wedding
France fears for girl Maelys missing since Isere wedding
Concern is growing over the fate of a nine-year-old girl who vanished while attending a wedding in eastern France. The girl, Maëlys De Araujo, was last seen in a children's room at about 03:00 on Sunday (01:00 GMT). Extensive searches of the area around the wedding hall using a helicopter and police dogs have thus far failed to find a trace of the girl. A kidnapping investigation has begun and police have issued an appeal for witnesses. Police have already interviewed all 180 attendees at the wedding, which took place in a hall in Pont-de-Beauvoisin, Isère. Reports say they will now begin questioning friends and relatives of the girl and her family who did not attend. Maëlys was at the wedding along with her mother - cousin of the bride - father, and older sister. They are said to live in the nearby department of Jura. A guest, Gregory, told Le Parisien news site what had happened when guests realised the girl was missing. "The DJ for the evening announced on the microphone that a child had disappeared. Suddenly, everyone started searching, in the main hall and outside. "It was anguish. To see the disappearance of a nine-year-old, that's not nothing. We initially thought she must be asleep in a corner after a game of hide-and-seek. After an hour, as we'd found nothing, the police were alerted." Gregory said he believed that a kidnapping had taken place. Reports also say police dogs failed to find any scent of the girl beyond the car park of the wedding hall, suggesting the girl did not run away. Police, firefighters and volunteer firefighters have searched woodland nearby, a nearby river and even sewers.Police, firefighters and volunteer firefighters have searched woodland nearby, a nearby river and even sewers.

8-25-17 Child rape victim gives birth
Child rape victim gives birth
A 10-year-old Indian girl who was raped by an uncle, and then blocked by a court from having an abortion, gave birth last week. The baby girl, who was born just over a month premature and weighed 5½ pounds, was delivered by C-section; the 10-year-old did not know she was pregnant and was instead told that she needed an operation to remove a kidney stone. “Neither the girl nor her family even saw the child,” said Dr. Dasari Harish, head of the team that delivered the baby. The infant has been placed in an intensive care unit and will eventually be put up for adoption. India bars abortions after 20 weeks, but courts can make exceptions when a pregnancy puts a mother’s life at risk. A court recently ruled that the girl could safely give birth, outraging many Indians.

8-24-17 AI uses bitcoin trail to find and help sex-trafficking victims
AI uses bitcoin trail to find and help sex-trafficking victims
Thousands of escorts advertise on websites like Backpage, not always by choice. Machine learning can now identify ads posted by traffickers, and locate them. After Kubiiki Pride’s 13-year-old daughter disappeared, it took 270 days for her mother to find her. When she did, it was as an escort available to be rented out on an online classified web site. Her daughter had been drugged and beaten into compliance by a sex trafficker. To find her, Pride had to trawl through hundreds of advertisements on, a site that in 2012, the last date for which stats are available, was hosting more than 70 per cent of the US market for online sex ads. When it comes to identifying signs of human trafficking in online sex adverts, the task for police is often no easier. Thousands of sex-related classifieds are posted every week. Some are legal posts. Other people, like Pride’s daughter, are forced to do it. Working out which ads involve foul play is a laborious task. However, the task is being automated using a strange alliance of artificial intelligence and bitcoin. “The internet has facilitated a lot of methods that traffickers can take advantage of. They can easily reach big audiences and generate a lot of content without having to reveal themselves,” says Rebecca Portnoff at the University of California, Berkeley. But a new tool developed by Portnoff and her colleagues can ferret traffickers out. It uses machine learning to spot common patterns in suspicious ads, and then uses publicly available information from the payment method used to pay for them – bitcoin – to help identify who placed them.

8-18-17 Indian rape victim, 10, and her baby 'doing fine'
Indian rape victim, 10, and her baby 'doing fine'
A 10-year-old Indian rape victim and the baby girl she gave birth to are doing fine, her doctor told the BBC. Dr Dasari Harish said her surgery was initially scheduled for Monday, but it was moved to Thursday morning after she developed high blood pressure. The girl was denied permission to abort by the Supreme Court last month. Her story made headlines in India. But she is not aware she has given birth. She was told she had a big stone in her stomach which caused the bulge. The girl alleges she was raped by her uncle, who has been arrested. Her pregnancy was discovered in mid-July when she complained of stomach ache and her parents took her to hospital.

8-17-17 Indian rape victim, 10, gives birth by Caesarean section
Indian rape victim, 10, gives birth by Caesarean section
India has a grim record of sexual assaults on children, with more than 10,000 raped in 2015. A 10-year-old rape victim who was denied permission for an abortion by the Indian Supreme Court last month has given birth to a baby girl. The girl is not aware that she has given birth. During her pregnancy she was told her bulge was because she had a big stone in her stomach. The baby weighing 2.5kg (5.5lb) was delivered by Caesarean section in Chandigarh at 09:22 (03:52 GMT). Both the mother and the newborn are doing fine, an official told the BBC. The girl alleges she was raped several times in the past seven months by her uncle, who has been arrested. Her pregnancy was discovered in mid-July when she complained of stomach ache and her parents took her to hospital. A local court in Chandigarh turned down the abortion plea on the grounds that she was too far into her pregnancy after a doctors' panel said that termination of the pregnancy would be "too risky". Later, the Supreme Court also refused to allow an abortion for her on similar grounds. (Webmaster's comment: AT LEAST 7.2 MILLION CHILDREN, BOTH GIRLS AND BOYS, ARE RAPED IN THE UNITED STATES EVERY YEAR, MOSTLY BY FAMILY MEMBERS. UNITED STATES IS THE CHILD RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!)

Stop Child Sex Abuse

8-16-17 Italy teenager's harassment account goes viral
Italy teenager's harassment account goes viral
An Italian teenager's account of being sexually harassed has gone viral after she described feeling "lucky for not being raped". Anita Fallani, 18, from the northern town of Scandicci, said she was returning home at night when an unknown man started asking her questions. She ignored him, but he kept following her. Ms Fallani wrote: "I wonder why I don't have the same freedom as a male." Her words have been reported in Italian media and shared thousands of times. Ms Fallani - who is the daughter of the mayor of the Tuscany town - described being targeted by the man while she waited for a tram after a night out with a friend. "You see me and you think you should start bothering me. I've never seen you, I have no idea who you are, but it doesn't stop you. 'Good evening miss, how are you? What's your name? Why don't you answer?'," she wrote, recalling what he said. She said she ignored his questions and, after boarding the tram, put her headphones on, hoping that the man would stop bothering her. But later, when she got off, he followed her. "I feel like crying. I feel lonely and I don't know what to do."

8-15-17 Third woman accuses Roman Polanski of sex attack
Third woman accuses Roman Polanski of sex attack
Another woman has come forward to say she was sexually molested in the 1970s by the film director Roman Polanski. The woman, named only as Robin, told a news conference that the alleged attack happened in 1973 when she was 16. She is the third woman to accuse Polanski of child abuse. He fled the US in 1978 after admitting statutory rape of a 13 year old. His victim, Samantha Geimer, asked a Los Angeles court in June to end the case against him. She said she had forgiven the filmmaker for the assault and wanted closure for herself and her family. Robin, who appeared with her lawyer Gloria Allred in Los Angeles on Tuesday, cannot sue Polanski in a criminal court because the statute of limitation has passed. However, she could testify against him in the case involving Ms Geimer. (Webmaster's comment: And how is it that raping a child is forgiven by law after some time has passed?)

8-9-17 FBI sting 'unmasks' US cyber-extortionist targeting girls
FBI sting 'unmasks' US cyber-extortionist targeting girls
The FBI has charged an American man officers believe to be behind an online extortion campaign to make young girls share explicit pictures of themselves. Facebook messages in the name of "Brian Kil" were sent to the girls, using the Tor anonymising network, from 2012. They threatened to kill them and their families or blow up their schools if they did not share explicit images. The FBI says it tricked "Brian Kil" into viewing a video bearing virus-like code that logged his real net address. Buster Hernandez has been charged with several counts of sexual exploitation of a child, threatening to use explosives and threatening to injure. Mr Hernandez has yet to enter a plea. If convicted, he faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in jail. The Facebook messages claimed "Brian Kil" had already accessed explicit pictures the girls had previously shared, which he would publish unless they sent him more. In at least three cases, the messages claimed the sender would also visit the girl's school and use pipe bombs and guns to kill her and her friends.

8-7-17 India media storm over 10-year-old pregnant rape victim
India media storm over 10-year-old pregnant rape victim
A 10-year-old girl who is pregnant and has been refused an abortion is at the centre of a media storm in India. The BBC's Geeta Pandey travelled to the northern city of Chandigarh to piece together her story. "We have seen lots of cases of teenage pregnancies involving 14 to 15-year-olds, but this is the first ever case that I have seen of a 10-year-old," said Mahavir Singh, of the Chandigarh State Legal Services Authority. Mr Singh has been involved in a case which has shocked Chandigarh and the rest of India, that of a 10-year-old girl who became pregnant after allegedly being repeatedly raped by a relative. That relative is now in jail, pending trial. The girl in question has been described as a happy child who smiles easily. She's shy and not very talkative. English and mathematics are the favourite subjects of this class six student. She loves to draw and is pretty good at it. She can't get enough of her favourite cartoon shows Chhoti Anandi (Little Anandi) and Shin Chan. She loves chicken and fish - and ice-cream. But on 28 July, India's Supreme Court rejected a petition - filed on her behalf - to allow her to abort, on the grounds that at 32 weeks, she is too far into her pregnancy. A doctors' panel had advised the court that a termination at this stage would be "too risky" for the girl, and that the foetus was "doing well". The court order was a huge disappointment for the girl's family. (Webmaster's comment: If the child dies, or loses the ability to ever have another baby, I hope the doctors are punished severely!)

8-5-17 YouTube child protection mechanism 'failing'
YouTube child protection mechanism 'failing'
YouTube's child protection mechanism is breaking down, according to some of the company's volunteer watchdogs. There's a constant anxiety that those seeking to abuse or groom young children will use social media to reach them - and YouTube is aware of the problem. The video-sharing site has a special network of volunteers, called Trusted Flaggers, who help identify worrisome posts and comments on the network. But now members of YouTube's Trusted Flagger programme have told BBC Trending that the company has a huge backlog of reports, some months old, and that the company responds to only a small fraction of complaints from the public about child endangerment and suspected child grooming. One volunteer says that he made more than 9,000 reports in December 2016 - and that none have been processed by the company. A small group of Trusted Flaggers also grew suspicious about effectiveness of YouTube's public reporting abuse page. Over a recent 60-day period, they used it to flag up hundreds of accounts which potentially violated the site's guidelines. However, out of a total of 526 reports, they received only 15 responses, and the volunteers say the survey is emblematic of a larger problem with lack of child protection on the site.

8-4-17 Large font in text message leads to child sex abuse arrests
Large font in text message leads to child sex abuse arrests
A nursery school teacher has been called a "hero" after she spotted a plane passenger allegedly sending text messages discussing child sexual abuse. The woman, who has not been named, was able to read the messages of the man in front of her on the Seattle-San Jose flight because they were in a large font on a large smart phone. She took pictures of the screen and informed airline staff, police say. It led to the arrests of Michael Kellar, and later Gail Burnworth. Two children, aged five and seven, have been identified as the alleged victims. Southwest Airlines employees alerted police to the texts. After landing at Mineta San Jose International Airport, in California, Mr Kellar was detained on the spot. But Detective Sergeant Brian Spears of San Jose Police stressed that, without the teacher's decision to act, "he would have been lost". "I let her know, right off the bat, that she is my hero," he told reporters.

8-4-17 When women exploit refugees
When women exploit refugees
We’ve all heard the sad tales of migrant girls trafficked in the sex trade, said Melisa Erkurt and Bilal Albeirouti. But what about young migrant men? In Austria, men from Iraq and elsewhere who can’t find work are increasingly been adopted by “sugar mamas”—older Austrian women “who give the refugees a place to stay, money, and gifts and, in return, demand sex.” At first glance, “it may seem like a win-win deal.” After all, we’re talking about consenting adults. But the men, who often speak little German, are utterly helpless in the relationship. One Iraqi man, Hasan, 24, said his patroness gives him expensive food and wine and a gym membership but doesn’t let him meet anyone else, ever. Tarek, 26, from Syria, said that when he finally broke free from his 51-year-old Austrian sugar mama, she stalked him and tried to get him fired from a job and kicked out of an apartment. These men, from deeply patriarchal cultures, often don’t seek help because they are so ashamed at being dependent on a woman. “There is a great dependency, not only mentally, but also materially,” says Manfred Buchner of the Men’s Health Center. “When distress and great material differences are exploited to satisfy the sexual desires of the rich, it’s abuse.”

7-24-17 India court hears 10-year-old rape victim's abortion plea
India court hears 10-year-old rape victim's abortion plea
Campaigners say parents are generally reluctant to admit child sexual abuse and incest is almost always hushed up. (Webmaster's comment: Just like in America!) India's Supreme Court has ordered doctors to examine a pregnant 10-year-old rape victim whose parents want permission for her to abort her baby. The child is reported to be 26 weeks pregnant and doctors say her body is not developed enough to carry a baby. Indian law does not allow terminations after 20 weeks unless doctors confirm the mother's life is in danger. The girl alleges she was raped several times in the past seven months by her uncle, who has been arrested. Last week, a district court in the northern city of Chandigarh in Punjab turned down her parents' petition to allow the child to abort.

7-21-17 Choir boys abused
Choir boys abused
At least 547 students at Germany’s most famous Catholic choir school for boys were physically or sexually abused by priests and teachers between 1945 and 1992, an independent inquiry has found. The Domspatzen choir in Regensburg, which has its own boarding school, was led by Georg Ratzinger—the brother of Pope Benedict XVI—from 1964 to 1994. Lawyer Ulrich Weber, tasked by the diocese with investigating the school, said in a 440-page report that teachers at the school routinely struck boys with wooden sticks and violin bows and subjected them to vicious beatings. Boys who ran away were brought back to the school and beaten in front of other students. Victims “described the institution as a prison, hell, and a concentration camp,” said Weber. Ratzinger admitted in 2010 to slapping students, but said he was not aware of the sexual abuse.

7-18-17 Hundreds of German choir boys abused over six decades - report
Hundreds of German choir boys abused over six decades - report
At least 547 young members of the Regensburger Domspatzen boys choir in Germany were subjected to physical and in some instances sexual abuse over a period of 60 years, a new report says. The report accuses 49 members of the Catholic Church of carrying out the abuse between 1945 and the early 1990s. The alleged perpetrators are unlikely to face criminal charges because of the amount of time that has elapsed. Victims said the experience was like "a prison, hell and a concentration camp". The alleged physical abuse relates to children attending both the Regensburger Domspatzen's pre-school and high school, according to the lawyer tasked with investigating the abuse, Ulrich Weber. Representatives from the Regensburger Domspatzen boys choir have yet to officially respond to the report. Presenting his findings on Tuesday, Mr Weber said the investigation had found 500 cases of physical abuse and 67 instances of sexual abuse over six decades. However, he said he was unable to contact or speak directly to a number of former students and said he estimated the true number of victims to be as high as 700. Of the 49 church members who carried out the abuse under what was described as a "culture of silence", nine were found to have been involved in sexual abuse, Mr Weber added. He said the alleged perpetrators had been identified but were not expected to face criminal charges because the alleged crimes took place too long ago to be legally valid. (Webmaster's comment: So the Christians get away with it again. And there is no evidence that the situation has changed. They've just learned to hide it very well.)

7-12-17 Should child sex offenders be allowed to travel?
Should child sex offenders be allowed to travel?
Australia has passed tough, "world-first" legislation that will deny passports to about 20,000 people on the national child sex offenders register. The aim is to stop Australians who are planning to abuse children in regions like South East Asia before they even get on a plane. But how will it work, is it fair and will other countries follow suit? Close to 800 people on the register left Australia in 2016 - and nearly 40% of them had been convicted of offences against children under the age of 13, the government says. Many went to poor countries in Asia that are common holiday destinations for Australians, but also magnets for sex tourism. Senator Derryn Hinch, an outspoken former talk radio host who pushed for the legislation, said he wanted to end "child rape holidays" to places like Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines and Indonesia. "This is one of the greatest days of my life," he said in the Senate as the legislation passed. At present those on the register - which is not publicly available - are allowed to travel but must notify local authorities before they do so. Australia in turn notifies the destination country. But the government says the system has not worked effectively enough and the new rules will make Australia a "world leader" in protecting vulnerable children.

7-7-17 Human trafficking
Human trafficking
China reacted with anger this week after the U.S. listed it as one of the countries with the worst records on sex trafficking and forced labor. In this year’s assessment of global efforts to end human trafficking, the State Department said China has made almost no effort to curb the practice. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson cited China’s employment of tens of thousands of North Korean workers, whose salaries are paid not to them but to the regime of Kim Jong Un. He said North Korea earns hundreds of millions of dollars a year in hard currency from forced laborers working in China and Russia. Beijing criticized the report. “No country has the right to speak irresponsibly on China’s domestic affairs,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang.

7-6-17 Germany busts Elysium child sex abuse website
Germany busts Elysium child sex abuse website
German police have busted a child sex abuse site on the dark web where images and videos were exchanged. The secret Elysium website had 87,000 members and was launched on the internet in December, prosecutors say. The suspected ringleader, a 39-year-old man, was arrested in the state of Hesse. The forum was also used to make appointments to abuse children. Police seized the website's server. They found that toddlers were among the children sexually abused, reports say. Several suspected users of the site have been arrested in Germany and Austria. (Webmaster's comment: Tie them down and cut their dicks and nuts off without benefit of anesthetic! Then they'll never do it again.)

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