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Equality of Women Movies

Borgen Season 1: Episode 5: Men Who Love Women (2010) - 58 minutes
Borgen Season 1: Episode 5: Men Who Love Women at

A new bill requiring gender equality on the governing boards of all Danish corporations upsets Joachim Crohne, the country's most powerful industrialist. Birgitte's advisers tell her to give in, but she realizes that Crohne, a fierce Danish patriot, would never carry out his threat of pulling out of Denmark, so she calls his bluff and gets her bill. She allows Crohne to save face by allowing his company to be the first to meet the terms of the progressive legislation, a generous deal which earns his respect. In return, Crohne secretly reveals to Birgitte dirt he had on the minister promoting the new bill, forcing Birgitte to fire her.

(Webmaster's comment:
The battle for women's equality in the corporate world.)

Equality of Women Movies