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Sioux Falls Feminists endorse How Colors Affect You for revealing
the huge influence colors can have on our behavior.

How Colors Affect You:
What Science Reveals
Lectures by Professor William Lidwell

How Colors Affect You (2013) - 6 lectures, 3 hours
How Colors Affect You at

There's more to colors than just aesthetics. There's an actual science behind how colors work on your eyes and your brain. And the secrets that scientists are uncovering offer astounding revelations on how colors influence the way you think, feel, and behave - often without your conscious awareness.

It's an exciting time in the scientific study of how colors affect us. Thanks to recent research, we now understand more richly how our brains are affected by color. And knowing how colors affect us informs how we tap into their power to create environments and achieve a breathtaking range of visual goals. It also allows us to dodge popular myths and misconceptions about color that can easily lead businesses and companies to make costly mistakes.

Consider, for example, these scientific truths about color:

  • Black uniforms tend to increase aggression and intimidation in conflict situations.
  • Red ties can give you an edge in confrontational negotiations, while blue ties can express a desire to collaborate.
  • Fire trucks increasingly are painted yellow because that's the color most visible to our eyes.
  • Aligning the right colors to products, brands, and ads can make or break a business's success.

That's only a small sampling of the increasingly detailed information we have about what colors mean. And what's truly surprising: The way our eyes perceive and our brains interpret reds, greens, blues, blacks, and other colors isn't a subjective experience, but a hard-wired one. It's a profound concept - one whose ramifications extend to everything from business and advertising to politics and entertainment to your personal diet and love life.

A must-have course for corporate leaders, design professionals, marketers, and anyone who communicates visually, How Colors Affect You: What Science Reveals tells you everything you need to know about the science of color and its impact on all aspects of human experience. Delivered by design expert and professor William Lidwell of the University of Houston, these six lectures explore

  • the history, science, and cultural importance of the six universal colors,
  • how our brains have evolved to respond to colors without our conscious awareness,
  • the key experiments that have shaped our understanding of how colors work, and
  • ways to more effectively apply the science of color to achieve your personal or professional goals for a space.

Taken together, these lectures will open your eyes to why your favorite products practically jump off the shelf; why certain logos are more memorable than others; why particular scenes in nature evoke peace, joy, or fear; and so much more.

Professor William Lidwell teaches interaction and industrial design at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture at the University of Houston. He received his M.S. in Interaction and Instructional Design from the University of Houston - Clear Lake. Professor Lidwell is the coauthor of Deconstructing Product Design and the best-selling Universal Principles of Design, the creator and original writer of the "MakeShift" column for MAKE magazine, and the coeditor of Guidelines for Excellence in Management. Professor Lidwell currently serves as Director of Innovation and Development at the Stuff Creators Design Studio in Houston, Texas.

6 Lectures - 30 minutes each

1: The Meanings of Color 4: The Yellow Lecture
2: The Black and White Lecture 5: The Green Lecture
3: The Red Lecture 6: The Blue Lecture


How Colors Affect You:
What Science Reveals
Lectures by Professor William Lidwell

Sioux Falls Feminists endorse How Colors Affect You for revealing
the huge influence colors can have on our behavior.