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National Teen Dating Violence Awareness
Billboards Press Releases for 2018

FOR RELEASE ON January 30, 2018

Dale Hemming, Founder Sioux Falls Feminists

Sioux Falls Feminists
Would like to announce its
Teen Dating Violence Awareness Billboard Campaign

The 6 static Billboards will appear for 4 weeks between 33rd and 37th street on Minnesota Ave.

The purpose of this billboard campaign is to make the Sioux Falls community aware of the Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month of February, and to encourage them to report ANY TEEN DATING ABUSE to their school counselors.

Teen Dating Violence can manifest itself as physical violence and sexual violence, but also as financial control, social control, and verbal and mental abuse.

And whatever else the bully can think of.

The Sioux Falls Feminists has a comprehensive list of local, statewide and national agencies that can offer assistance to Teen Dating Violence victims, available on our website.

But their first source of help should be their School Counselors, who are trained to help teen dating violence victims and have first hand knowledge of the school environment and the students involved.

Those who wish to find help, or want to know more about Sioux Falls Feminists and the Teen Dating Violence Awareness Campaign, can do so at:

Sioux Falls Feminists is a member of the
Sioux Falls Free Thinkers website group

# # #

For more information contact: Dale Hemming, Sioux Falls Feminists

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National Teen Dating Violence Awareness
Billboards Press Releases for 2018