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Domestic Abuse Billboards for 2015

My Favorite Says it All.
The Little Piggy Pedophiles and
Sexual Predators Hate This Board.
Why? It Exposes What They Enjoy Doing!

(This billboard went down on June 22th)

Child Abuse Billboard: This Is What Child Abuse Looks Like! Image What It Feels Like! You Shouldn't Have To Pay for Your Love With Your Bones And Your Flesh!

Twenty Domestic Abuse/Domestic Violence/
Healthy Relationship Panels on 33 Billboards for 2015

(These billboards went down on April 13th)

Child Abuse Billboard: Child Abuse Billboards on South Cliff Ave supporting National Child Abuse Prevention Month (April)

Domestic Abuse Billboard: You NEVER Deserve Domestic Abuse!

Domestic Abuse Billboard: Domestic Abuse is NEVER Right!

Domestic Abuse Billboard: Pushes for Quick Involvement, Jealous

Domestic Abuse Billboard: Controlling, Unrealistic Expectations

Domestic Abuse Billboard: Isolation, Blames Others for Problems or Mistakes

Domestic Abuse Billboard: Makes Others Responsible for His Feelings, Hypersensitivity

Domestic Abuse Billboard: Cruelty to Animals and Children, Playful Use of Force During Sex

Domestic Abuse Billboard: Verbal Abuse, Rigid Roles

Domestic Abuse Billboard: Sudden Mood Swings, Past Battering

Domestic Violence Billboard: Threats of Violence, Physical Violence

Domestic Violence Billboard: Sexual Violence, Intimitation

Domestic Violence Billboard: Emotional Abuse, Isolation

Domestic Violence Billboard: Minimizing, Denying and Blaming, Privilege and Control

Domestic Violence Billboard: Economic Abuse, Coercion and Threats

Healthy Relationship Billboard: Healthy Relationship, Trust

Healthy Relationship Billboard: Respect, Support and Affirmation

Healthy Relationship Billboard: Safety, Honesty

Healthy Relationship Billboard: Partnership and Committent, Intimacy and Open Communication

Healthy Relationship Billboard: Negotiation and Compromise, Accountability

And the Car Top Billboard

Domestic Abuse Car Topper: Car Top Billboard

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Full Set of Sioux Falls Feminists
Domestic Abuse Billboards for 2015