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Heroic Women Foreign Movies
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Feminists

Sioux Falls Feminists recommend watching the following foreign movies about heroic women. We find that these movies are interesting and entertaining and celebrate the courage of women in the face of adversity. These women win out through "persistence and determination", our slogan, as the films will demonstrate eloquently.

Sioux Falls Feminists have no special favorites in this selection of movies. They are ALL favorites. But if we had to select our top two favorites they would be Run Lola Run for giving a woman three chances, and for being just plain fun to watch, and Four Minutes for showing how two women can rise above a most horrible childhood and a most horrible past.

Sioux Falls Feminists have watched these movies many times. At least twice for all, and some over ten times. We never tire of watching women win out over brutal men, brutal corporations, and brutal circumstances. It is aways inspiring. Even when faced with death, these women show courage almost beyond belief.

The movies are all available from but you are free to obtain them from many other sources. Amazon offers them on their website along with many alternate sources, often less expensive. You are free to choose whatever source you please. The movie links on the following pages point to the movie location at Amazon.

Sioux Falls Feminists recommends the 17 heroic women foreign movies and 1 documentary, on the following 18 pages:


  • M-Run Lola Run: A stylistic triumph - swift, witty, consistently dazzling to behold!
  • M-Gloomy Sunday: A Story of Love and Fate Inspired by Actual Events.
  • M-Sophie Scholl: A gripping true story. Challenges you to gauge your own courage.
  • M-Four Minutes: In feverish images, Chris Kraus's FOUR MINUTES tells the story of an impossible relationship.
  • D-Enemy of the Reich: The Noor Inayat Khan Story

Middle East


Heroic Women Foreign Movies
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Feminists