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Choose Life or Choose Meth
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Feminists

Choose Life or Choose Meth (2009) - 102 minutes
Choose Life or Choose Meth  at

An educational documentary aimed at preventing every family's worst nightmare.

Methamphetamine is a powerful, toxic, man-made stimulant that is also extremely addictive. Initially it causes feelings of euphoria and sleeplessness so that many people who try it feel they can work a double shift, stay up studying or party all night. In reality it is a poison that destroys the personality and vital organs including the brain, heart, liver and skin, among others. Users often become addicts within a week and start down a long, tragic road that is fraught with crime, mental illness, STD's and physical suffering. This documentary contrasts over four dozen positive health education messages against the harm that methamphetamine causes. We have many choices to make in life. By the end of this video viewers will know why they can "Choose Life… or Choose Meth."

Hosted by Claire Scarisbrick

A research based, educational documentary perfectly suited to home, classroom, or clinical use, featuring Dr. Mary F. Holley, M.D., nationally acclaimed lecturer and founder of Mothers Against Methamphetamine.

Part One: Chapters Include: Crime & Drug Laws, Understanding Meth Addiction, Harm to: Brain, Personality, Job, Skin, Dental & Heart Health.

Part Two: Chapters Include: Sex & STD's, Harm to Liver, Environment, Pre-Natal, Children & Families, Intro to Recovery, A Mother's Perspective.

Part Three: Test & Review of both Part One & Two.

"…After watching this video one student remarked "Don’t change a thing…it is perfect!"

"I unreservedly recommend this video as a training tool for youth educators, substance abuse counselors, family therapists, police, and clergy."

Instructor's Guide  at

Choose Life or Choose Meth
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Feminists