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Women's Inequality Movies
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Feminists

There are very few movies that deal with women's inequality in America, yet America ranks only 23rd in women's equality, and women are paid on average only 82% (that's 18% less) of what men get, even when the women have equal skills and experience.

You'd almost think there was a conspiracy to keep women subservient in America.

In the same vein there is a professor (John R. Lott, Jr.) who has "proven" that giving the women the vote is what caused all the growth in state and federal governments. Ridiculous! (You can get away with blaming women for anything in America; it's always their fault. Anything from being the cause of their getting raped, to the growth of government, to ... pick something else..., it's always their fault!) Like I said - Ridiculous!

  • A-Historical Note: What women in America were the first to have voting rights?
  • A-Historical Note: What countries gave women the vote before America?
  • A-Historical Note: What country had 800,000 women soldiers in World War II?

Nobody seems to know the above historical facts. But nobody disputes them either. At least one Indian nation was practicing something very close to the democracy that the white invaders formed in 1776. Many countries gave women the right to vote before American males did. The Russian Communists gave it to ALL Russian citizens in 1917, four years before the American Capitalists gave it to American women in 1921. (The Russians giving the vote to women terrified the rich Capitalists, they were terrified that America might also go Communist and they'd lose all "their" money. What a horrifying thought! So they supported the vote for women figuring women could more easily be manipulated into not supporting Communism.) And the Russians had 800,000 all volunteer front line women soldiers in WWII. They didn't have to conscript a one. They flew fighter planes and became aces, they made the best snipers, and much more. They won 92 Russian medals of honor. They died defending their country. They were true women heroines.

Sioux Falls Feminists suggest reading the historical notes. They are worth the few minutes it would take to read them.

The 7 documentaries and movies below deal with women in England and America achieving recognition, equality, and getting their voting rights.

The brutality experienced by women in their struggle to win the vote is not well documented. The only movie that comes close is Iron Jawed Angels. And it doesn't even begin to detail the hatred of many American males for women that wanted the right to vote. Women were beaten, tortured, jailed, and blinded by thrown rocks, all while the male police stood by, foreshadowing the civil rights marches in the South in the 60's and 70's. American male violence always seems to be there, just waiting to be unleashed against any new cause for freedom and justice.

Women's Inequality Movies
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Feminists