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Domestic Violence Billboards for 2018
Will start on September 9th on South Minnesota Ave.

Wording on these Domestic Violence billboards is from Women's Advocates in St. Paul, Minnesota website back in 2006. The first Domestic Abuse women's shelter in America started in 1972.

Domestic Violence Billboard 1. Physical Violence: Hitting, pushing, slapping, kicking, scratching, pinching, hair pulling, use of weapons.

Domestic Violence Billboard 2. Sexual Violence: Rape, Use Of Force, Humiliation, Pain.

Domestic Violence Billboard 3. Intimidation: Threats, smashing things, destroying property, hurting pets, displaying weapons.

Domestic Violence Billboard 4. Emotional Abuse: Name calling, mocking, sarcasm, humiliation, creating shame or guilt, mind games.

Domestic Violence Billboard 5. Isolation: Controlling outside involvements and contacts, limiting conversations with others, prohibiting certain behaviors-demanding others.

Domestic Violence Billboard 6. Minimizing, Denying and Blaming: Making light of abusive behavior, saying abuse didn't happen, saying others caused the abuse.

Domestic Violence Billboard 7. Privilege and Control: Making all the decisions, making others feel subservient, issuing orders and commands.

Domestic Violence Billboard 8. Economic Abuse: Preventing self-sufficiency through holding a job, taking money away, controlling information about and access to money, giving allowances.

Domestic Violence Billboard 9. Coercion and Threats: Threatening to leave, commit suicide, or take the children. Coercion to do something against one's will or judgment.

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Domestic Violence Billboards for 2018
Will start on September 9th on South Minnesota Ave.