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National Child Abuse Prevention Month
Call To Action!

The Billboards Will Help Raise the Awareness of the Public
But What Can and Will You Do To Help?

There are over 7,000 children in Sioux Falls who are currently being sexually abused. That's 7,000 too many. So let's talk about what we can do to help bring this problem to the public's attention. What we can do to encourage abused children, and those that know about child abuse, to come forward and report the abuse.

We will review the Sioux Falls Feminists National Child Abuse Prevention Month billboards going up on Monday, March 14th and lasting through April 24th. We'll also plan activities for National Child Abuse Awareness Month (April). These billboards have very frank and explicit images of the ugliness of Child Abuse and wording which supports those images. Child Abuse is NOT PRETTY! And the people of Sioux Falls need to recognize how bad it really is. To understand why it's important that they report it and not hide it. Why it's important to convince the victims, the children, that the abuse is not their fault. That they do not deserve what is being done to them and that they should report their abuse. And where they can get protection from more abuse. The Sioux Falls Feminists website has a Where To Get Help page with a list of 15 different professional organizations that can take child abuse reports and can help and arrange to protect them.

The images and wording to be used in the National Child Abuse Awareness Month billboard campaign have all been reviewed by 7 local and national child abuse professional help organizations as well as by actual victims of child abuse. They all agreed these billboards are "spot on" and "on target" at getting the message across. They all agreed that we must stop hiding the truth and ugliness of child abuse. The victims themselves all expressed that they wished someone had spoken up so clearly back when they were being abused. Then they might have saved themselves years of guilt and misery living with their abuse.

Sexual predators, pedophiles, and those they have duped will attack these billboards. Why? They want to keep child sex abuse hidden. They don't want what they do to children to come out in the open. So don't be fooled by their claims that exposing child sex abuse only makes it worse. What it does do is get some really ugly human beings in enforced therapy, or in prison, and it stops the abuse and gets the children out of the abusive environment.

Keeping child abuse hidden, not talked about, convinces children they must not report their abuse. Children are excellent at picking up on what adults think should be hidden. Their very survival depends on their ability to do this, so they have evolved this ability over tens of thousands of years. By adults hiding child abuse and not talking about it, children think they also must hide it. Hiding it only serves those who want to keep it hidden because they are physically or sexually abusing children. Let's not help these ugly people abuse children by keeping it hidden. Let's expose it to the light of day and send those that want to harm children running for cover!

National Child Abuse Prevention Month
Call To Action!