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Stalking Movies

Unit One: Episodes 29 & 30: (2002) - 120 minutes
Unit One: Episodes 29 & 30 at

La Cour finds the body of a missing boy and soon after, the evidence leads to previously unsolved cases. La Cour gets one of his visions and finds a murdered student at one of the most prestigious boarding schools in Denmark. The case finally yields clues in finding the serial killer known as The Indian. The Indian has kidnapped Gaby, and La Cour and Fisher are on their tail. IP is trying to protect The Indian's ex-girlfriend, who is also the murdered student's sister.

(Webmaster's comment:
Extremely obsessed male stalkers can be very persistent
in owning their victims, if they can't they kill them.)

Unni Lindell: Episode 3 &4: The Dream Catcher (2005) - 180 minutes
Unni Lindell: Episode 3 & 4: The Dream Catcher at

A 19-year old girl is found drowned in the Oslo harbor, and someone has been secretly filming the victim's sister and her roommates. Cato learns that his son knew the girls, but he refuses to cooperate with the investigation. Cato continues his investigation into Therese's murder as he tries desperately to reconnect with Gard.

(Webmaster's comment: Male stalkers can be ultimately fatal.)

Innocently Convicted: Episode 18: The Stalker (2009) - 45 minutes
Innocently Convicted: Episode 18: The Stalker at

The OD-group tackles a murder case in which animal rights activist Håkan Roos is suspected of having murdered Miriam Merkel, the writer and wife of a politician. Håkan maintains his plead of innocence despite the circumstantial evidence indicating that he is the culprit.

(Webmaster's comment: Male stalkers can be the last man you suspect.)

The Protectors: Season 1: Episodes 7 & 8 (2009) - 120 minutes
The Protectors: Season 1: Episodes 7 & 8  at

Danish PM Jens Ole Vestergaard is guarded on his last official visit, to Paris, where he'll bid for an EU post. Meanwhile his bride, famous actress Josefine Rhode, is also under discrete PET guard. Prime concern is a female stalker, whose fantasy is to become Mrs. Vestergaard herself. Still even PET is surprised when Josefine's hen night goes way out of hand, and is filmed, so although the national press accepts to hold the story, crisis PR advises to cancel the wedding to save his career. Yet Josefine may be innocent, the stalker having impersonated her, which nobody realizes yet. The PM can't decide whether to stand by his fiancée, who turns on him and the PET, or play it politically safe as his PR team hopes. The PET meanwhile works out it was all the evil doing of the lunatic stalker, whose imaginary world makes her dangerous and unpredictable if undone. Jonas must come to terms with his wife having emigrated to a kibbutz, unlikely to return at all.

(Webmaster's comment:
Women stalkers can be as dangerous as male stalkers.)

Those Who Kill: Episode 9 & 10: A Deadly Game (2011) - 90 minutes
Those Who Kill: Episode 9 & 10: A Deadly Game at

Police detectives Katrina Ries Jensen and Thomas Schaeffer are investigating a series of gruesome murders that are attracting widespread public attention. As they embark in a race against time to track down the killer they must develop an understanding of the victims and of the killer's psychology - only then can they hope to catch him.

(Webmaster's comment:
Male stalkers can have very abnormal and complex psychologies.)

Irene Huss: Episode 7: The Hidden Watcher (2011) - 90 minutes
Irene Huss: Episode 7: The Hidden Watcher at

Two scouts finds a grave with a dead woman's body in a desolate field. When Irene Huss and her team starts investigating the case, they start finding more graves of dead female bodies with a personal subject. A serial killer is on the move. Two boy scouts find a woman's body buried in a desolate field. Irene Huss and her team discover more graves, each with a body and what appears to be a personal item. Clearly a serial killer is on the loose and the only apparent link between all the victims is that they were middle-aged women.

(Webmaster's comment:
Some male stalkers are extremely intelligent and very deadly.)

Stalking Movies