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South Dakota had the Highest Rate of Rapes
in the United States in 2011

Forcible Rapes per 100,000 inhabitants in 2011 according to the FBI

State Rape Rate State Rape Rate State Rape Rate
South Dakota 60.2 Delaware 31.9 Iowa 27.2
Alaska 58.1 Hawaii 31.6 Indiana 27.0
Colorado 44.5 Tennessee 31.6 Pennsylvania 26.1
Michigan 44.0 Ohio 31.5 Wyoming 25.7
Arkansas 41.3 Oregon 31.4 Massachusetts 24.7
New Mexico 41.2 Minnesota 31.1 Missouri 21.3
North Dakota 37.9 Utah 30.3 Georgia 20.9
Kansas 37.8 Maine 29.6 West Virginia 20.9
Nebraska 37.7 Mississippi 29.0 North Carolina 20.7
Oklahoma 37.0 Texas 29.0 Maryland 20.5
Montana 35.8 Rhode Island 28.9 Wisconsin 20.4
Arizona 34.9 Illinois 28.8 California 20.3
South Carolina 34.5 Alabama 28.5 Connecticut 19.2
Kentucky 33.5 DC 28.0 Vermont 19.0
Nevada 33.5 Florida 27.7 Virginia 19.0
Washington 33.5 Louisiana 27.7 New York 14.1
New Hampshire 32.5 Idaho 27.4 New Jersey 11.4

Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crime in the United States, 2011

Before you start celebrating that South Dakota was not #1 in 2012 read below!

(Webmaster's comment 1: Unbelievably, the 2012 South Dakota rape rate went up to 70.2 but South Dakota fell to second place. It lost the first place honors to Alaska which rose to 79.7. Getting third place is unlikely because South Dakota would have to fall to below 45 to do that and that ain't likely.)

(Webmaster's comment 2: How can this be? How can this happen? It can only happen in a state where many men do not respect women. A state where many men are treating women as sexual prey, not as human beings. A state where many men see women as being subservient to men.

We need to change these prevailing attitudes and stop making excuses for domestic abuse or any violence against anyone. The good men and women of this state need to make a stand that they will not tolerate the behavior of those men who do not treat women with the respect they deserve as human beings.)

7-25-19 Forced penetration: If a woman forces a man to have sex, is that rape?
When a man has penetrative sex with a woman without her consent, that's rape. But what if a woman makes a man have penetrative sex with her, without his consent? That's not rape under the law of England and Wales, but the author of a new study of the phenomenon says perhaps it should be. Dr Siobhan Weare of Lancaster University Law School carried out the first research into forced penetration in the UK in 2016-7, gathering information from more than 200 men via an online survey. Her latest study, published this week - based on one-to-one interviews with 30 men between May 2018 and July 2019 - explores in greater detail the context in which forced penetration occurs, its consequences, and the response of the criminal justice system. All the participants were anonymised, but I will call one of them John. John says the first sign that something was wrong was when his partner started to self-harm. After a particularly frightening incident he rushed her to A&E for treatment. The couple spent hours discussing possible psychological causes. About six months later instead of harming herself, she trained her sights on John. "I was sitting in the living room and she just came in from the kitchen, punched me very hard on the nose and ran off giggling," John says. "The violence then started happening quite regularly." She tried to get help from her GP, John says. She had some counselling, and she was referred to a psychologist - though didn't attend the appointment. She'd come home from her job "and basically demand sex", he says. "She would be violent, and it got to the stage that I dreaded her coming back from work." On one occasion John woke up to find that his partner had handcuffed his right arm to the metal bed frame. Then she started hitting him on the head with a loudspeaker from the stereo system beside the bed, tied up his other arm with some nylon rope and tried to force him to have sex. Scared and in pain, John was unable to comply with her demands - so she beat him again and left him chained up for half an hour, before returning and freeing him. Afterwards she refused to talk about what had happened. (Webmaster's comment: Any forced penetration is rape regardless whether the victim is a man, women or child!)

South Dakota had the Highest Rate of Rapes
in the United States in 2011