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Healthy Relationship Billboards for 2018
Will start on November 5th on South Minnesota Ave.

Wording on these Healthy Relationship billboards is from Women's Advocates in St. Paul, Minnesota website back in 2006. The first Domestic Abuse women's shelter in America started in 1972.

Healthy Relationship Billboard 1. Trust: Show faith, belief, and confidence that someone has the character and ability to be truthful and act in the best interests of the relationship.

Healthy Relationship Billboard 2. Respect: Show consideration and attention. Let your partner know you value their thoughts and feelings.

Healthy Relationship Billboard 3. Support and Affirmation: Encourage and praise one another, give thanks, show you want the best for your partner.

Healthy Relationship Billboard 4. Safety: Protect one another from harm, pain, and discomfort. Allow each other free expression. Offer compassion and understanding.

Healthy Relationship Billboard 5. Honesty: Be truthful and sincere. Be fair and straightforward. Stick to the facts. Share your true feelings.

Healthy Relationship Billboard 6. Partnership and Commitment: Cooperate with and help one another. Share responsibilities. Join together for work and play. Honor the bonds you share.

Healthy Relationship Billboard 7. Intimacy and Open Communication: Share your deepest feelings and your true nature. Accept one another without judgment or criticism. Trust that by sharing private matters you will strengthen your bond, not make yourself vulnerable.

Healthy Relationship Billboard 8. Negotiation and Compromise: Make decisions that will be satisfactory to both parties. Be clear about your needs and how your partner can help meet them. Be considerate of your partner's needs. Meet each other in the middle. Help meet your own needs.

Healthy Relationship Billboard 9. Accountability: Be responsible and dependable. Accept blame when you've done something wrong or hurt someone. Say you are sorry - show you are sorry. Keep your partner informed and connected. Keep your promises.

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Healthy Relationship Billboards for 2018
Will start on November 5th on South Minnesota Ave.