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National Domestic Violence Awareness
Billboards Press Releases for 2017

FOR RELEASE ON September 12, 2017

Dale Hemming, Founder Sioux Falls Feminists

Sioux Falls Feminists
Would like to announce its
Domestic Violence Awareness Billboard Campaign

South Dakota has one of the highest rates of Domestic Violence of all 50 states.

Male partners injure 5,500 women every day in the United States.

That's about 15 every day in South Dakota, about 3 every day in Sioux Falls.

Male partners also kill three women every day in the United States.

Our hospitals are filled with the victim's bloody and broken bodies.

Domestic violence is at epidemic proportions.

5,500 victims per day is over 2 million domestic violence victims per year.

That makes Domestic Violence the Leading Cause of Intentional Injury in the United States.

The 26 Billboards will appear on West 12th, South Cliff Ave., and Minnesota Ave.

The Sioux Falls Feminists has a comprehensive list of local, statewide and national agencies that can offer assistance to domestic violence victims available on our website.

The purpose of this billboard campaign is to make domestic violence victims aware of our "Where To Find Help" list and encourage them to use it to seek protection and to report their abuse.

Those who wish to find help, or want to know more about Sioux Falls Feminists and Domestic Violence, can do so at:

Sioux Falls Feminists is a member of the
Sioux Falls Free Thinkers website group

# # #

For more information contact: Dale Hemming, Sioux Falls Feminists

National Domestic Violence Awareness
Billboard Press Releases for 2017