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Sioux Falls Feminists endorse Eye to Eye for its expert
and practical advice about interpersonal behavior.

Eye to Eye:
How People Interact
Edited by Peter Marsh

Eye to Eye (1988) - 256 pages
Eye to Eye at

Can you tell if someone likes you? How close are you to other people?
What do they see in you? Are you a good judge of others?

All of us live for our relationships. All of us depend on them - ranging from the most cursory to the most intimate. Yet how many of us have taken the trouble to discover what makes them work - or fail?

Eye to Eye is an authoritative guide to interpersonal behavior. It brings together some 27 experts from all over the world to explain, in clear, nontechnical language, the complex ways in which we relate to and communicate with one another. Chapters examine the ramifications of physical appearance, body language, social skills, work relationships, family relationships, friends, marriage, childhood and many, many other aspects of human interaction. In all, 30 topics are covered in depth.


  • 1: Adapting to the Occasion
  • 2: Marking Territory
  • 3: Keeping a Distance
  • 4: Using Body Language
  • 5: Noticing Posture
  • 6: Assessing Appearances
  • 7: Reacting to Scent
  • 8: Making Eye Contact
  • 9: Reading Facial Expressions
  • 10: The Language of Touch
  • 11: Greeting and Parting
  • 12: Making Conversation
  • 13: Raising a Smile
  • 14: Detecting Insincerity
  • 15: Polishing Social Skills
  • 16: Why Relationships Matter
  • 17: Parents and Children
  • 18: Brothers, Sisters and Only Children
  • 19: Family Pets
  • 20: Keeping in Touch with Kin
  • 21: Friends and Acquaintances
  • 22: Child and Adolescent Friendships
  • 23: Coping with Shyness
  • 24: Overcoming Loneliness
  • 25: Finding a Partner
  • 26: Thinking about Love
  • 27: Patterns of Jealousy
  • 28: Enjoying a Sexual Relationship
  • 29: The Married Couple
  • 30: Breaking Up
  • 31: Reclaiming Relationships

Each chapter, written by a noted authority, distills the findings of numerous research studies into the latest word on the subject. And although heavily illustrated, each image has been carefully selected to reveal a particular "truth"… and to reward careful study. Each illustration demonstrates some secret, coded common meaning: the signals to spot and the clues to find. Every chapter provides practical reference information that is immediately relevant.

Interspersed throughout are a number of charts, diagrams and practical tables. A lifespan profile and a key-concept index can be found in the first few pages of this unique and beautifully presented book.

Eye to Eye:
How People Interact

Edited by Peter Marsh

Sioux Falls Feminists endorse Eye to Eye for its expert
and practical advice in interpersonal behavior.