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The Characteristics of Domestic Abuse

Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse, Signs of an Abusive Relationship, and Signs of a Healthy Relationship

According to Futures without Violence, while three-quarters of those who commit family violence are men, women make up 84 percent of spousal-abuse victims and women make up 86 percent of those abused by a romantic partner.

The following 7 pages list:
the Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse
the Signs of an Abusive Relationship
the Signs of a Healthy Relationship
and Domestic Abuse Flyer
and Choose Your Man Carefully!
and The ACLU Freedom Files: Women's Rights
and Where To Find Help

Choose Your Man Carefully is Really Good Advice. In fact, both women and men should always choose their relationship partners carefully. Anything from a one night stand to a romantic relationship can have dire consequences if you choose the wrong person. He or she can seem like a lot fun and exciting to be with, but watch closely at how the person treats you. If you see any of the warning signs of domestic abuse at all, find someone else! And if he or she uses any physical violence ever, leave even quicker! Those signs of an abusive person almost never get better with time unless the person gets professional help. Almost always they get worse with time as the person works their way into your affection. Most of us are not qualified to fix such persons. Loving him or her will not fix the person, your love will be used against you, and only used as a means of power over you. Loving them doesn't fix them, it only empowers them. That person doesn't love you no matter what the person says. That person loves their power over you, which is a whole different thing, and not something that will ever return any real love to you or bring you any happiness.

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Sioux Falls Feminists Present
The Characteristics of Domestic Abuse